Sunday, February 27, 2011

Warrior Knights

On Saturday afternoon, after the previous evening's 7th Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash, I had a few o' the lads over to play Warrior Knights. I have decided that every month, for the rest of the year, I would set aside a Saturday afternoon to play a board game - as... well... I've picked up a few. I decided this month we would start with Warrior Knights. I think next month we'll try another FFG game; Age of Conan!

Warrior Knights image is ™®© 2010 Fantasy Flight Games (used without their permission)

I picked it up in December during their annual December Blow-out sale. I remember the original GW game - never owned or played it - but I thought it looked really cool. When FFG re-released it I was pretty excited and... well... when they were selling them for $25... how could I pass THAT up!?

Anyway... the game... As it says on the box... "The king is dead. The throne is left bloodied, without a rightful heir. As the land hinges on the brink of anarchy, six barons arise to stake their royal claim. Voices shall be heard, blades shall be drawn, and, eventually, a king shall be crowned..." As it turned out for our kingdom, only FIVE barons rose up to stake their claim. I played Thomas Edmund MAdder (red), Christian played Guillaume de Limon (yellow), John played Heinrich Otto Zobel (black), Other Tim played Umberto da Viola (purple), and Darrin played Raoul d'Emeralde.

I had actually only started reading the rules about an hour before anyone showed up and John had "skimmed them". Other Tim apparently played the game some time ago, but didn't seem to remember anything about it. So we muddled our way through, not really catching on to what needed to be done until the second or third turn... Luckily John is an ├╝berboardgamer and picks these things up rather quick and really helped keep things moving along. It was fairly complex with a lot of differnt things to be managed/kept track of and it seems a lot of different ways of getting things done, and I still haven't really figured it all out yet, so I won't even begin to explain (bore you with) any of the details. But all had fun and I'd definitely like to try it again (now that I have a bit better idea of exactly what is going on!)

At the end of the game (which took just over 3.5 hours) Other Tim and I were tied for Influence, but I had one more cities - which, honestly, had more to do with the luck of where we set up (quite randomly) on the first turn... Christian said he didn't utterly destroy me because "it was [my] birthday after all" (thanks for that!).


  1. And I only made one mistake in the rules (which screwed Christian over).

    My attitude was "hey, you can read the rules too Christian!"

  2. Yeah, I try no to complain too much when I don't win a game that I haven't read the rules to...

    ...and we certainly wouldn't have made it through the game at all without you keeping us on track.

    ...and your "mistake" made me win...