Monday, April 26, 2010

Last of the 28mm Russians for the Great Patriotic War

Well… for now…

I just ordered a handful more from Warlord/Bolt Action and The Assault Group… and I still have the AT gun to paint… and that little GAZ jeep to assemble and paint…. AND I’ve been contemplating picking up a couple light tanks… maybe T-26 or a BT-7 from Army Group North Miniatures (or maybe BOTH!?)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

…and again this is an assorted mix of figures from Artizan Designs and The Assault Group and Crusader Miniatures (the latter being the crew for the gun that yet needs to be painted…)

This is a KV-2 tank from Army Group North Miniatures that I picked up in a trade (Traded away 15mm Fallshirmjägers – got a pile of 28mm Russians from a friendly fellow in the Netherlands… I think…? – which started this whole mess… )

The whole (understrength) company (and optional supporting assets)… so far… Front and center is the Company Command group (Commander, 2IC, POlitical Officer, CSM, Medical Aide). Behind are the three Rifle Platoons (each had a platoon command section of Officer, Sergeant, and runner, and three sections of about 6 - on the books they should have somewhere between 9 and 11 - depending on what part of the war it is... I highly doubt any unit EVER had that many, so I don't feel so bad about fielding such an understrength unit - it's only at about 60%). Lurking directly behind them is an SMG assault section - not a normal part of a Rifle company... but I had a lot of spare guys with SMGs. They may be integrated into the Rifle sections... or attached as Tankodesantniki or Assault Troops or something. Off to the side is a single Maxim MG team... I should probably have more (I actually have one more team on the way... ebay...). Off on the wings are some Heavy KV tanks from a supporting independent tank brigade. Up on the hill in the centre is Uncle Joe looking on with pride (but secretly plotting to have the commander and a handful of others shot for having such a woefully understrength company - how are they!). Off to one side is a Scout/Sniper section (not sure if these are battalion or Regimental assets...?). Can you see them? They're all camouflaged and stuff... On the other side of Uncle Joe is the gun crew... without their gun... (hopefully I finish that up some time this week!)

One of these days I should add some slogans to the sides of those tanks.

What I ordered yesterday was some more command (so I had a full compliment of platoon commanders - right now a SMG guy is just filling in), a 45mm AT gun, Tank Hunters (with an Anti-tank Rifle, panzerfaust, and antitank bomb dog…!?), a BA-64 Armoured Car, and some tank crew (which I hope will fit into the tanks I’m planning to pick up from AGNM) all from Bolt Action (shipping is FREE worldwide until the end of April!). I also ordered a handful of more riflemen, from The Assault Group, to bring the average section strength up to 7 (When fielding the WHOLE company!).

(oh, and I ordered some more Germans and Canadians from Bolt Action Minis as well – but resisted the urge to pick up Polish lancers… If they’d had Russian Cavalry I might have broken down…)

I think I’ll finish up the gun next… and some Pulp Adventure types… Then maybe some Germans… or Canadians… we shall see… Probably germans to fight this Commie Horde! Actually tomorrow night I'm starting off a Savage Worlds WW2 campaign. You'll be able to follow that action over at Savage Timmy's Playhouse.


  1. Very nice stuff there Tim! Inspiring!

  2. As always Tim, I envy your ability and the speed with which you apply this ability...aannnd it makes me want to beat you up :)

    Nothing personal, just gamer/modeler envy.