Sunday, September 30, 2018

Genestealer Kill Teams (and Other Bits)

I may have mentioned I picked up The Writhing Shadow - the Tyranid/Genestealer starter set for Kill Team. I thought it might be a good Kill Team to have as a loaner and use for the ToonCon game - it only comes with Genestealers so it's only ONE troop type to have to worry about and there isn't much variation at all between them - other than the specialist abilities. I know, I know... I could have use the Space Hulk Genestealers... I've actually painted these new ones to match the ones I already painted so they could be used together - including using the same 32mm Necromunda bases. I picked up the box set to get the cards and a little bit more terrain... (I apparently didn't have enough Sector Munitorum Terrain....?)

Genestealer Kill Team

this is actually only 88 points, so I could fit in one more (making it 99) and will likely just borrow one of Finnegan's Space Hulk Genestealers...

The figures included COULD be built and assembled to make a team worth 96 points if they were all given Toxin Sacs. Toxin Sacs seems pretty weak for this game (if you roll 6+ to wound you deal and extra point of damage - but over 90% of the figures in this game only have one wound anyway) so I just went with what was on the cards, which will allow me a whole extra Genestealer.

Each Kill Team that comes in a Kill Team starter set or the core box or Rogue Trader, comes with pre-printed cards for a ready-made Kill Team. For the most part I've just been ignoring them as I don't care for their particular equipment load-outs. For this team, however, I assembled them as per the cards, so I could actually make use of them... I may not call it "Kill Team: The Writhing Shadow" or anything... but I'll use the cards with their particular specialisms and names and stuff...

The is the leader specialist: Nemesis Alpha - "spitter". You can only really tell by the greenish, scrotum-like sack under his jaw - the acid juice storage sack for his Acid Maw!

Nemesis Beta - "The Shadow" - is the Scout Specialist. It's got Flesh Hooks (the pointy, stubby things coming out of his mouth.

Nemesis Crucius - "The Terror" - has an Extended Darapace and Scything Talons. It is the Veteran Specialist

Nemesis Decima - "Mindeater" is the combat specialist. I gave him this odd head with the tentacle face to differentiate him from the other generic genestealer with Scything Talons. Also it's name is "Mindeater" and the head kinda f reminded me of a Mind Flayer...?

The rest of the Kill Team (from the box, that I just finished painting..) these are all just generic Genestealers. There are names for all of them on their cards... but I can't be bothered to type them all out. One of them has Scything Talons, which I think are of limited use... You re-roll 1s to hit when using them... but honestly I think I'd rather use the Rending Claws which, if you roll a 6+ to wound, is resolved at -4AP instead of the -1... Oh, and Scything Talons are 0AP... so... They're already WS3+ and have three attacks... so...

As I mentioned these will be joined by one of the Space Hulk Genestealers.

I had picked up the cheap box of Termagaunts (5/$12CAD), but they have "Instinctive Behaviour" and need a "Synapse" model on the table or they only move towards and attack the nearest enemy model and are -1 to hit with shooting!? I don't feel like getting a $60 box of Tyranid Warriors to make them not-totally-inneffective in the game... so they'll probably just get used in Wrath & Glory...

In other news...

A little objective marker I made for Kill Team (or 40K... or.. any sci-fi game requiring objective markers).

I picked up a box of Mechanicus bases for the Sicarians I bought to add to my Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team. The Skitarri were already on Necromunda bases, and I wanted to base the Sicarians similarly, but they don't make 40mm Necromunda bases... I figured the Mechanicus bases were pretty close... So, I have a bunch of extra mechanicus bases - and the bases come with other little bits and bobs you can put on them - so, I used some to make this objective marker with a little stack and a control panel.

I've also been working on a few more crates and barrels. I have a pile sitting next to the painting desk and just grab a few to paint when I just need to do... something else... or while waiting for paint to dry one whatever I'm working on. I've accumulated enough painted ones I thought I'd include them in this update... Most of these came with the Sector Munitorum Kill Zone (or Imperial Guard Starter - which came with more Sector Munitorum stuff...). The fancier crates came with the Rogue Trader box.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Could it be a game report!? I did set up a game for Amanda and I to play... and then started explaining all the rules and stuff... but then she had to run out and take The Girl to Irish Dance class... it's still set up on the table and she SAID she'd play when she gets home...

Other than that...? I have both Adeptus Mechanicus and Chaos Space Marine Kill Teams on the workbench - the other two teams I plan on using in the ToonCon demo game - along with the Drukhari and the Genestealers above.


  1. Excellent work (yet again)!
    I really like your color choices for the genestealers and also the various terrain pieces and bits.The rusty metal bases and the grungy objective marker and everything else looks very fitting and suitably worn.

    1. Cheers! Originally I hadn't intended the objective marker to be so grungy, but when I finished it it was too bright and so I started messing around with washes and a bit of the rust and I'm pretty happy with it now.

  2. Nice looking genestealers,I like the mindflayer! Objective marker works really well and I like your fancy boxes!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain!

      Yeah, the head on that one guy is kind of weird. All the others are more or less the same... and then there's tentacle face!? so weird. There's obviously one in every pack... or maybe it was two...? One on each frame...? There are way more heads than you need, so if one didn't like it, they wouldn't have to use it...