Sunday, May 12, 2013

Semper Fi

Do or Die! Gung-ho! Gung-ho!

I finished up the last of my modern United States Marines. Well, the infantry. I do have a pair of M1 Tanks to give them some heavy (on table) support, and I’d like to pick up a pair of AAVP-7A1 and some HMMWVs (from Imprint Models), but that’ll have to wait until I sell some minis…

I finished up 28 of them (two squads), but here’s the whole force:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

With a few exceptions noted below the bulk of this force is from Eureka Miniatures USA.

I have a platoon of three squads (each with three fireteams of four plus a squad leader and a guy carrying a device for scrambling IEDs...?), and a platoon command of four. There are some EOD, Force REcon and Snipers I can also attach to the force. 

First Squad

Second Squad

Third Squad

Platoon command (from Empress Miniatures) consisting of a platoon commander, 2IC, Radio Operator and an attached Naval Corpsman. (ARe they still Naval Corpsmen? Or are they just "Marine Medics" now?)

EOD Team (also from Empress Miniatures)

Snipers - the prone fellow is from  Eureka Miniatures USA and the standing guy is from The Assault Group 

Marine Force Recon patrol.

I also have an additional Naval Corpsman from Victory Force Miniatures. He's quite gigantic next to the others...

As mentioned I do have a could of plastic 1/48 scale plastic M1 tank models to assemble and paint for these guys… and would like to pick up two AAVP-7A1 and 3-4 HMMWVs (for a recce patrol) and maybe a LAV-25.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hmmmmmm… hard to say… I have a handful of modern Africans that just arrived from The Assault Group that I’m anxious to do up as they are a small addition to an otherwise complete force…. I also still have a handful of zombies to finish up… I also have a couple of old Aurora Monster Movie Models that I’m going to assemble and paint for a friend that I want to get so soon-ish…

I’ll probably finish up the Africans and Zombies first, then get cracking on The Mummy! 


  1. They look really good. The MARPAT looks pretty spot on.

  2. These look awesome, great work on them Tim

  3. Wow, great work on that camo..

  4. Great collection! It was the one that inspired me to paint marines also, thanks!

  5. I would really love to see some more additions to your painting tutorial guide on here. You do an excellent job on various camouflage patterns. It's more difficult than some would think.

    1. Thanks. It's something I'd like to do at some point... The "How to Paint DPM" post gets more hits than any other by a large margin - so I get that it's popular - it's just very time consuming and I feel like I barely have enough time to just get the stuff I want painted done, so... someday, but don't hold your breath or anything!

  6. I understand completely!