Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DBA in December

For the first three Tuesdays of December I’ve had a pretty regular DBA night going on. On the seventh Gary showed up with his snazzy Vikings and Christian stopped by to hammer on them with my Vikings. On the fourteenth Rick and Jackson showed up and played a couple of Normans versus Anglo-Danish games. Finally , this past Tuesday, the twenty-first, Rick and Jackson and Simon (Jackson’s cousin) showed up and Rick and Jackson gave simon a bit of an introduction to wargaming!


I can’t even remember what happened… I’ll have to guess based on the photos… maybe Christian or Gary can post a comment clarifying the situation…?

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Gary’s Vikings. Gary was defending against the Norman invasion of Scandinavia. I think he might have even been using a Liedang army…? Yeah, it looks like there’s multiple bow AND a warband there – so it couldn’t have been a regular Viking army!

The devout Normans lead by Christian – come to convert their heathen cousins…

Gary actually asked to play against Normans because he’s curious to find a way for a Norse army to defeat (or at least survive) them. Here he’s tried to use terrain to funnel the Normans into a gap.

Did they play one or two games…? I can’t remember. There only seems to be one terrain set up, but maybe they played two quick games over the same terrain… or maybe I’m thinking of a night in November….? Ah well…

Whatever the case it seems Christian didn’t fall for it and tried to force his way around the flank and ride for the camp… or just kill all the flank pickets…

Norman Knights thundering around the flank – some of them veerig through woods no less!

Three down…

…and then they tried to take the camp.

Apparently that didn’t work so well as there’s at least three different pics here with that same stand of Norman Knights trying to ride into the Vikings’ camp.

…if at first you don’t succeed…


The next week Rick and Jackson showed up. Rick was also keen to try and figure out a way to defeat the power-house Normans and Jackson likes the Knighs and has no issues with handing crushing defeats to his dad time and time again while he tries to figure out new cagey stratagems.

Here are the Normans (played by Jackson) gathering speed to ride down the Anglo-Danish across the field. I think the Anglo-Danish were actually invading Normandy here…!? Must have been BEFORE they planted all those hedge-rows!

This was a very short game. The Norman line wheeled to meet the Anglo detatchemtn on the flank and utterly destroyed them. Game over.

In Game Two Rick got to defend and decided to try a river…

Jackson tried to force his way across the ford but was unable to get there firstest with the mostest…

It turned into a bit of a slog-fest.

Eventually the Anglos took down the Norman general and that was it… No crushing defeat for the Anglos this time! HUZZAH!


I didn’t take any pictures…

In game one Simon – who has never played any miniatures games before, chose to have DBA his first game (a sensible young fellow). He even chose DBA over Hordes of the Things! Who says the youth of today have no interest in history!? Not these lads!

Simon took the Normans this time and defended Normandy against some attacking Vikings. Must have been a large raiding party that got a bit cocky! It was short and nasty. Normans lined up. Vikings lined up opposite them. Normans galloped up and rode down the Vikings.

In game #2 Simon again took the Normans and for a second time tried to defend Normandy against another invasion of Vikings. These Vikings were a little cleverer, however, and employed cagey stratagems. I think a couple knights were lost due to unlucky rolls, a couple more were lost because, lacking any real knowledge of the rules – let alone “tactics”, Simon allowed a couple to be taken in the flank and destroyed… he seemed keen for more and as He and Jackson were off school for the Christmas break there were ready for more – but I was tired and gave them the punt!

I was hoping I might get some gaming in over the holidaze but it seems like most of the locals are doing stuff with family… Perhaps that might be another avenue for opponents – my own family! Amanda’s been known to play some Hordes of the Things and there is no convincing required to get the kids to come downstairs and play with “dad’s little men”… Also my friend John should be in town visiting from Calgary so hopefully I’ll be able to get a game or two in with him!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I finished up painting a Scorpion magistrate figure this evening – just have to finish the base and take a picture tomorrow. I have a LOT of Samurai and such on the workbench…

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