Thursday, March 30, 2017

Irish Shot – for DBA-x

More English Civil Warriors – but this time and element of Irish for my Scots Royalist DBA-x army!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

These guys are all from Warlord Games.

I’ve got enough for four more elements like these. I have some Irish Pike for the force as well, although I messed up with the math – originally I’d intended to have two elements of 8 figures each (like I’ve done for all the other pike for the ECW) but I had a bit of a brain-fart and the packs I thought would cleverly add up to 28 (12 for a unit for The Pikeman’s Lament and 16 for two 8-figure elements for DBA) turned out to only have 24…. Dagnabbit! So I’m short four… Ah well, it’ll probably be a while before I get to all of these anyway.

I’ve been having a hankering to play some DBA or HotT lately – maybe even a CAMPAIGN of sorts?! I have enough figures for FOUR English Civil War armies – Scots Royalists, Scots Covenanters, English Parliamentarians, and English Royalists. Only the Scots Covenanters are done - and I could cobble together enough English for one army. They saw action against each other a couple years back at the Battle of Black Adder Moor.

I have an entire English army to paint up, and there’s almost as much to do with the Scots Royalists. In addition to this element, I have the aforementioned three other elements of Shot, two elements of Pike (whether I do them with eight, as originally intended, or just go with the six per stand that I have remains to be seen), and three or four elements of Highland clansmen (I think they are listed a Warband), a Knight element, and Artillery element and an element of Psiloi. I do have ONE element of Highlanders done, and and element of Light Horse…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably not another DBA element for a while… I’m trying to focus on the forces for The Pikeman’s Lament!

Very likely the next post will be a battle report. My friend Aaron is dropping his boys off for the day tomorrow (as they seem to have the day off from school…?) and I thought I might try to set up a game for them… Maybe Lion Rampant or Dragon Rampant…? I think those would be the easiest to run… though I could possibly have a go at The Men Who Would Be Kings with my Zulu War stuff… Or I could cobble together a couple of smaller forces for The Pikeman’s Lament. They have 40K armies - which I’ve played with them - a few times… and I have to admit, I just don’t love it… so I think it’s time to introduce them to some BETTER games… (Of course I'm not sure Aaron’s going to like me anymore if they come home and tell him “DAD! WE NEED ZULUS – THOUSANDS OF THEM!”)


  1. Cool! Love the delicate work on the rolled tartans.

    1. Thanks Jonathan!

      It's a pain in the butt (well... very time-consuming) to paint... but it does look pretty when it's done.

      I have a LOT of tartan-clad, oatmeal savages on the workbench, but I think I might have to pace myself by paint one unit of Scots with tartan and then one English or lowlanders in plain (unpatterned) colours... or it might drive me CrAzY!?

    2. Mixing it up is a great plan of attack.

  2. And very nice they look too Tim!

  3. They look great, I bet the tartan is a pain, it does look great, I'm thinking more impressionistic for when I get to my pile of 17th century highlanders and Irish, well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain!

      I got in a game of Pikeman's Lament this afternoon - unfortunately not using any Irish... Hopefully I'll get a game report up sometime this weekend!

    2. I like the impressionist approach!