Saturday, November 3, 2018

Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarians and Tech Priests

Shortly after picking up Kill Team back in July, I picked up a box of Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarians. Though the box says Sicarian Ruststalkers, they can also be built as Sicarian Infiltrators. This is great as they are both options for a Adepts Mechanicus Kill Team and I could buy one box and have a few of each as options to add to the Mechanicus Kill Team that came with the Core Box. Last night I finally finished up the last few Rust Stalkers and Infiltrators (I had finished one of the Infiltrators when I was working on the Skitarri)

New Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarians

Sicarian Infiltrator Princeps

Sicarian Infiltrator

Sicarian Ruststalkers

More recently I picked up the Tech Priest Dominus Mechanicus Commander set when Kill Team: Commanders came out and I've painted him up as a commander. I also happen to have a regular Tech Priest that my friend Paul gave me for my birthday in February - presumably to serve with my Imperial Guard regiments - but as they turned out to be an commander option for the Mechanicus Kill Teams, I finally got around to finishing him off to.

Mechanicus Commander options Tech Priest and Tech Priest Dominus. A Kill Team can only ever have ONE commander, so these two will never be serving together in Kill Team.... at least, not as part of the SAME Kill Team!

Tech Priest Dominus

Tech Priest

My small Adeptus Mechanicus force - with all the options for a Kill Team.

The nice thing about Kill Team is that now that these are done... well... That's it. There's really nothing else I could add to this force - well... okay... there's stuff I COULD add to the force... I COULD get enough of each type to make a force entirely of one type of model -  Skitarri Rangers, Skitarri Vanguard, Sicarian Ruststalkers, and Sicarian Infiltrators... but that would be daft.

The downside of Kill Team is BECAUSE I don't need a lot for each Kill Team, there is that temptation (as in DBA) to do ALL THE FACTIONS!? Ugh.... just... I can't do that... Oh, believe me I've already been tempted to pick up a box of Plague Marines and a box of Pox Walkers... but I'm going to try and NOT do that. I have SO MUCH 40K stuff already... I need to get some of THAT painted first before I go buying any more!

(That being said, if they drop a Kill Team: Inquisition boxed set, I am totally down for one of those!)

(and I am NOT getting Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress when it comes out in a week - I really, REALLY need to get all the Rogue Trader stuff painted FIRST!)

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I think next I shall endeavour to finish off John's Shadespire Orcs and then get some stuff painted for Mice & Mystics, before returning to 40K stuff...

When I do return to 40K stuff...? Where to start!? I have and a bunch of Imperial Guard I'd like to finish up - just for assorted Astra Militarum Kill Teams (let alone all the other Imperial Guard I have for full-sized 40K armies!) I have stuff for a Space Marine Kill Team, and a handful of Orks that I could paint up to use as an Ork Kill Team. I really want to get the Rogue Trader Crew and Gellerpox Mutants done - along with all the Rogue trader terrain bits. There's still a LOT of Imperialis and Mechanicus terrain to finish up... and a bit more Munitorum terrain... and the knights... and... Yeah... I'm totally not getting all that done this year... but hopefully I'll have some fun trying.

I'm hoping to get in a game of two of Kill Team this weekend to carry on with the Campaign we started last weekend.


  1. Fantastic brushwork, Tim! The red with steel looks so cool.

  2. Excellent work and good color choices!

    I don't think I will get into Kill Team, but I did buy some of the terrain for use in other sci-fi skirmish gaming.

    1. I totally get that. Kill Team is very limited in it's scope and - though they've made some new and interesting changes in this rule set - they are still very much tied to their old system and stat lines... I like the 40K fluff and the minis and the terrain and the game allows me to play with people that probably wouldn't games with me otherwise.

  3. Lovely work on this kill team,y you knocking them out! I guess with the pile of 40k stuff you've got you need to,but you don't seem to have any 40k burn out that I thought you might have after the con, which is great!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain. Yeah, I don't seem to be tiring at all on the 40K front. But I have been feeling like throwing a little bit of OTHER STUFF into the mix!

  4. Great stuff as always Tim. Love those creepy Mechanicum troops...