Monday, February 22, 2016

More Medieval Muslims and Halflings. etc.

In addition to playing Frostgrave, I got a bit of painting done over the weekend…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Four more Arabian Fantasy figures from Mega Miniatures. The three on the left I thought I’d use as Magicians/Wizards/Apprentices and the fellow on the right could be an Apothecary…?

Three more “Thugs” from Black Tree Design

Two more Medieval Muslims of unknown manufacture.

Nine Halflings from Black Tree Design.

I am one Halfling short of 60 which will make me 6 units for Dragon Rampant - once I finish up that last one I’ll get some pictures of the entire force. I’d originally thought I’d Light Foot and Light Missiles, but I think I’ll end up with four units of Light Foot Mixed units (a mix of hand weapons and missile weapons) @5 points each and two units of Scouts @ 2 points each for a total of 24 points.

Finally a young apprentice for a Green Wizard – the figure is an old Citadel Miniature I’ve had since the 80’s and stripped of it’s old paintjob some time ago and just now got to re-painting.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More of the same or some terrain building process pictures… 


  1. Nice work (and prolific) as always! How well do you think those Black Tree halflings go with Citadel/GW (non-LOTR range) and/or Foundry halflings? (if you have any of those ranges to compare with) They look similarly "dumpy" (in a good cartoony way that I like) to the aforementioned ranges - I have some of the GW ones and some of the Foundry ones and they fit well together (but not so well with some other lines, like Reaper (which are less cartoony)).

    1. Thanks!

      The BTD halflings would fit in fine with non-LotR GW halflings. I have a few Empire halflings myself that I'll be mixing these in with. I should have some pics of the units either this week or next week - so you can see.

      These guys came from two different BTD lines there are three that are substantially taller than they others (the taller ones came from the Fantasy Halflings line, the shorter ones are from the "Men of Averaign" line)- even so I think they work well enough together.

      Some of the Reaper halflings I have are almost as tall as some of my original 25mm Humans!

  2. Like the shield on the Muslim spearman.

  3. Excellent job on each of them!

  4. Love the magician with the scroll and the Muslim with the blue and red shield. Interesting sculpts, and you've brought then to life really nicely.

    1. The magician with the scroll is my favourite of the lot as well. He looks younger than the others so I thought I'd make him an apprentice originally... but I've been thinking I should make him the wizard instead...

  5. I like the Arab figures, the halflings look great!
    Best Iain