Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wargames Weekend 08 Part 4: Saturday Evening

Saturday night is my weekly Savage Worlds night. I saw not reason to shift from this So in addition to the regular Savages John, Cory and Jay joined us for some savage skirmish action. After the afternoon’s game I was exhausted, however, so this was the least inspiring/exciting game of the weekend…

I sent the players hunting in the woods at night for some werewolves that had been terrorizing the area lately. It was short and nasty.

A Pack of Wolves on the hunt!

A Greater Werewolf and his lesser wolfmen companions stalking their prey.

The Wolves rushed Agnar Coppelstone and Andiel Vinestaff (Andrej and Darrin’s regular characters) and were hacked to bits in a few short turns.

Here are Le Chevalier du Longuil, and a Captain and Sergeant of the Dukes Guard along with some local militia (Played by Jay, Cory and John, respectively).

The Wolfmen charged this lot and were cut to pieces.

The Werewolf made a mess of Sir Pwent (Lloyd’s character) while Francis (Curtis’ character) stood by and discharged his pistol in the general direction of the werewolf – presumably to warn the others of their location – because they certainly didn’t go anywhere near the Werewolf.

After finishing up the pack of wolves, Agnar and Andiel came to Sir Pwent’s rescue and dispatched the werewolf and that was that…. not my most inspired Savage Tale...

Everyone was kicked out by midnight, the table was cleared off, and then I set up for the next morning's game - I was in bed around 1AM.


  1. Good looking game - what scale, 15mm?

    Curiously enough, another Tim, a fellow here in SW Ontario, ran a Red Dawn themed game recently also set in northern AB. If you haven't seen the pics, they're at

    Probably a good thing for all of us that these games are hypothetical! :)

  2. I take it you meant to post this under Wargames Weekend 08 Part 5:Sunday?

    They are 20mm. I've been ditching my 15mm stuff - I, presonally, just don't have fun painting stuff that small any more. So anything that isn't a "complete force" with a complete opposing force I've gotten rid of - or will be getting rid of. 20mm and 28mm is all I'm going to work on in the future.

    That would be Fireman Tim! I am a regular follower of his blog! Thanks for the link though - there's some great pictures in there he didn't post on the blog!