Sunday, January 3, 2010

Campaign Thoughts and Plans for 2010

Well I’ve been thinking about campaigns again. A while ago, back in October, I had announced that I’d be running a Dark Ages DBA Campaign
at the end of February. I’ve had to change that to the first week of March due to some conflicts… and for a number of reasons I’m going to have to bump the Dark Ages campaign until the summer and will run another Hordes of the Things Campaign in March instead.

There are two main reasons for this. The first being a few have expressed interest in coming but are uninterested in traveling across the prairies in late February/early March… (sissies...) Anyway, I figured if I bumped it to the summer we might have a better turn out (there is that possibility of 12 armies… maybe more… and so far only 6 people have said for sure they’d come…). The second reason is I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish everything I’d like to have done in time for March… I COULD have it done… but what I’m really interested in working on RIGHT NOW just isn’t the Dark Ages stuff – I’m having much more fun working on Feudal Japanese and fantasy stuff.

I’ll get those Damn Irish done sometime… Then there’s the Welsh and the Scotts… Finishing the options for a number of the armies and the additional Viking army (or two…) and the Picts... I hate rushing… it makes things seem like “work” and “work” is the antithesis of “hobby”.

So get ready! My second annual HOTT campaign will be held on Saturday, 6 March 2010! If you are interested in sowing up please do let me know ASAP – as I do have limited armies! Actually, that’s not entirely true I will have quite a few army options by then – the real limiting factor will be the number of people that can be crammed around tables in my house!! WE had eight last year, I thnk anything beyond 12 would really be pushing it – though it would be cool to HAVE 12!! So far I have six committed!

I’ve started redrafting the campaign rules – with some considerable changes – after lessons learned during the last two campaign weekends as well as the online campaigns…

The Dark Ages DBA campaign will be held on Saturday, 29 May 2010...

I’d still like to do a fall campaign, it might be in September instead of October… and I have NO idea what I’ll be doing for sure. It definitely WON’T be one of the grand DBA campaigns I have been thinking about (The Successors of Alexander, Roman Civil War, Greek City-States, English Civil War, etc…) I’ve come to the conclusion that each of those will take more or less a year to prepare for. It’ll probably be something I already have stuff for… but I’d rather not do something I’ve already done in the past year (Dark Ages, HOTT, Russian Civil War) and I won’t have any other DBA campaign ready…

I’ve actually been toying with the idea of a Savage Worlds Skirmish campaign of some sort… running a series of linked skirmish scenarios with players possibly all playing on the same side against my minions but possibly having opposing goals… or it could be a campaign where all have their own “warband” and play a series of scenarios against each other mordhiem-style… except it might be set in World War Two – in the streets of Stalingrad – where evary player commands a squad of Russians of Germans… or maybe a Rippers game where everyone has a group of monsters or monster slayers…

I don’t know… just an idea…


  1. For a minute there, it looked like I was getting an extension on my Skythian army, but then I realized that they could be a pretty cool HOTT army.

    So pencil me in!

  2. Actually a Skythian Army would make a pretty sweet HOTT army - piles of Riders - I LOVE riders, they're one of my favourite elements in HOTT. They've got the speed of Light Horse and the hitting strength of Cavalry and if you can keep them out of bad going it's all good!! Just add some Beast elements (packs of tigers?), or maybe some warband or shooters, to deal with bad-going and Bob's your uncle... (or at the very least he's your dubious ally!)

    Saaaaay.... Rafm makes some Skythian Noblewomen foot archers...

    Anyway, consider yourself penciled in!

  3. "Bob's your uncle... (or at the very least he's your dubious ally!) "

    Hey now, play nice. I was trustworthy and true in the last game. Except to the dwarves. But they're dwarves. Good eatin' but not very useful otherwise.

  4. You're absolutely right, sorry Bob. Perhaps I should have said "dubious VASSAL"!

  5. Vengeance will be mine, smarty pants... . true, mind you. But still the vengeance thing sounds good.