Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dead Zulu and a Pair of Jocks

Not a lot… I’ve been prepping and assembling Zulus and Nappy Brits and such, as well as finishing up some re-basing projects…

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Dead Zulu… (from The Foundry ). Now it may seem odd that I've started with this dead guy (and the chaps with firearms I finished last week), considering the vast majority of hte figures I will need - and indeed currently HAVE on the workbench - are those armed with spear and shield. The problem is those with spear and shield need that shield glued on... and a spear manufactured and glued on as well... and I was a little short on bases at the end of last week... Some are now assembled and ready to be primed (probably tonight) and should be rolling off the workbench shortly!

Pair o’Jocks (from Renegade Miniatures Great War figures)

I’m a little sad right now. A package arrived today (ebay; miniatures and a book). Unfortunately the seller put said book and blister pack of minis into a paper envelope together. The package arrived here with gaping holes in the aforementioned flimsy paper envelope and no minis... it's cast a bit of a grey cloud over the day... trying not to be bummed about it... One would think since they charged be double for shipping what they actually paid they could have afforded a bubble envelope... or at least reinforced it with some packing tape… The minis are out of production and quite rare - I've never seen them for sale before... even IF they offer some sort of refund I still won’t have the minis and, honestly, I probably wouldn’t have ordered the book from them if they hadn’t also been selling the minis... mutter... grumble...

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Something to do with Africa and/or the Great War…

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  1. I feel your pain regarding eBay sellers and packing. Most people make a genuine effort but just occasionally you get someone who is a complete idiot. Without trying to sound self important, I always try to pack things I sell in the way I would like to receive them. It's a shame not everybody works this way. Even more frustrating when you find something special only to have it ruined. Cheers, Millsy