Friday, November 13, 2015

Imperial Guardsmen and Last of the English Civil War Horse

Well not the LAST last… I do still have one more batch of mounted to finish up at some point, but likely the last I’ll be finishing up for now. Interests are shifting and when that happens it becomes excruciatingly painful to stay focused on stuff I’m no longer interested in – no matter how much “sense” it makes to finish up the last few bits. It was hard enough to finish these – and I was only able to do so because they were half done. The others will have to wait until I catch the ECW bug again.

In addition to the three elements of Horse I have another 10 elements (80 figures) of Pike, 8 elements (48 figures) shot, and a gun and crew of four… I do have a few more Scottish horse inbound – which I may get to painting when they arrive (because new and shiny stuff is always fun to paint).

I have a feeling I’ll be moving onto the Seven Years War for a spell as we are reaching that area of history in the books I’m reading with the kids. So expect some colourful men with muskets in the not too distant future.

I was also inspired by Millsy’s Mad Mega-post of the Astra Militarum’s Military Might and dug out a few of my own Catachan figures to finish up.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

English Civil War Horse – figures from Old Glory.

These are a few old Cobalt 1 figures I picked up from Black Hat Miniatures a while back. I thought they might work for player characters in a Rogue Trader game.

These are some really old GW Imperial guard (well… some of them may have been “pirates”…?) that I thought I’d use as “veterans” in my Imperial Guard companies.

Here, with some previously painted figures of similar vintage, is a complete veteran squad. Dang, I was sure I had ten of them for a full squad…. I must have missed someone!?

I can just imagine the Lascannon gunner tellin’ stories “You young pups have it easy, back in the day we didn’t haul our lascanons around on wheeled carriages – or grav sleds like those sissy Eldar – no sir! We humped them around and fired them from the hip like the badass muthas that we were!”

Proxy Catachan type… not sure where he cam from? I want to say Kryomek…? But I don’t know for sure…

Some more assorted Catachan types… all Games Workshop figures.

For the Catachan-type imperial guard  I have a company command, one complete platoon (Platoon HQ plus three squads), a couple special weapon teams (snipers, demolitions), an second (understrength) “proxy” (I-Kor Void figures) platoon (Platoon HQ plus two squads), a veteran section (above), a Sentinel walker, and two Abhuman squads (Ogryn and Ratling). I think pictures of most of them are posted on my 28mm Sci-Fi Gallery. Still to do is a third complete (Platoon HQ plus three squads), a couple more figures to make another special weapons team (probably plasma and melta guns – for up close and personal tank destruction!) and possibly another Sentinel walker…? Which isn’t much, in the grand scheme of things, so I’m feeling like I should just finish those up! Not sure if it’s a viable force in 40K… but it’s what I have collected up, so… just have to make due.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I’ll likely shift focus and start painting some Seven Years War stuff and very likely some more 40K stuff! 


  1. LOL. Good to see I got some revenge for all the inspiration you've inflicted on me over the years mate! Your Catachans are very different to mine and I love them. Just goes to show how much variation you can get from a figure which is one of the things I genuinely enjoy from our hobby.

    The ECW horse are marvellous yet again. Your painting style really works well for this period I think. You might be getting close to the size of another of my crazy mega-projects with those I suspect?

    1. Thanks Millsy! I think that's why so many are drawn to sci-fi and fantasy - the latitude they have to be creative and interpret things in their own way...

      SWEET JUPITER! That's an amazing looking army! Close? Not even! If (when?) if ever get to finishing up the rest I still have to do I'd still be 50 foot shy and about 20 horse...

      Of course if you counted all the individually based figures I have far the period as well... AND I finished up the Highlanders... then yeah... that might be close... But that's not going to happen any time soon.

      I will probably finish up the Ctachans in the next week or two - and have another force completed (for now)!

  2. Your ECW stuff looks stunning - hats off to you :)

  3. Hi Tim, Great stuff, i especially love the ECW Cavalry!

    1. