Friday, February 22, 2008

Last Minute Additions

Some last minute additions to my modern forces on the morn of my first Wargaming Weekend (Click on pics below to see a bigger version):

A British Scorpion (Airfix) and an American HMMWV (I think it was from Corgi – I just repainted and based it…)

Additions to my Arsenal of Communist Aggression. The T-72 and T-80s are all Revell, the BTR-50 and BMPs are all ACE kits.

Now to clear off the table!


  1. Have a great wargaming weekend!

    May the dice roll your way...most of the time!


  2. That looks like the Matchbox HMMV which I have one of.

  3. Thanks Murdock!

    Mr. Corpses - Could be... They're probably all made in the same factory in China....

  4. Dont forget the CVR(T) Scorpion has been out of UK service since about 1993 when they were married up with the CVR(W)Fox turret to creat the Sabre.
    Good stuff tho,

    Tally Ho!

  5. Yes I am aware, thanks!

    Most of my "modern" sceanrios are nomincally set somewhere between 1986 and 1989 - towards the latter whenever up-armoured tanks and IFVs show up...

    The Scorpion will hopefully also see some action in the Falkalnds at some point!