Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Gets HOTT in Winter…

It was just over a year ago that I started playing a LOT of Hordes of the Things. I had started playing DBA 19 years previous (though there has been a few LARGE gaps) and had owned both editions of HOTT, but I never really played it at all until last Xmas when JC was in town and decided to play a game.

It seems like it’s been a while since I played, but that’s just not true… up until November I was running a HOTT email campaign and was weekly playing out the battles and posting reports on this very blog…. Mind you a LOT of those games I didn’t actually PLAY in – I was mostly there as “provider-of-miniatures”, Games Master/Referee for others that came over and played the games, as well as chronicler….

Here are some brief reports of games played over the last couple weeks or so. I actually got to PLAY one of the games. Then I got to introduce my good friend John to HOTT (though Amanda played the opposition). Finally, last night Gary and Rick came over to play a game.


The first game saw the return of the infamous Mr. Miller (the OTHER Tim) to the War Room’s gaming table and we FINALLY played a 36-point game – which he has been at me to try for over half a year (ever since he HAD 36 army points worth of stuff to play with!)

The battle was a classic match-up Elves versus Goblinzes


The Forces of Timbaryll of the Elves
3x Magician
1x Blade General
2x Blade
6x Shooter
1x Knight
2x Rider

The Goblinsie Forces of Timmillur the Clean
1x Magician
2x Artillery
1x hero
2x Behemoth
1x Horde
1x Lurker
2x Beasts
2x Riders
1x Spear
1x Spear General


We played with d6+1 PIPs.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Elf Battle Line

The Goblinsie battle mob.

The first bold moves – The elf magicians surge forward and BLAST the Enemy Hero… HANG ON!!! Recoiled?! Heroes don’t RECOIL from Magicians!? Or was he proposely keeping it back out of their 600 pace range… Hmmmm that’s what happens when you write these reports a couple weeks after the fact!

Trying to flank the Magicians…

Magicians move forward as does the entire elf line.

Uh-oh – Those nasty spider-riders took out one of the elf magicians…

One backs the heck out of there, and the other tries to flank the magicians again…

Spider riders and Hero wrecking havoc on the flank!

A little tit for tat – One Elf archer and one spider Rider gone…

Elf mages playing a little game of “scare the trolls and make them run away and cry”

What’s with the Spider rider moving there…?

Ah, yes… shoot the archer with artillery so they recoil into the spider riders… I guess that’s what you have to do when you have cowardly gits for an army…

Wow that trolls got gumption! Trying to go toe-to-toe with an elfie magician!

BLAM! Dead troll…

Ah… we’ve seen this tactic before… I didn’t actually get a pic with the dead marker, but I don’t’ see the stand of blade in the next pictures so I’ll go ahead and assume that they were recoiled into the riders and died…

Those riders got their though…


Hmmmmmm that seems to be it for pictures… fo some reason I think Mr. Miller took out another magician and that was about it…

The 36-point game on the bigger playing area was kind of interesting… Seems like it’s just an excuse to play with more 3-4AP heavy hitters. With only one bonus PIP for and army 1.5x as big it certainly favours that kind of army. The triple wizard combo with six extra schmoe stands and only one extra PIP made the elves a little unwieldy… Ah well… It was interesting to try out and fun to actually PLAY with my own damn toys for once – rather than watching other people play with them…


The next game was on New Year’s day and, as I mentioned, I was introducing my friend John to the game. Amanda had tried to go out and see Avatar but couldn’t get in and so got back home just in time to play her army of “HOTTies” against a goblin horde played by John.


The Goblin Horde of John Khan
1x Warband General
4x Horde
1x Hero
1x Shooters
3x Riders
3x Beasts

The Sapphic League of Unity and Togetherness
1x Hero General
1x Magician
1x Rider
2x Shooter
2x Warband
3x Blade


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Orcs prepare to defend their homeland against the invadin’ wimmin folk.

The Sapphic League arrays for battle.

