Friday, August 3, 2018


Well, I FINALLY finished all the Terminators for Finnegan's Space Hulk game that we got him for his birthday three and a half years ago and I've been promising him I'd paint for him... (Worst gamer dad ever!). I finished the Genestealers back in April...

(or so I thought...)

Then I found one more that I hadn't finished up...

Here, finally, are all of the Terminators that came with the game.

These are the three commanders; Sergeant Gideon (with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield), Lexicanium Callistarius (Chapter Librarian), Sergeant Lorenzo (with Storm Bolder and Power Sword).

Terminators with heavy weapons; Brother Zael (with the heavy flamer) and Brother Leon (with the assault cannon)

Three of the more dynamic looking terminators; Brother Goriel (brandishing the Genestealer head), Brother Scipio (tearing up the very floor of the space hulk), and Brother Claudio (with the Lightning Claws)

The remaining battle brothers; Brother Noctis, Brother Omnio, Brother Valencio, and Brother Deino.

Long lost battle brother/objective marker.

All ready to go!

(well.... almost...)

I was so happy - feeling like I was finally DONE - and then I remembered I haven't done the bases for all the doors, a little Cyber-Altered Task Unit, and a goblet/objective marker... Uggggghhhhh!  I'll Knock those off this weekend... But before that, we'll probably get a few games in this afternoon and/or tomorrow!!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

The final elements of the Space Hulk game (bases for all the doors, a little Cyber-Altered Task Unit, and a goblet/objective marker) and some Space Hulk GAME REPORTS! Then it's on to Kill Team!!

(Well... I might try and finish off the Shadespire Orks for John that I've been sitting on, half-finished for far too long - not three-and-a-half-years too long, but long enough!


  1. Looking good. Finish up what's left, and bask in the glory.

    1. Thanks! Hope to get the rest finished up this weekend (it's all, relatively, easy stuff!) and then it's on to Kill Team terrain!

  2. Very impressive stuff, well done! I like the re-basing- I’m doing mine at the moment. Any tricks to getting yours off their bases cleanly?

    1. Thanks Barks!

      I don't recall there being anything terribly clean about carving off the plastic bases for the terminators... I snipped large chunks off with wire cutters and then carved away with a knife. The one that's kneeling down and tearing up part of the floor required some modelling with green stuff to make it work with the base... But I'm pretty happy with how they all turned out and I definitely think it was worth the effort!

    2. They look great- unfortunately, I’m worried that rebasing mine will muck up the paintwork I’ve already done.

    3. Ah, yes. That might prove tricky...

  3. Great looking terminators! Good looking game,I look forward to the AAR I picked up the second edition in a clearance store, all I did was pinch the terminators,its still in the loft somewhere!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain!

      I dod get in a game on Friday. Hopefully I'll get to posting a few of the pictures in the next day or so. I don't know how much of a report there will be. Usually I take a few notes - and I didn't with this one, as I was playing the Marines and the marines turns are TIMED!! There was a little hourglass timer that I flipped at the beginning of my turn and had to get everyone moved by the end of it. It was INTENSE!!

      Stay tuned!