Monday, January 28, 2013

Cold War British Infantry

Whenever new stuff arrives I always seem to drop everything else and paint some of the new stuff – part of the “Ooh, Shiny!” Complex I suppose… So here (following fast on the heels of the BTR-60s I posted earlier today) are some of the new Cold War British from Gripping Beast that arrived earlier this week…

I also repainted all FN furniture (fore and aft stocks) on all my Cold War British armed with the L1A1, as I’d been painting them a dark brown to look like wood (as they would have been originally issued). After having a long look at a number of pictures it seems to me that the original wooden stocks were replaced sometime in the 70s with black nylon.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The lot of them (the new ones, that is…).

Some Special Forces – SAS or Marine Arctic & Mountian Warfare Cadre. Some of them are just from regular infantry packs, but I ordered the knit cap head option to pass them off as SF.

Marines from NLP8901 – ready to defend the Falklands against the initial Argentine invasion.

Regular Infantry in steel helmets – to go with the rest of the Cold War Brits I have – and ready to see action anywhere from East Falkland to the Inter-German Border…

Adding them to the stuff I already have…

These are all the Cold War British Special Forces types I have. Some are from Mongrel Miniatures. I think I should have enough to play the Top Malo House scenario from the Force on Force main rule book… I just have to make a house and paint the argentines… I’ll have to make some substitutions – or assume certain kit is hidden away in the packs of those carrying them – as the scenario calls for a number of troopers armed with M79 grenade launchers and M72 LAWs.

All the Cold War British regular infantry I have… Pretty much enough for a leg infantry platoon – and then some! (I think). I’d need a couple more Carl Gs for a mechanized platoon (and some APCs!!). If I’m picking up some Carl Gs (form Mongrel), I’ll probably pick up a pack of SF-GPMGs and some Soviets… Then I just need a platoon of APCs… Saxons or FV432s?

Anybody out there know what the organization of a British Light infantry (or Para, or Marine) platoon would have been in the last 70s early 80s? Would the sections have been 8 or 10 (in theory). I’m sure I saw at some point (probably 20 years ago) a TO&E that indicated that a leg infantry section carried both a GPMG and an L4 Bren!? Can anyone confirm or deny that? Am I totally smoking crack or something?

I have a few spare guys with SMGs – perhaps for dismounted APC/Lorry drivers?

Some support weapons and Forward Observers.

I also have four Gurkhas I picked up ages ago, just for fun. The only real difference between these and the other infantry from Gripping Beast is these packs come with a Kukri knife to glue on to their belt somewhere - you can just make out one on the kneeling chap on the left.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I should have a post shortly about the kids first zombie figures.

After that..? Argentines? Some new terrain?

There’ll probably some new WW2 stuff painted up this week as we’re going to try out Bolt Action next weekend…


  1. Hi

    Having done Sandhurst in 1985 I am pretty sure that standard infantry section had a single gpmg. No bren guns - these were at this point used by echelon troops or dished out to RA for local defence. I also think, although it is getting a bit hazy, that the section was 10, GPMG plus loader and 8 rifles split into two half sections with a corporal in charge and a 2 ic of a lance corporal.

    BTW you would not have seen any smg's in a standard infantry section.

    Finally, yes Saxon or 432's - either were in use although as far as I recall the 432's tended to be kept out in Germany and troops on rotation in the UK would have the saxon.

    All the best

    Capt Andrew Fielden RA (Retd)