Modern Military Gallery

This started as a reposting of THIS POST from a few years back, when I first "finished" my 28mm Modern Military miniatures. Recently I've been started playing Force on Force, rekindling my interest in modern skirmishing and i've been picking up quite a few new things which I will slowly be adding to this page as I get around to taking new pictures.

These are a mix of Cold War and post Cold War troops - basically everything post-Vietnam until NOW (my Vietnam collection is on a separate page). This Page is also in the process of being updated (mostly by copy and pasting stuff from the regular blog pages). There will likely be more changes in the near future.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)


These are some Ultra Modern Russians. The infantry are all from The Assault Group. The BTR-80 is from S&S Models.

Most of my Modern Russian Troops are MVD Internal Troops (also from The Assault Group).

I have seven guys with a carbine version of an AK.

Three guys with and AK assault rifle with an underslung grenade launcher (AK-74?). Strangely, I have guys with carbines and guys with Assault rifles with underslung grenade launchers… but no guys with just assault rifles.

A pair of Snipers.

Heavier Support – I think these are PKM machine-guns and some sort of RPG.

I wouldn't mind, someday, filling out the regular army force to full platoon size... Maybe add some BMP-3 or some T80s or T-90s from Imprint Models.


VDV (Air Assault Troops) Platoon

These Cold War Soviet VDV (Air Assault Troops) from Mongrel Miniatures. It works out to about a platoon in strength. At some point I'd like to get some BMDs for these guys. For now they just have to drop into theatre by parachute and hoof it on foot! 

Motor Rifle Platoon

 I've picked up a few Russian die-cast BTR-60 to use for a Cold War BTR Motor Rifle Platoon. 

Conveniently Cold War Soviet equipment is very versatile and could show up many different places - they could easily be used with the East Germans or Africans below...

These are Cold War Soviets in NBCD Gear from Eureka Miniatures. I have roughly enough for a BTR  mechanized platoon. 

First Section

Second Section

Third Section

Platoon command. Serzhant and Leytenant pointing. Plus a spare MG and Sniper - perhaps the Serzhant is a good scrounger and "aquired" these extra items for the platoon - they could be added to any of the other sections for some extra support. 

Some chemical defence or engineer types... the could be attached to the platoon if need be...?

Another attachment - the Sagger (I can't really call it a "team" as it's just the one guy....) - when a slightly longer ranged (slightly harder) punch is needed to deal with armour (or bunkers?).

I also have a few other motor rifle troops that aren't in chemical defence suits:

Just a handful of regulars in cold weather gear. I'd like at some point to fill this out to a full platoon as well... someday...

Some Soviet AFV crew. One I painted with Blue shoulder boards of the VDV – so he could be a BMD crewman…

Soviet Engineers that could be attached for clearing roads.

For giggles I painted up a pair of spare  Mongrel Miniatures as naval infantrymen. 

The tank on the left is from Academy, the tank on the right is from Kitech. They are both supposed to be 1/48 T-72 tanks

The Academy T-72

The Kitech T-72 - with a vehicle commander is from Mongrel Miniatures!


I have one more plastic 1/48 scale T-72 model  to assemble and paint. Unfortunately it's another Academy model, so motivation is really low. I also have a pair of plastic 1/48 scale Hind D helicopters to provide the VDV with some air support and a way to get around!


As mentioned, I'd like to add some more Cold War Motor Rifle infantry (from Mongrel Miniatures).  I'd probably pick up a few BMDs for them (from Sloppy Jalopy). At some point, if they ever went back into production, it might be fun to pick up a few more Mongrel Minis Motor Rifle troops and paint them up as Naval Infantry. 


These East Germans are also from Mongrel Miniatures.


It'd be nice to pick up enough to fill out a motor rifle platoon of these (If Newline Designs ever had them in stock again...)


I have Afghans from Devil Dog Design,  Mongrel MiniaturesThe Assault GroupEmpress Miniatures, and Eureka Miniatures. As they are irregulars I don't have any sort of organization for them.

At some point I might like to pick up a few more and/or make some IED markers and Hot Spot markers for Force on Force. I though stacks of ammo crates - with or without a guy handing them out - or maybe a guy with a cell phone or megaphone - for calling the faithful to arms...  

Here are a few more pics of some of them: 

These are some more Taliban from The Assault Group.

MORE Afghans - these ones are from Eureka Miniatures.

Some Heavy Machine-Guns from Mongrel Miniatures.

Mortars (also from Mongrel Miniatures).

A pair of Mujahideen on a Motorcycle from Empress Miniatures.

A second Afghan (or Burhkaderkastani?) motorcycle from Empress Miniatures - this time with an RPG team!

I've also picked up a few "indian" children from Eureka Miniatures that I thought I might be able to pass off as young Afghans

More Afghans civilians from Eureka Miniatures.


