Friday, December 13, 2013

Women of Rokugan

I’ve started a new Savage Worlds/Legends of the Five Rings campaign. Four of the six players are female – and like to play female characters. Though I didn’t necessarily need these – as I have plenty of female minis to use – I took this as an opportunity to finish up a few new ones. All the figures here were produced for AEG/WOTC’s Legends of the Five Rings: Clan War game.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The bunch of them.

A Crane Clan Courtier

Dragon Clan Shugenja

Dragon Clan Warrior


Unicorn Clan Shugenja

Phoenix Clan Shugenja

Lion Clan Shugenja

In other news… I may have about a dozen people showing up for the 10th Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash/Winter Wargaming Weekend. I’m hoping I can count on at least two of them to show up with their own buntai, which means I’ll probably need to provide about ten. I can sort of cobble together one or two, maybe three at the moment. So I should have at least seven or eight more ready. The Wargaming Birthday Bash is just over 9 weeks away, so I’m kind of going to shoot for finishing up about one Buntai a week. ZOUNDS!

I also want to build some new ~3’x3’ battle boards and some Japanese (or at least “Generic Asian”) terrain – houses, walls, etc. 

I also have a few civilians for “protect the village” scenarios.

Good thing I’m a paintin’ fool.

In other other news...

I finally have a front entrance to my house...

...and a bed of my own to sleep in! There's still a lot of finishing details inside - like CLOSETS!? and we STILL NEED THE REST OF THE ROOF ON!? But things are slowly getting... well... slightly less CrAzY - on the renovation front!? 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have a few Lion Clan Samurai I’m just finishing up and should hopefully get in a game with them tomorrow.

After this next batch of painted figures there will be a bit of a lag between when I get them done and when I post them as part of the Fourth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge I am to allow curt to post stuff over on his blog first. 


  1. Nice figures. But you 2000mm terrain-making needs some additional attention... . Dude, it is freaking winter in Canada!

    1. It's not me putting that roof up! We've hired "professionals" to do that so I don't kill myself in the process. I have put metal roof up before, but I'm no professional and this has tricky valleys and stuff. The actual "professionals", however, aren't being terribly... well... "professional"...

      I should point out that there is plywood roof decking. There is and air-vapour barrier on top of that roof decking (effectively making it "waterproof" - except for where it is punctured by screws). And there is 8" of rigid insulation on top of that AVB. So in theory it is waterproof (but not totally) and insulated (to R-40), it's just that there is supposed to be metal roofing over top of all of that - shedding water and snow and protecting from the elements... but only half of it has been put up and it's looking like it will probably be January before any more work is done on it. The initial subcontractor has basically walked away from the job and the general contractor is going crazy trying to find someone else to do it without bankrupting him... and in the middle of this we are left wondering when it is ever going to get done...

    2. Oh, that so sucks, man. Glad you have a roof on! But metal is so tricky to handle, especially if you are attached to fingers!

  2. I'll bet it was meant to be all finished before the end of September, and all! I like those female figures - nice looking without going all weird with the raunch factor. Not that one minds a certain degree of raunch, we agree: it's just that you can have too much of a good thing. These figures look sensible, attractive, and playable with without feeling a bit creepy about it.

    1. Yes, it was all meant to be donelong, long ago... and why it hasn't is an equally long story... don't get me started...

      Yeah, there are far too many female minis in chainmail bikinis.... or in full plate - but with a deeply plunging neckline to show off cleavage!?

      College Humor nailed it:

      Female Armor Sucks

  3. is that a climbing wall I see in your bedroom? looking forward to seeing your Nippon stuff I have a load to paint in amid all the Colonial figures I am doing in the next three months

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, it's a climbing wall. We tore off our old roof and put a new, much higher one on (with new walls) which turned what was originally a half story/loft into pretty much a full second story with vaulted ceilings. When the walls went up I looked at it and said... "That could be a climbing wall!"

      Originally, based on the plans, I'd been thinking 12' hight bookshelves with a rolling ladder... but when I actually took in the immensity of the actual walls, climbing wall seemed more fun - and I can still build fairly big books shelves on the other walls!

      I haven't actually done much climbing on it yet as the crash pads haven't arrived (and there's still too much crap all over the room because the closets - which are to store said crap - have yet to be finished...)

  4. Beautiful, beautiful brush work as always, Tim. And that is some serious home improvement too. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks Dean.

      The house will be great... when it's all done... but right now it's pretty stressful - and has seriously cut into my mini painting/gamin' time!

  5. Nice sweet home...and amazing paintjob, these figures are stunning, clothes, colors and faces, all is perfect!