Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mechanicus Kill Team

Last night I finished up the last of the stuff I was planning to bring to the Kill Team game I am running at ToonCon this weekend.

Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team

Originally I thought I might paint them the same as the ones I painted for John, but then I kind of liked the look of the way they painted them in the book, so I went with something similar to that. I had also considered doing them as Skitarii Vanguard (since John's left his Rangers here and I could make use of them anytime...), but then I decided to build them all just like the ones in the book - that have premade data cards and stuff...

With the exception of the Sicarian Infiltrator lurking in the back, these all came in the Kill Team Coe Box.

Dorox-0.4343 - Skitarii Vanguard Alpha - the Leader of the Kill Team

Sek-XXVII Skitarii - Vanguard Gunner/Zealot Specialist (With Plasma Caliver), Kappic-Schoelendt-18.1 - Skitarii Ranger/Comms Specialist, and AR-99 Skitarii Vanguard/Scout Specialist.

Mu-575 and Actus-1111 - Skitarii Vanguard

Gryphonne-Reductus-089, Decima-110, Xixos-2918, and Tov-66.75/Mk98 - Skitarii Rangers.

Rhynox-438.28x - Sicarian Infiltrator.

This last one won't be part of the team I'm taking to ToonCon. I bought a box of Sicarians about a week after I picked up Kill Team. The looked like interesting models and I thought they might be fun to add to the team... The box, like the Skitarii box, includes options to build them as Sicarian Infiltrators OR Sicarian Ruststalkers.  The others I assembled as two Ruststalkers, another Infiltrator and and Infiltrator Princeps. The Princeps will be an alternate leader. The Sicarians are a bit pricier, points-wise (14/15 vs 9/10 for the Skitarri). so to include a pair of Sicarians, I'd have to drop three Skitarii. I might include the Ruststalkers as Combat and Zealot Specialists.

overall I'm pretty happy with how they turned out - considering how rushed they were in the end! The only thing I'm not super excited about are the bases. The colour is a little too close to the colour of the jackets. I might lighten those up at some point. I considered rust-ifying them, like the Terminators and Genestealers I did of Space Hulk (and the Genestealers I did more recently)... but then decided not to... I'm kind of okay with that decision.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably won't be anything else until Sunday or Monday when all the dust has settled from ToonCon and I get a chance to post some pics of the weekend.

After that...? Gosh... I've been SO FOCUSED on getting this Kill Team stuff done for ToonCon, I really haven't given much thought as to what to do AFTER!? I will probably carry on with some more Kill Team/40K stuff... maybe some of the Sector Imperialis terrain that I haven't touched since I assembled and primed it (because I knew I wouldn't be using it at ToonCon!) or some of the Sector Mechanicus stuff I haven't finished off... or the Wall of Martyrs stuff... (Yeah... I went and picked that up last weekend.. I wasn't going to, but then The Dragon's Den went and held their anniversary sale that weekend and I couldn't pass that stuff up at 20% off!?). I still have those Imperial Knights to finish up... LOADS of Tallarn and Valhallans... and Drukhari for Amanda... all the stuff from the Rogue trader box...

I am going to pick up the Commanders set when it comes out in a just over week... and maybe a commander (or two!?) depending on how much those sets end up being. I am curious to see how much they are. All of them include a single miniature - that is currently available on it's own, in most cases. The miniatures purchased on their own vary in price from $25 to about $45!? Most of the miniature made available as Kill Team sets have been cheaper than buying them on their own, so I'm wondering if this trend will continue? Or if it will be the same price as the regular mini - just with a token sheet...? or MORE!?

After that I should probably cool it on the buying...

Well... until the rumoured Kill Team: INQUISITOR box set comes out!? Or Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress!


  1. Spectacular painting, Tim! These figures really pop!

  2. Nice work! (on the figures and the terrain)

  3. Nice painting, and certainly a varied team!

    The little boxed Commanders rumored price is only a bargain for the most expensive single figures, otherwise pretty much the same. GW did call it "the first wave" of boxes though, so hopefully the next wave has some unique figures.

    1. Cheers!

      I was wondering if they might all be the same price - like $25CAD-ish which is an amazing deal for the Primaris Marines and mechanicus models (as they are usually $40CAD+ each!?)... Not so much for he lowly Imperial Guard Commissar or Drukhari Succubus who normally costs about that... What will make me really cranky is if they are all $30CAD... MORE those two models I was thinking I'd get!?

    2. $35 US is the current rumor, but who knows. Supposedly a discount only for the most expensive (Dominus and Primaris marines)

      On the other hand if you are buying the box ($60?) then you will not need the named commanders.

    3. Whaaaaaaa....? That's, like, $45CAD - same price as the most expensive ones, and over DOUBLE what the Commissar, Sucubus and T'au commanders would cost on their own!? Guess we'll know tomorrow for sure - but that seems like madness!

  4. Lovely looking kill team! The colours work really well,I like the infiltrater, best of luck with the con.
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain! The Sicarians are kind of fun-looking. I should finish up the other four...