The better part of a platoon of modern British paras (all from The Assault Group). I've actually picked up a few more of these and have enough that I could field a platoon of either Paras, Black Watch or Royal Regiment Fusiliers - by substituting guys with different hats.

The first of three Imprint Models Warrior MCVs I picked up to mechanize the Modern Brits!

A pair of plastic 1/48 Challanger 1 tanks for some heavier support!

Some dead modern British from Brooks Miniatures.

Modern British SAS (in Desert DPM)

These are Modern British SAS in Desert DPM. All the figures are from The Assault Group.

I had, at one point, organized these into specific fire teams or patrols, but have taken a more flexible attitude to the organization of these. Largely because I don’ think one would ever (EVER!?) find this many Special Air Service Troopers all in one place on an operation together… When I looked over all the stuff I’d picked up in the sale (and the stuff I’d had already) I decided just to do two big bunches of troopers (one in Desert DPM, one in Temperate DPM) with a variety of kit and weapons that could then be tailored to any sort of scenario I could dream up…

This is the first of the packs that I bought; “SAS fire team with silenced weapons”. For some reason the packs that were available (in North America, at least) when these were first available, were in packs of eight. So I have eight of them. At one point I was using these as “Patrol Leaders” – but as part of my re-thinking/reorganization I realized they probably wouldn’t use the MP5 out on “patrol” but rather they might be issued as mission specific kit for some close-quarter direct action.

The next batch I’d picked up;  “SAS fire team with Bergen side packs for CEFO”. Added them to the first pack for some more fire support…

The latest chaps I’ve added – all with Bergns. I think the packs were “SAS fire team with Bergen CEMO” and “SAS fire team 4 (bergans)”. Handy for a scenario involving a patrol on the move that bumps into some bad guys…

A pair of radio operators – perhaps FACs for calling in air strikes.

Some Snipers. I ended up with two packs of snipers – for a total of 16!? I obviously don’t need that many SAS snipers – so some of them are working their way into other forces… These two I kept for the SAS.

A pair of operators with Stinger Missile launchers. Not sure how useful these will be… Considering in most theatres the SAS has operated in, the British/Coalition has pretty much had complete air superiority… 

I have an equal number of SAS that I'm going to paint up in Temperate DPM for operations in... well... other theatres...

For the infantry I also have another two Warrior MCVs to finish up and a few plastic 1/48 scale Challenger models to do.

I also have a small handful of Modern Marines I've started painting in Desert DPM.

I don't really feel any strong urge to get anything else for this force. If ever I was to pick up anything else it would probably be a WMIK or something like that...


These are chaps are for Cold War gaming in the late 1970s/early 1980s

The bulk of the force is a platoon of regular infantry. They can currently be fielded as a "leg" infantry (Light Infantry). They are a mix of Mongrel Miniatures and Gripping Beast’s MoFo miniatures. AT some point I would like to add a mechanized option in the form of four FV-432s or Saxons (or BOTH - just for a few more options!!). I'd also have to pick up another pair of Carl Gs as the mechanized platoons had one in each section!

Some Battalion level support for the platoon: milan, mortar, sniper, and a forward observer team. These are all from Mongrel Miniatures.

I ended up with a few spare chaps with SMGs but they can be the drivers for the FV-432s or Saxons... when I ever get them... should they ever need to dismount... These are all from Mongrel Miniatures.

I also have some special forces types that could pass as Special Air Service, Royal Marine Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre, etc. for Direct Action raids behind the enemy lines... These are also a mix of  Gripping Beast and Mongrel Miniatures.


A handful of Americans. The four on the left are from Devil Dog Design. The four on the right are from Gripping Beast. The one in the middle is a converted Copplestone Castings mini. These are more "Later Cold War Americans"... Maybe when I have enough I'll bother separating them out like I have with the Russians/Soviets and British.

More recently I've picked up some more modern Americans... 


These are SEAL team members - ready to take down... whoever... from  Eureka Miniatures.

United States Marine Corps

With a few exceptions noted below the bulk of this force is from Eureka Miniatures USA.

I have a platoon of three squads (each with three fireteams of four plus a squad leader and a guy carrying a device for scrambling IEDs...?), and a platoon command of four. There are some EOD, Force REcon and Snipers I can also attach to the force.

First Squad

Second Squad

Third Squad

Platoon command (from Empress Miniatures) consisting of a platoon commander, 2IC, Radio Operator and an attached Naval Corpsman. (ARe they still Naval Corpsmen? Or are they just "Marine Medics" now?)

EOD Team (also from Empress Miniatures)

Snipers - the prone fellow is from  Eureka Miniatures USA and the standing guy is from The Assault Group 

Marine Force Recon patrol.

I also have an additional Naval Corpsman from Victory Force Miniatures. He's quite gigantic next to the others...

To support the USMC I picked up a couple of plastic "1/48 scale" M1 tank and LAV-25 models that I need to assemble and paint.

