Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Skirmish Saturday Night: Kill Team

This past Saturday, we were supposed to be playing Wrath & Glory, but as with the last 3-4 sessions, half the players bailed and we ended up cancelling. One of the players, Jacob, was free though, so he came over and we played some Kill Team!

As I knew he was bringing an Astra Militarum Kill Team - all Tempestus Scions - I dug out my Heretic Astartes Kill Team to face the Hammer of the Emperor.

We played the "Stow Away" scenario out of the Sector Munitorum Kill Zone box. Basically the Chaos Cultists, backed up by a couple of Chaos Space Marines, were trying to secret themselves among some shipping containers that were to be taken off-world in an attempt to infiltrate the fleet in orbit. Unfortunately there were some Tempestus Scions on sentry duty around the Munitorum warehouses.

The scenario was pretty straight forward - I had a small deployment zone entered on one of the short edges. The Scions could set up sentries anywhere that wasn't in or within 5" of my deployment zone - and they could not move on the first turn. The game was determined by victory points I got 1 point for each cultist (or marine?) I was able to stow away in a container, the Scions got one point for each of my guys taken out of action. To get my guys to stow away they needed to be within 2" of a container - and remain there for the entire turn - and not have any enemy within 4". I further declared that they should be within 2" of one of the ENDS of the containers where the actual doors are...

I really liked the scenario - it had a lot of narrative flavour. I figured the Marines were there to shoot up the sentries and make a diversion while the cultists tried to sneak aboard the containers.

Start positions.

If I were a smart person (no one has ever accused me of being so!) I would have packed as many cultists up against that one container at the edge of my deployment zone and squished them all in on turn one! I'm not sure why I didn't...? It's been a little too long since I've played... I was busy thinking about other things...?

Jacob seemed pretty intimidated by my numbers... He had NOTHING to worry about...

The firefight amongst the containers was short and brutal!

He totally took my leader out of action on the FIRST TURN! GAH! Things kind of went downhill from there...

I think this was the Tempestor - charging up to get close enough to my guys skulking behind the container to deny them entry... Tempestus Scions are nasty... 3+ WS/BS hits a lot. 4+ saves... save a lot of lives... So many plasma guns... that could hit... the Hotshot volley gun was pretty brutal as well!

(I have some Scions of my own... I may need to get THEM painted up sooner rather than later!!)

Marine and Cultists exchange fire with a pair of Scions taking cover behind some crates.

More cultists join the melee.

I think this was the end of Round Two or Three...? And things were going south fast - lost the leader (so, getting one command point per turn) - and by this time almost half of my team was out of action or sporting flesh wounds (and getting shaken)

I gave up at the end of Round Three or Four as there was no way I was going to get ANY guys in the containers, let along MORE than had been taken out of action at that point!

Fun scenario, though. As I said - have to take advantage of the enemies distance on the first turn and get as many in the crates as possible, and keep the rest from dying before the game ends!!

Since that game was so fast, we decided to play another and tried out Jacob's new Kill Team: Arena set.

this is one set I decided not to bother buying into, but it was fun to try out - and if I have a hankering to try it again, I know someone who has it!!

The scenario involved holding certain passages One point per passage and a bonus if you held more (or two more?) than the enemy, plus bonus points for completing secondary objective from a list of available ones for each scenario.

Again, despite my numbers, his vastly better quality troops just shot the crap out of the cultists...

I'd like to build myself some 3-D terrain like this - similar to my Cavern Terrain. I'm sure I could come up with my own scenarios and the bonus point system for secondary objectives didn't add enough to make me want to run out and buy Arena.

yeah, I totally lost this game too... But it was a lot of fun. Jacob is a super chill, fun guy to play with and he paints his miniatures (and he paints them well!).

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I'm playing another game of 40K this evening, so hopefully I'll have a game report of that tomorrow or the next day. I got a bunch of work done on my Grey Knights last night (while binge-watching the last six episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season Three). I figure it's eleven dudes and then that force is DONE (well, unless I decide to paint up one - or both - of the Rhinos I picked up for them... Are Grey Knight Rhinos bare metal/silver as well...?). I have an odd assortment of other things I've been plunking away at as well, so maybe by the weekend I'll be posting some more painting updates...

