Thursday, February 13, 2020

NOISE MARINE (and MOAR Blackstone Fortress and Chaos Stuff!)


Yeah... That's one down, twenty-nine to go...

(No, they're not ALL the absurdly expensive special edition Noise Marine...)

Silly detail that likely no one will notice: I gave him a White Scars elbow pad... I think I'll do this with some of the others - give them bits from other chapters that they've scavenged...

As I explained as part of a reply to Iain's comment on the previous post... I've been rethinking what I might bring to Battleforce Recon in April.

Briefly, I was thinking of picking up a Start Collecting Chaos Space Marines box - This notion came about because I was looking at safer ways to bring the the Daemons onto the table and a Master of Possession seems to be the ticket there - but they're only available in that box set.... of course you can get them off eBay, but then they're $30-40CAD each (once exchange and shipping is added in...) but the box itself is only $115CAD... and it includes two Obliterators... and two Greater Possessed... and a complete squad of 10 chaos space marines ($70 on their own)... AND a Venomcrawler!? So... Start Collecting Box...

Of course once I thought I was going to get that, I started to rejig the plan to include the Venomcrawler and maybe some of the Greater Possessed and/or Obliterators...

Of course, once the brain had the idea (and I had the spousal go-ahead) to spend money on NEW THINGS for the chaos army, well... the floodgates were open... and now I have a whole new plan...


THREE squads of TEN Noise Marines!

I have zero idea if this will be at all good... but I'll have a RIOT painting them!!! (and a not-so-QUIET one to boot - I will be cranking the metal and speed punk for the next month and a half to get them all done!) and it will give me a chance to do a little Bill & Ted/Wylde Stallion-style air guitar riff every time they annihilate something on the tabletop...

I have six more at home and spend the last few days tracking down assorted bits and bobs on eBay to cobble together three full squads of ten... and it came out to slightly less than just buying them new (which entails buying boxes of Chaos Space Marines - currently $70 for 10!!! - and THEN buying a couple of upgrade packs to turn them into Noise Marines - at $20 each... so about $110 for a squad of Noise Marines - Yikes!!)

Hopefully I'll get the squad I have finished up before the others start rolling in!

In other News... 

Obsidius Mallex, Chaos Lord of the Black Legion, and two Black Legionnaires.

Pious Vorne, Missionary Zealot and Blackstone Fortress Explorer.

14 Traitor Guardsmen - not my best paint job ever... but they're DONE and we can get playing

(well, after I finish up the four Negavolt Cultists... hopefully this evening!)

(I also have a few more Explorers to do, but I have plenty enough to get us started!!)

Giant Necromundan Greenback Spider (actually a Reaper Bones miniature...)

Objective marker made for my Chaos Armies.

Other side of said objective marker...

Brother Lorgag and Brother Feldar - two more Chaos Space Marines for my growing collection of Emperor's Children force. Bother Lorgag is the Aspiring Champion for the squad - the miniature is actually an old metal possessed miniature, but he was conveniently carrying a Chain Axe and had a pistol in a holster, and still has some of his armour. So maybe he's only a little bit possessed...?

The Whole Squad - for now... Enough for a Kill Team.

These guys could be the Rhythm Section for the Noise Marines! laying down a staccato beat with their bolters...

 Well... at least until I get some Havocs!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Negavolt Cultists - to finish off the baddies for Blackstone Fortress!

Then... MORE CHAOS (and maybe the rest of the Blackstone Fortress explorers...)


  1. Your productivity this year is almost scary, I still haven’t finished a single mini!

    1. Thanks!

      I have motivation right now - Three games I'm running at ToonCon in two weeks - and then a tournament coming up in two months!

  2. Moar excellent painting! The riot of colors and patterns on the noise marine look great. As do the flames on the guy with the flaming weapon. Your color palette for this lot must be a full rainbow!

    1. Yeah, it will be a RIOT of colour.

      I am both looking forward to and simultaneously dreading this project!? I'll have to look to 80s glam bands for some inspiration!

      (It's supposed to be a GIRL with the flamer...?)

  3. So those Chaos Space Marines are painted using an ultraviole(n)t purple?

  4. Excellent! In true Bill and Ted style, love the noise marine,all the other chaos types are great but the noise marine rocks! Looking forward to 3 squads of them!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain!

      It was hard to stay focused to finish up the Negavolt Cultists once I did this one... the Noise Marines are calling!

      (I DID mange to finish the Negavolt Cultists last night... but I also got a good start on a batch of Noise Marines - stay tuned for those!)