Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ranger and a Couple More Zulus

I know, I know… I said I was going to work on an entire unit…. But I got started on them and got wondering HOW white I should paint some of the white bits of their uniform…?

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These two Zulus are from The Foundry.

Honestly, I’m kind of torn… I like both of them for various reasons… (or perhapsI should say I don’t mind either…?) Anyone out there with strong feelings one way or the other…?

This fellow is from Reaper Miniatures and is for my friend Mikey K’s D&D game. He’s sent me a few others that I’ll be painting up over the next week or so…

I went and saw The King’s Speech the other night. I thought it was really quite well done. Of course it’s got me all fired up about the idea of doing some more “Very British Civil War”-gaming… Of course then I get an email that Maelstrom Games is having an anniversary sale and they just happen to have the VBCW books… at 15% off (with the voucher code: MAELSTROM-10 until Feb 28/11)… free shipping worldwide… ugh... I very nearly bought them… but then didn’t – I’ve spent nearly my entire years toy budget in the first six weeks of this year and might need those remaining nickels for… I don’t know… some Indian troops…? Maybe some mounted South African volunteers for the Zulu War…?

Did I mention it’s my birthday this weekend…?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Zulus… and more of Mikey K’s fantasy figures…


  1. To be honest I can't really see any difference between the 2 Zulus. Does one have more white than the other? I guess I would say both are fine. ha ha

    I also like the ranger. I've always been partial to ranger characters and Reaper makes some very nice miniatures.

  2. Yeah, one's a slightly brighter white than the other. One is an off-white called "tapioca" the other is an off-off-white called "Lichen" or "Lichen Grey". I think I may just mix them up a bit - some guys might be all "Tapioca", some all "Lichen" some may have one on the cheat/back bits and the other on the legs and visa-versa... mix it up!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM! send me your address and i'll send you a present ;)

    artnickles @ gmail . com

    Oh yeah, great miniatures as always and wonderful ranger. I really like Reapers figures, they are incredible.

  4. Gosh!


    That was really meant to be a hint for the local chaps who like to come over and play with all my toys every week....

    Now Terry in Edmonton's gone and ordered me a copy of VBCW (Thanks Terry!) and followers I've never met are offering to send stuff!? That's crazy!

    (I should mention that though that hint was for the local chaps who come over weekly and play with my toys, that I do spend an absurd amount of money (and TIME) on, for free, i'm not terribly bitter about that or begrudge them for doing so at all - it's what I do, and I love it, and I'd do it even if no one came over to play, so.... (and, honestly, as long as I'm the only one with the toys I can impose some sort of balance to the games and minimize the potential for übergamesmanship-type min-maxing...).

  5. So, what do you want? For your birthday, that is. It would also be helpful if you put out a detailed list of everything you have, just so that there is no risk of me getting you something you've already got.

    On the other hand, maybe I'll just get you a root beer.

    Or maybe I'll fire up a book and some minis for some historical period or fantasy setting that you don't deal with, so that you can start off on a new tangent. US Civil War? Cavemen v Dinosaurs? Mexican Civil War? Spaniards vs Hapless New Worlders? Hatfields vs McCoys? Endless possibilities...

  6. Do you really want a wishlist…?

    As you probably know, my policy has always been; if you buy it for me, I’ll paint it and we’ll play with it… So, what do you want to play with (or fight against)?

    US Civil War? Cavemen v Dinosaurs? Mexican Civil War? Spaniards vs Hapless New Worlders? Hatfields vs McCoys? Seriosly? Do YOU want to play any of those or want to see me spiraling off on some other new bizarre tangent…? I’m not distracted enough!? (I do have some Mexicans and Old West stuff…)

    Anything from the Great War/20s/30s could help keep me on track with pulp adventure/cthulhu stuff you seem to be enjoying…

    RAFM has a lot of nasty Cthulhu Critters… (or Martians and this this wicked cool steam tank!

    Any kind of Colonials would be fun (and many useful right into the 20s/30s)… North Bay Games and Hobbies apparently sells Old Glory - they have some reasonably priced colonials - Boxer Rising, Boer War, Northwest Frontier, Zulu War (though I really only need casualties or Natal Natives or mounted/simounted police and volunteers…). It’s all good! (Whatever you do, don’t order direct from Old Glory – they ship UPS to Canada who will violently sodamize you with exorbitant brokerage fees!)

    In all honesty, however, I do have more figures that I really know what to do with… and more books than I could ever get around to reading…

    I also have to admit on some dark lonely nights (that balance out the manic moments that keep me so productive) while I’m toiling away down in the basement I do have bitter moments when I wonder – Why am I doing all this!? Why do I spend all this money on all these toys and spends countless hours down in my basement painting away…!? (mutter-grumble) but before I drag myself off to bed I come around and realize – Oh yeah, it’s because I fricking LOVE doing it and I can’t possibly imagine ever NOT doing it even if everyone stopped coming over to play with them and so the fact that awesome guys like Christian come out and play with me and my toys once in a while is gravy (Tasty, homemade, vegan, mushroom-miso gravy. Mmmmmmm…).

    I do appreciate you guys coming out and playing. A LOT! Thank you! And I REALLY appreciated it when you all finally bought your own damn dice (even if some of you bought dark dice with dark lettering that I can’t see from across the table…) and your own copies of SW:EX!!

    And yeah, a little Root Beer goes a looooong way! (it even gets you bonus bennies!)

  7. Hatfields vs McCoys it is, then.

    I must admit that I do get a small smile when you "spiral off on some tangent" as you put it...

  8. Doh….

    so… What like These and These…? (I think North Bay also carries Blue Moon – but please just don’t go there… You know those hillbillies worship all sorts of strange and foul things… It could be the end of your favourite Prussian Aristocrat…)

  9. Hey... What's that UPS truck doing out front...? I don't recall ordering anything that would be shipped UPS...?

    Aaaaaand thanks to Rick for the copy of Savage Sword of Conan Volume One that just arrived in the mail this afternoon...

    wow... what a weird day...

    I guess next month our Saturday Afternoon Board Game will have to be Age of Conan... (with two seats reserved for Rick and Jackson!)

  10. Happy Birthday, and I wish I was there.

  11. Happy Birthday Tim!

    Oh, and for what its worth, I prefer the 'tapioca' zulu... (which would also be an excellent tribe name)