Sunday, November 6, 2011

Irish Attack Roman Post

Yesterday afternoon I got in a game of Hordes of the things with the boy. He wanted to play Romans… I busted out the Irish… Here’s how it went…

[Menapius, 69AD]


The Irish raid the Roman Settlement of Menapius during the brief and little know attempt by the Romans to occupy Ireland in the first century AD.


Irish Attacking, Romans Defending


1x Warband General (Timn Bran)
1x Beast (Irish Wolfhounds)
10x Warband (Irish Warriors)

1x Blade General (General Finnicus)
4x Blade (Legionnaires)
4x Spear (Auxilia)
1x Shooters (Auxilia Archers)
2x Riders (Cavalry)


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Gereral Finicus sets up his defenders with the professional precision of a seasoned veteran of many campaigns.

The Irish attacking in three groups. Already Finnicus is confounded (“I thought you said you should always set up your army in one big line..?”)

(I never said “always should” - I’ve always suggested that an army is easiest to manage in one big line….)

Turn One moves. The cagey Irish move up on the flanks, while their general stands steady in the open, far from the Roman settlement. The impetuous General Finnicus advances to meet the Irish.

Turn Two moves. More of the same. Legions (on the flanks?!) encounter the steep hill and fall back, not wanting to climb it in their heavy armour and expecting and ambush by the Irish.

Turn Three moves. I think the Irish only had one PIP… but generally more of the same – the Romans falling deeper into the Irish trap.

Turn Four: The Irish Wolfhounds attack the Roman archers now far to the rear of the main roman line. Elsewhere Irish Warriors prepare to Ambush the flank of the Romans main line from the bog…

The Wolfhounds are beaten back by the Archers.

The end of Turn Four.

A cohort of Legionnaires peels of the main line to deal with the Irish in the Bog.

The Irish warriors are beaten back… momentarily…

On the Irish bound they press the attack again.

On the Romans right flank a large warband of Irish attack the Auxilia Spearmen.

The Auxiliary Spearmen are overwhelmed and overrun!!

Back on the right of the line the Irish Warriors regroup and attack again…

…overwhelming the legionnaires!

Even the Woflhounds charged in again!

They were not so lucky and recoiled off the table…

General Finnicus finally reached the Irish Command in the open field far across from Menapius. By this point he is more or less surrounded by Irish and starting to lose troops on the flanks. The situation is getting desperate, his Auxiliary spearmen fight hard…

The Irish Warriors are beaten back, but not broken.

On the Irish bound they return to the fray with aid from more warriors on the flank.

The Romans are undone…. Finnicus’ Cohort and a unit of Auxiliaries are wiped out and the rest of the army breaks and retreats to Menapius where they prepare to retreat from Ireland…

Total Losses

1x Blade General
1x Blade
2x Spear

1x Beasts

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More HOTT action – Saturday evening I played another BIG BATTLE game of HOTT – I should have that report up shortly… Then tomorrow John is supposed to be coming over for some more HOTT/DBA action… Woot!


  1. Excellent report! (of course, I was cheering for the Irish)
    Seems like your son is learning, and hopefully not getting too discouraged when he doesn't win.

  2. Excellent report Tim,your boy is going to be a Grand Master as he grows up with all this training he's receiving ;)