Amanda and her army

Ponderously the two sides advance.

…and a bit more…

Dum-de-dum… What the hell?! Was everybody rolling lots of ones for PIPs or was I a little triggerhappy on the opening moves... ?

Ah here we go – General Libby gets right into it and charges into action!! Okay so those wolves (Beast) are +4 vs. mounted and you are +5 for being all Heroic and stuff… +1 for being a General… but -2 for being mounted fighting opponents in the woods… and -1 for being flanked… so… They have +4 and you have +3. If their total is higher, you’re dead, game over…

BLAM! General Libby pulls it out of the fire!

Hang on… Why is that beastly frontal opponent recoiled? They should have been quick-killified by the (mounted!) Hero!!

Ah well, it was his first game… maybe she was taking it easy on him.

…and the wolves come back and once again General Libby’s in a back no-can-back-up situation…

Skeh-DOOSH! She blasts them off again (and again forgot that the wolves should be quick-killed by mounted…)

Some general re-deploying going on – getting the line of infantry moving forward and getting the General and magician out of some tight spots.

Whoop this could, once again, potentially be bad…

Maybe she was throwing the game here… Sometimes, when I’m introducing some one to a new game I let them win… It makes it more likely that they’ll want to come back and play again. I generally won’t totally throw the game… but... y’know I don’t exactly play all that hard

Amanda has no such compulsions… No mercy, no quarter – BLAM! Dead General, game over!

Truthfully Amanda was rocking the dice and John had a hard time rolling anything but a one… Must have something to do with being a Fallcon organizer…


Last night Gary popped by with his Vikings and a couple new Fantastic Elements to make them into a HOTT army… Rick also showed up and wanted to have a go with my Goblin all-mounted army…

One of Gary’s new elements was a stand of Valkyrie Fliers… WE’ve never used fliers before and so it caused us some brain injury trying to figure out how exactly they worked! I still don’t think Gary and Rick believe me that they do exert a zone-of-control when they’re flying.

The Army of Grick the Speedy
1x Hero General
1x Hero
5x Rider
3x Beasts

The Army of Sigary Snorrisen
2x Hero
1x Blade General
Xx Blade
2x Shooter
1x Flyer
1x Beasts


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The mounted horde rushes forth!

In … slooowww… Moooo… tion… (as rick rolls a series of ones while trying to redeploy his line… )


Gary also brought along some of his beautiful new terrain – including this swap!

The defenders of the kingdom take positions on the (STEEP) hill before the stronghold.

Still coming…

Almost there…

Hey, here’s those pretty valkyries…

GAH! Enough with the redeploying!? Get in there already!?

BLAM! Then all hell broke loose… There was all sorts of madness Blades fighting beasts (+3 vs, Mounted) on a steep hill (-2 for bad going, +1 for uphill) with side edge contact (-1 for overlap… total combat factor +1… ). It was all bad…

Look at this mess… In the last turn I think a total of 6 stands were lost (including a hero or two…?) maybe four of the Vikings and two of the Orcs... I don't know I was half asleep by that time...

Here’s what was left standing. The mounted hordes of Grick were victorious!

Well the fliers were interesting… I know we made some mistakes – like forgetting that they require an extra PIP to move!! I might have to paint up one or two of my own to try them out a bit more…

I also started to think about throwing in some other elements that we haven’t really tried much – dragons, gods, sneakers, airships, etc… I think we tried Dragons once or twice… I’ve never tried a gods, sneakers, or airships…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I feel like I’ve been doing a LOT of prepping – cleaning, basing, priming, organizing – and not so much painting lately… I need to do some PAINTING!

Next Week my other firned John is going to be hosting a game at his place – using some homebrew rules and his 40mm home-cast mid-nineteenth century “toy soldiers” – I’ve been totally looking forward to this for some time - so stay tuned for that!


  1. looking forward to the toy soldiers bit, something that interests me as well (then again, what doesn't;-)

  2. I recall playing HOTT way back in the mists of time.