One of the last batch of eBay orders arrived today bringing with it five more Warp Spiders (just waiting for two more to finish off the second squad of ten), three Van Saar gangers, an old metal Chaos Sorcerer, and three Chaos Terminators! Two more orders inbound and then I am DONE with eBay for a while. DONE! These last orders include the Striking Scorpion Phoenix Lord (Karandras?), The Howling Banshee Exarch, two Warp Spiders, six Dire Avengers, an Adeptus Ministorum preacher with an eviscerator, and a WRAITH KNIGHT!?


  1. Replies
    1. Well... not, like... FOREVER...!

    2. Seriously, though... I do need to cut back on the eBaying. I waaaaaaaay overspent my toy budget last year. Also, I'm at the point where I've pretty much run out of room to store all of this crap. If I get anything else I'll have to get rid of something to store the new things.

      That being said, there are a few things I might pick up over the rest of the year if/when they become available:

      Kill Team: Elites - I'm curious to see what it's about (even though I still haven't even tried out Kill Team: Commanders!?)

      Kill Team: Inquisitor - there's no official word on this... but I have a feeling it's a natural follow up to Kill Team: Rogue Trader. I expect it will be a Inquisitor and his/her entourage/acolytes and adepts versus... presumably daemonic hordes that an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus would be hunting...

      Battlefleet Gothic - last year it was Adeptus TItanicus... I really, REALLY hope they re-release Battlefleet Gothic this year.

      Kill Zones? If there's a totally new Kill Zone with some really cool terrain and it's a crazy crazy deal... I could be tempted to pick that up...

      the only thing I'm even remotely interested in picking up off of eBay is an old Armourcast Eldar Phantom Titan - If one ever pops up for a reasonable price again... Maybe old Falcons or Wave Serpents... but again, only if they're really cheap...

      At SOME point, after I've gotten ALL of the Eldar I have painted up, and tried them out and see what works... I MIGHT pick up 10 more Dire Avengers to fill out three squads of ten... and maybe some other aspect warriors, if I find any of them are particularly effective. Perhaps if I could find one or two more used Wraithknights that are complete, built well enough, and have the load out I would like (Wraithcannons!) and they're less than $100CAD - including shipping (like the one I bought last week!). But I'm hoping that will all be a next year thing.

      All of the stuff I mentioned wanting to paint in the previous post - I have all the stuff I need for all of those things of interest... I just need to PAINT them all now!!!

  2. Two losses on the bounce. You either need new dice or easier opponents? Cool looking games though.

    1. Ehhhh.... as long as it's a cool looking game (well painted minis and terrain) and I'm playing with people that aren't dicks and are actually fun to play games with... I couldn't care less if I win or lose.

  3. Looks like fun gaming!

    I guess in this case quality has a quantity all its own. ha ha

    I have a good number of unpainted minis, but I'm not feeling much desire to paint any of them at this time. Nothing is capturing my painting attention. I might have to get out and see if there is anything at my FLGS that will motivate me.

    1. Quantity doesn't really work so well in Kill Team, it seems - at least not with Chaos Cultists. Quantity means terrible shots and no armour. There are so many penalties for shooting in Kill Team (compared to regular 40K) that you can send a lot of shots down range... and hit nearly nothin... and the few shots that do hit, less than half wound, and any that do are saved by armour...

      I played a game of 40K with my Eldar this evening (game report coming soon!) and they did a lot better - oh, I still lost... but it felt like I had a fighting chance!

      Playing games and/or having games that I WANT to play is what motivates me more than anything... even if I don't actually ever get to playing those games... If that makes any sense.

  4. Lovely looking game,win or lose,your containers look particularly good! Walked away from eBay, kept buying"bargains" I really didn't need!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain! I used to buy a lot of stuff just because it was a crazy good deal and MAYBE I'd like to paint and play with them someday... More recently I have been buying only stuff to add to forces I already own, for games I'm actually currently playing... The problem is I've still been buying faster than I'm currently painting - and I'm running out of places to store them!