Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Game Plan 2020 - Q4 Plans

 ""PLAN"!? AIN'T NO 'PLAN"!"

Wow... and entire quarter slipped by and... well, it slipped by and now we're well into Q4 and... I have no plan... 

Looking back at the Game Plan 2020 - Q3 Plan I had planned to play:

  1. Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress x5
  2. Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory x5
  3. #New40K x5
  4. OTHER GW/40K games (Necromunda, Kill Team, Aeronautica Imperialis) x5
  5. (Some other To Be Determined Board Game?) x5

What I DID actually play was: 

  • Warhammer 40,000 (Eighth Edition) x8
  • Warhammer 40,000 (Ninth Edition) x8
  • Wrath & Glory x7
  • The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game x3
  • Sidereal Confluence: Remastered Edition x3
  • Terraforming Mars x2
  • Abyss x1
  • Battlefleet Gothic x1
  • The Castles of Burgundy x1
  • Century: Golem Edition x1
  • Dogs x1
  • Monarch x1
  • Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game x1 
  • Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game x1
  • Star Trek: Five-Year Mission x1
  • Traveller (Mongoose 2nd Edition) x1


Succeeded in playing BOTH editions of 40K MORE than five times each... and I played Wrath & Glory MORE than five times... I did NOT manage to play a mix of "other 40K" games five times - though I DID get in a game of Battlefleet Gothic, which was pretty cool! I also didn't get in five plays of any one other game. Though there were a few games we played two or three times each, and, in total, I played more than FORTY games throughout the Quarter. So... I'd call it a relative success. 

For painting... I'd had plans to paint; Blackstone Fortress stuff, Some more Chaos Space Marines, finishing up some Grey Knights, MOAR Daemons (so many Daemons!), some stuff for Finnegan (Death Watch and T'au), that Knight that's almost done... and a bunch more stuff... 

I didn't get a LOT of that done... I did get a few things done... 


  • 12x Death Guard (Plague Marines and Terminator Lord)
  • 4x Inquisitorial Stormtroopers
  • 1x Genestealer Cult Sanctus (for Finnegan)
  • 1x Genestealer Cult Kellermorph (for Finnegan) 
  • 1x Kroot Shaper (for Finnegan)
  • 3x Inquisitors (including one for Finnegan)
  • 7x Deathwatch Veterans (for Finnegan)
  • 1x Daemonette
  • 13x Flesh Hounds
  • 6x Grey Knights
  • 5x Seekers of Slaansesh
  • 2x Chaos Space Marine Obliterators

Battlefleet Gothic 

  • 2xChaos Cruisers 
  • 3x Imperial Escorts
  • 22x Assorted Ordnance (Fighters/Bombers/Torpedoes)
  • 1x Planet

Assorted Terrain

  • 8x Assorted Wall of Martyrs bits (trench, 3 emplacements, 4 end bits)
  • 2x Small Sector Imperialis Ruin bits
  • 4x Chaos Monoliths
  • 2x Daemon World Rocky Outcroppings
  • 3x MORE Daemon World Rocky Outcroppings
  • 1x 4'x4' Game Board

But all of that was done in July and early August... I've done NOTHING in the last month and a half. 


Well... what to do for the rest of the year. 

Honestly, at this point, I just don't know. 

I'm feeling pretty despondent.


  1. Blimey, your gaming and hobby output completely puts me to shame! I honestly don't know how you fit it all in!

    What's caused the despondency? Is it the occasional hobby burnout that we all get, or something else? I'm not terribly motivated to do anything this year, so I can definitely relate!

    1. Ha! Thanks Ross!
      It's a long and convoluted story...
      The short version is: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Pandemic, Unending Renovation That Feels Like it is Rapidly Spiralling Out of Control, and the job I've been doing for the last 17 years evaporating and leaving me wondering what I'm going to do with the rest of my life.
      Y'know, just your average, everyday, midlife existential crisis. Ha!
      I am all too fucking familiar with the anxiety and depression and existential crises. (The recent ADHD diagnosis puts a new lens on things and explains a lot!?). I just feel like I'm DONE and won't ever paint (which sucks, considering I have, literally, THOUSANDS of unpainted miniatures in boxes all around my house right now)... but I also feel like I've been here before and I'll get through it somehow... eventually... It just sucks being here while I'm here.

    2. Phew brother, that certainly is a lot to deal with, and a fair reason to feel at least a bit down! You seem to be in a position where you have plenty of family and friends around you at least, but do take good care of yourself. Always good to have a confirmed diagnosis with things like this too, I’d imagine it helps give a little perspective.

      And in any case, don’t beat yourself up for not painting or for not wanting to paint. Life can be pretty shitty sometimes, and this is an escape from some of that, but not something you’re slaved to. No harm in putting it on the backburner for a while; it’ll certainly be there when you feel like doing something!

      Personally I find when I’m in a slump of any sort, I give it a rest for a while, and paint something easy and low pressure to ease back in when I feel like it.

      However you handle things, look after yourself mentally and physically. Hope things improve for you soon, this year certainly hasn’t been kind, but we humans can be kind to each other!

  2. Yeah, renovations and losing a job can really sap you of energy to paint or game. My renos took out my entire 2018 painting.

    I'm on my second go around looking for a job and I'm finding it very tough because I suspect that my age is really starting to have an impact. It's not fun looking for work in the tech industry when you are 55+. Add in a mysterious ailment and having the pack the house to move 3 time zones and I'm surprised I'm even trying to figure out what miniatures I should paint while I'm in exile in Sudbury over the winter.

    What is keeping me going is the possibility that I might be able to monetize my miniatures. I'm thinking I might have a go at creating a Youtube channel dedicated to terrain building and miniatures for historical gaming. I'll use my time in Sudbury to try out a few ideas and launch the channel when I have a dedicated space to build and film.

    I'm under no illusions that being successful requires a lot of time and effort. I see how many of the channels I watch really have to sell stuff outside of Youtube and also feel the need to constantly and consistently produce new content. The selling stuff seems harder for me to do, but needs might be a must and it could be interesting to do.

  3. You've always been massively productive, having a break from miniatures for a while is probably useful for a recharge. Renovations is a sapping business but usually there isn't much option but to grind through it and suck it up. At least the job you've finished doing seems like producing a pretty positive result in your pair.
    Best Iain

  4. Hi Tim, sorry to hear the things your going through. I've always admired the output you do, your painting is fantastic & an inspiration! I fondly remember the games I've enjoyed in your home with other like-minded folks. Sometimes things get overwhelming, but all it takes is a pause, a break, & then something will catch your eye & the fires relit! Of the things I've missed most with this pandemic, its being able to play games with the guys, but your lucky that way as you have a gaming group ready made. Take care buddy & remember, what you do here, has inpsired others to do more too!