Thursday, April 8, 2010

Painting Update… Sort of…

Not dead yet…!

I have been painting this past week – but not so much of little lead men. More on that in a moment.

Most of my hobby time has been spent doing a bit of sorting and planning and a whole lot of re-basing. I’ve moved from the Victorian Horror and Pulp stuff into the WW2 stuff and have mostly re-based the Russians, Germans and British in North Africa. The Resistance/partisans are in the process of being re-based and I still have the British Commandos and Paras to do.

I did start putting a bit of paint on some little lead men this evening. I’ve been thinking about the earlier half of the 20th Century and been contemplating both large scale (divisional actions using the HOTT variant) and skirmish games. While re-baseing and plotting I decided to work on finishing off all the WW2 stuff I have in 28mm. The collection is largely static (despite the recent purchase of some Fallschirmjägers and some guys I plan to use as late war North West European Theatre of Operations Canadians). For the most part I have what I need and don’t plan on making any large additions to it in the near future – and there isn’t a monumental amount of it. I could probably finish it all off in a month (or so) if I stuck to it and it’s a great relief to say “Yep, I’m DONE all the stuff I have for the XXXXX period” - Oh, I’ll add to it SOME day… but I have no great compulsion (or money to) at the moment.

Most of the painting I HAVE done this week was on a couple of paintings I was working on for my partner, Amanda. I used to paint a lot – as in pictures, not toys… though I’ve always done a lot of that too. I kind of stopped for about a decade, but over that last year or so I’ve been trying to get back into painting (pictures). For those that have been following for a while might remember me doing a uniform plate for the Timashek Legion. And those that follow my other blogs might have noticed the “critters on bikes” series I’ve been working on.

Anyway…. late last fall Amanda was simultaneously inspired by our friend, CVT, who took up running earlier in the year and then ran the New York Marathon, and was feeling like she wanted to do something for her niece was born last August was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. So she decided to run a marathon and raise money for CF. You can read all about her training and the raffle she’s organized and her niece and stuff on her blog;

Amanda’s Run for CF

Now I have to admit there’s a bit of a disconnect there for me. She says that she’s running the marathon to raise money for CF…? But I don’t really see how the two are related… You can donate money using the link on the blog (and, if you’re in Canada get a tax-deductible receipt) or you can buy a raffle ticket (if you’re a resident of Saskatchewan) and hopefully win one of the prizes… but none of that has anything to do with whether she finished the marathon or not…?

Don’t get me wrong… I am nothing less than in awe of her ability to organize and train and, dang it, I think she’s actually going to be able to RUN the marathon!

Anyway… what does all this have to do with me painting…? Well Amanda asked if I’d paint and donate a picture for her to include as one of the raffle prizes. And so I did. Two, actually… One for her to raffle off and the other for her to keep to remember what she accomplished.

The paintings are called “Frosty Dreams of a Marathon in May – Day and Night”. The Day one she decided to use as a raffle prize, the Night one she is keeping for herself. They both picture her and her dog Ollie running in the deep cold of a Saskatchewan Winter – something I felt needed to be immortalized. I mean really, what kind of a nutcase takes up running in the middle of a frickin’ Saskatchewan winter – with an intensive training plan to prepare her for her first ever marathon at the end of may…?! That kind of nutcase happens to be my wife; Amanda Plante.

If you happen to be in Saskatoon on Sunday May 30th, 2010, come on out and cheer her on (and our buddy CVT who’s coming from Edmonton to run with her)!

Oh and – if you happen to be in Saskatchewan - maybe buy a couple of her raffle tickets! For the rest of you out in internetland, I’m sorry, but you’re out of luck – The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (yeah, booze and gambling – always a good mix) prohibits the advertising (er… ahem…) and sale of raffle tickets outside the province of Saskatohewan.

I suppose I could have posted a picture of the painting here, but I’d really rather you mosey on over to her blog and check it out there:

”Artist Donates Painting to CF Raffle”

While you’re there check out her insane training schedule – which she stuck to even on the -40°C days!? - and give her a cyber-high five (post a comment telling her how awesome she is! Because she doesn’t seem to believe me when I tell her…?!) – it’ll really make her day!



  1. love the paintings, the critters on bikes are great!

  2. I mean this quite sincerely--the sky is very nicely done. The very subtle lightening towards the horizon is the effect I always try for and never get right. Good job! Now i can see why your campaign maps rock harder than Steel Panthers!