Friday, August 10, 2018

Tau XV-25 Stealth Armour - and a KILL TEAM!

I found a pack of the old metal Tau XV-25 Stealth Armour troops at my FLGS recently and picked them up as Tau Kill Teams are allowed to field them now as a permanent part of the Kill Team - along with Pathfinders, Fire Warriors, breachers, and Drones (unlike Shadow War: Armageddon - which only allowed Pathfinders and Drones). The older metal models look quite different from the newer plastic ones, but I thought these would go nicely with my older metal Pathfinders....

Two older XV-25 Stealth Armoured Tau from Games Workshop.

This is my entire force of Tau, so far...

I do have a TY7 Devilfish armoured transport model to assemble and paint. I've had it since before I even had any other Tau models. I'd picked it up cheap off eBay thinking I'd use it as a cool looking generic sci-fi grav lander/transport... I SHOULD get it painted up sooner rather than later as I could use it as terrain on a kill team board - perhaps for a "Get to da choppa!" type scenario...

Tau Kill Team Shars'uvad

So this if the first Kill Team I've put together - Oh, I have LOADS of models I could bodge together into kill teams - I could field Astra Militarum Kill Teams from FOUR different regiments... but I happen to put these together first, as I happen to have painted up something new for them...

Kill Team Shars'uvad

Kill Team Share-uvad is built around it's rail-gunners, they are an elite sniper team, whose pinpoint shots can bring down any foe. Their mission is to seize vital intel; T'su High Command requires intelligence regarding the enemy's strategic disposition and intentions - this kill team has been tasked with raiding the opposition's rear areas and acquiring this data. They are students of Kauyon, careful and cunning, the warriors of this kill team embody the way of the Patient Hunter.

The Kill Team would look a little like this:

Els'im - Pathfinder Shas'ui - Leader - pulse carbine, markerlight, photon grenades - 7 points
Sul'an - Pathfinder Gunner - Sniper Specialist - rail rifle, photon grenades - 12 points
D'tano - Pathfinder Gunner - rail rifle, photon grenades - 12 points
Ju'yem - Pathfinder Gunner - ion rifle, photon grenades - 10 points
U'so - XV25 Stealth Shas'vre - Veteran Specialist - burst cannon, target lock - 21 points
Murakan - XV25 Stealth Shas'ui - burst cannon - 20 points
Nomura - Pathfinder - Scout Specialist - pulse carbine, markerlight, photon grenades - 6 points
Tash'lot - Pathfinder - pulse carbine, markerlight, photon grenades - 6 points
Or'os - Pathfinder - pulse carbine, markerlight, photon grenades - 6 points

Total Points: 100

Els'im - Pathfinder Shas'ui - Kill Team Leader

Els'im is a Farsight sympathizer. The legendary commander has been labelled traitor by the Etherials, but there are still those within the Fire Caste who venerate his legacy. Els'im is one of them.


(Left to right) Sul'an, Ju'yem, and D'tano - Pathfinder Gunners.

Sul'an leads this fire team and is recognized as the best shot among then group. She is a perceptive, sharp-eyed warrior, that is constantly on the lookout for incoming threats and is almost impossible to catch off guard.

Shas'vre U'so and Shas'ui Murakan - XV25 Stealth team

Though Shas'vre U'so technically outranks Shas'ui Els'im, U'so defers to Els'im and recognizes she is the leader of this team of Pathfinder to which U'so is attached. A veteran of scores of conflicts, U'so is  unflappable. Even under the most intense pressure, U'so maintains a cool head and a steady aim.

Nomura, Tash'lot,  and Or'os - Pathfinders

Nomura is this fire teams leader. She is the Kill Teams scout specialist. She is utterly Pragmatic. She recognizes that sometimes difficult choices and unpalatable actions must be made in service of the Greater Good.

There it is. All the background, mission, philosophy and demeanours were rolled for randomly on tables in Kill Team Core Manual. I have NO IDEA if this team is going to do well... but with the two stealth armour warriors, lugging Assault 4, Strength 5 burst cannons around, they can't possibly suck as hard as they did when Amanda played them in Shadow War: Armageddon.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Space Hulk? More Kill Teams? Kill Team Terrain? Maybe an actual GAME of Kill Team? Hard to say what's going down this weekend...?


  1. Proper pathfinders.... and a nice looking force so far.

  2. Excellent work on this team. I should get my old Tau models out of the cupboard and build a team. I am sure I have all the same models still waiting for paint!

    1. Thanks Johathan!

      DO IT!

      That's the great thing about Kill Team it doesn't have to be a HUGE investment in money or time - painting up a dozen minis is way easier and less daunting that tackling a whole army for 40K!