Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Zombie Game

Because Keira didn’t get to play in the game on Finnegan’s birthday, and Amanda has yet to join us in any of our zombie games, I left the table set up and on Sunday we played the game again. This time each (Amanda, Finnegan, and Keira) took two of the teams and played the same scenario.

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Amanda and the kids discuss their strategy.

All set up and ready to go.

Once again the Firefighters (this time played by Amanda) turned out to be pretty hard chargers. They swept through the Super Pawn with the greatest of ease.

Amanda’s CDC Team shoots down two zombies in the street.

One of Finnegan’s Army fire teams takes down a couple more.

Keira, extremely pleased that one of her CDC teams cleared the flowershop – though they took two casualties in the process – one lightly wounded, the other seriously wounded.

This was a pretty shameful moment; a group of four zombies managed to take down Amanda’s CDC team of six!? Yikes!

The Firefighters charged out and finished them off, however.

One of Finnegan’s Army fire teams entered the Thrift Shop from the back alley and were wiped out by the zombies within – then reinforcements arrived and poured out into the street.

Finally Keira and Finnegan’s teams started working together – falling back in the street and taking out most of the horde with firearms before rushing in to kill the last bunch.

The last building was cleared on the final turn (of the 10 turn limit).

Quite different outcome from the game the day before - two teams (10 combatants) wiped out, plus two other injuries…. But good fun was had by all. That’s the important thing.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More zombies and survivors. 

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