I also have a bunch of Rangers from  The Assault Group and Britannia Miniatures to do and a few die-cast HMMWVs to do.

I'd really like to get a pair of  AAVP-7A1 from  Imprint Models for the marines, as well as a few of their HMMWVs. The "1/48" LAV-25s I picked up look considerably BIGGER than 1/48 so I wouldn't ming picking up some of Imprint Models LAVs and passing the plastic models off to the Sci-fi Troopers!


A fireteam of Canadians. The four with helmets are from Devil Dog Design, the other fellow is from RAFM.

At some point I'd like to model some Cold War Canadians - armed with FNs... just for fun...


Modern French Foreign Legionnaires from Eureka Miniatures. The VAB (Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé) are from S&S Models. (There are a few in the mix that I did in the red beret of the Marine Para Commandos - just for fun) 

The VAB (Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé) from S&S Models.

Here are some of the chaps above with the VAB.


My modern Budeswehr force. I could field them as a dismounted platoon of Panzergrenadiers (mechanized infantry) or an understrength platoon of Fallschirmjagers (Paratroopers) or Gebirgsjagers (mountain troops)…Unless otherwise mentioned they are all from Eureka Miniatures USA (there are four in the lot from Hasslefree Miniatures and a few from the  The Assault Group)

Zugführergruppe (Platoon HQ)

1st Gruppe (Squad)

2nd Gruppe (Squad)

3rd Gruppe (Squad)

A couple extras I have (mostly with SMGs) I could use as dismounted vehicle crew…

Forward Observer Team

a Milan ATGW team for some heavier dismounted anti-tank support. 

Two of the the aforementioned figures from Hasslefree Miniatures. I’m not sure what I’m going to use them as or why I got them. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time….

Two more minis from Hasslefree Miniatures.

Snipers and Observers.

These are some spare British SAS figures from  The Assault Group that I painted in flecktarn to use with the Bundeswehr.... 

I have three Marders and a pair of Leopard 2 to assemble and paint.

a few more vehicles...? 


These figures are Syrians from Mongrel Miniatures, but I’ve tried to paint them up in a generic khaki – rather than a specific camouflage pattern – in hopes that I could pass them off as any sort of Middle East/Central Asian force armed with soviet equipment… Syrians… Egyptians… Iranians… Iraqis…. Pakistanis…? Maybe even regulars from Burkhaderkastan or Stanistan…? In a pinch I might even try to pass them off as Nicaraguans or Cubans in a “Red Dawn” scenario… (or the Peoples Revolutionary Army of Mexico – P.R.A.M.)

The whole force

I have two command teams, maybe one could be a forward observation officer…?

One squad has berets and/or camo jackets. I kind of figured they could be a section of some “elite” formation – commandos, presidential guard, special police, etc.

I have enough for the rest to break down into three squads of about five, each with an RPG and a Machine-gun. A couple squads get a guy with a SVD rifle who may or may not be a designated marksman…

First Squad

Second Squad

Third Squad

Support weapons from the company or battalion…

This force could further be supported by or ferried about by the BTR-60s above, or the T-72s I have (when I ever get them done). Other than that, this force it pretty much complete... I suppose I could get another pack or two to up the numbers of each squad - or add another squad or two for some larger actions... but for now I'm happy with just this!  


I picked up a batch of figures that were meant to be Ameicans from the Vietnam war with the purpose of converting them to be generic, American-backed, modern Central or South Americans. You can read more about them here:  Generic South or Central Americans

The entire force. They are mostly  West Wind Productions with a few from The Assault Group

The mortar teams (from West Wind Productions).


Argentines for the Falkland Islands War. Most are from Gripping Beast.

Argentine Army

Argentine Army MG team

Argentine Marine commando Command.

Argentine Commandos from Gripping Beast (well… except the sniper… he’s yet another surplus modern SAS trooper from The Assault Group that I thought I’d try and pass off as an Argentine – as one is needed for the Top Malo House scenario)

You can see them in action at the Top Malo House Scenario AAR


These guys I’ve had since the the late ‘80’s/Early ‘90’s and been used for all sorts of adventures and games – from Twilight:2000 to 40K… This was it for moderns until all the cool new 28mm stuff started coming out… The four on the left are Dr. Who UNIT figures that, I think, were manufactured by FASA in North America…? The four on the right are Morrow Project figures… I’m not sure who manufactured them…

Not Military per se, but 28mm and Modern (and close enough to Military…!) The five on the left are Copplestone Castings, the remaining eight on the right are from The Assault Group. I actually have a pile more Police that I've done since this picture was taken... that'll have to be one I update soon as all the stuff I've added is DONE!

At some point I thought I'd do a separate page for Modern Supers and civilians, but I'm not sure where to put the police. I have a few of the SWAT guys here, but I have a pile of regular police and plain clothes detectives.... Not to mention the Firemen and CDC Hazmat teams...!?