Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Howling Banshees

The last unit I need for the tournament on Sunday (and my practice game tomorrow): some Howling Banshees.

Howling Banshees from Citadel Miniatures/Games Workshop.

These are a mix of the older and the not-quite-so-old-but-still-old-compared-to-most-other-factions-models models.

I have one more inbound - one of the slightly less older, but still old enough to be cast in metal Banshee Exarchs.

And here is the complete warmest I'll be fielding in the tournament...

I have no idea how they'll do, but... whatevs... If it's anything like last year, it will be a good time regardless!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I still have some pics from last Saturday's Kill Team games I'd like to post... and tomorrow I'll be playing some actual 40K with the above War Host which I'll hopefully get lots of pics of.

After that...? Well there'll for sure be a report of Sunday's tournament...

And then...? More painting probably... but I have no idea what!? So many things I want to work on... more Eldar, a bunch of models for John, more old Necromunda minis (I have Ratskins, Cawdor and a few Esher on the go), Grey Knights, British and French forces of Rebels and Patriots, Mice & Mystics minis, Kill Team: Rogue Trader forces, Blackstone Fortress....




  1. Lovely looking banshees! A great looking host too, not ridiculously colourful but certainly colourful enough! Too much stuff or too much choice?!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain!

      Too many choices AND too much stuff. There are a lot of things in each of those categories

      More Eldar = 30+ Guardians (plus 3 Heavy Weapon platforms), 10 Warp Spiders, 10 Striking Scorpions, 1 War Walker, 1 Tempest Heavy Gravel Tank, 1 Revenant Scout Titan, 1 Wraith Knight, 3 Warlocks, 10 Dire Avengers, 5 Rangers, 7 Swooping Hawks, 1 Falcon Grav Tank... I'm sure there's more...

      Bunch of Models for John = 20 Pi-rats, 20 Space Rats, 5 Shadespire Rats, 4 Shadespire Dwarves, 23 Frostgrave Warriors, some western cowboys and dark future cars... ?

      Necromunda Minis = 12 Cawdor, 12 Ratskins, 3 Esher, Carlos Valois and 10 Zombies.

      Grey Knights = 10 Grey Knights + Castellan Crowe

      British and French Forces for Rebels and Patriots = 3-4 units of 12 for each side (another 80-100 figures)

      Mice & Mystics = 6 mice + dozen or so rats and bugs.

      Kill Team: Rogue Trader = 10 Elucidian Starstriders, 23x Gellerpox Infected, 10 bulkhead doors, 2 sections of pipework, 4 command consoles, 4 escape pods, 2 chairs...

      Blackstone Fortress = - Janus Draik, Taddeus the Purifier, Espern Locarno, Pious Vorne, UR-025, Dahyak Grekh, Amallyn Shadowguide, the Ratling Twins, Rein and Raus, Obsidius Mallex, 2 Chaos Space Marines, 4 Chaos Beastmen, 4 Negavolt Cultists, 2 Rogue Psykers, 4 Spindle Drones, and 14 Traitor Guardsmen...

      That's nearly 400 minis - and that's just the ones I want to paint RIGHT NOW! Unfortunately, at the rate I'm painting this year (haven't even broken 100), it would take me the rest of the year to get those done - assuming I focused only on those things and had no further distractions...

      Don't get me started on all the terrain and other minis I want to paint...

  2. Great looking banshees. Is that last model you are expecting the current banshee model? If you have the chance, I would love to see all three versions compared.

    And you are quite the painting machine, getting 400 more miniatures done is a year would be great to see... if you had no distractions between now and then!

    1. The last Banshee I'm getting in the mail is an exarch that goes with the not-quite-so-old-but-still-old-compared-to-most-other-factions-models models - which IS the current model - except cast in metal, instead of resin, as they are now. There will be a picture of the complete unit when they are all done.

      I know 4-500 is a lot of minis to paint in a year... but I used to paint twice that (or more) in a year... and not THAT many years ago. Last year was my least productive year in over a decade. This year isn't looking much better, so far!