Saturday, February 7, 2009

Orcs and Wizards

Well... ONE wizard...

I finally got around to finishing my first stand of Orc infantry for Hordes of the Things. It seemed like too much work to simply call this a “Horde”. They look too big and mean as well. I think I’ll class the Orcs as “Warband” and call the goblins “Hordes”…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Orc Warband! There’s some really old Citadel orcs on here – the standard and musician. The big guy, front and center is a D&D figure from WOTC (I think) and the rest are i-Kore Celtos figures

Same stand, another view. I had originally painted 8 to put on the stand, as it was I could only barely cram 7 on there.


I got some GW Lords of the Rings stuff in trade recently (Thanks Bob!) – this is the first of a few that I will be mounting for HOTT. Actually I’ll be using MOST of them for HOTT, only a few of the characters- most of which I got two or three of(!?) – will I be mounting singly for skirmishy gaming.

Gandalf looks a little lonely on this big stand all by himself… I has thought of putting Merry and Pippin on it, but then decided I’d do all four hobbits on a stand and call them “sneakers”. Now I’m wondering again if maybe I should have just done Frodo and Sam on the sneaker stand and put Merry and Pippin with Gandalf here…? Ah well, I can always tear him off and make a new base with the hobbits for back-up…

I also have Strider, Legolas, and Gimli I’m going to put on a stand together and call them “heroes”.

I also have a Boromir… wasn’t sure where I should put him… on the hero stand with Strider, Legolas and Gimli…? Maybe just leave him out altogether…? Or maybe I could put HIM on the sneaker stand with Frodo and Sam!!?

I have time to think about it, I’m not going to be working on them for a bit…


  1. Very nice!
    I especially like the wizard! It's not always easy painting something with a very limited color palette, but this looks great.

  2. Thanks!

    I'm pretty darn pleased with the way it turned out myself - especially considering it's a plastic figure. Of course maybe it's BECAUSE it was such a simple figure with a simple palette that made it turn out so good.

    I got two other Gandalfs in the trade - both are metal Gandalf the White figures. I'm not really looking forward to painting them - even though there is even LESS colour - there is a lot more detail that, because it's THERE, I feel compelled to try and paint and bring out...!?

  3. The advantage of classing those lovely orc as horde is that you get to bring them back onto the table.. Hordes can die a thousand deaths, Warbands die but once..

  4. Yes... yes...

    But you do need PIPs to bring them back on... and PIPs to move them back into the fray...

    I've never played an army with Hordes. It seems like it would be tough.

    I will definitely try them out a both! Until I get enough painted to field them all as Hordes they'll have to be warbands...

  5. Woot! Gandalf! I like all the rocks on that base. Nice stuff!


  6. The orc is from D&D--it's from their old Chainmail line.

  7. Hey Tim,

    I hope you don't mind but I am going to shamelessly steal your orc skin concept - I am very tired of green orcs!


  8. Steal...? Pfffft! I'm certainly not the first to paint orcs orange! Have at 'er!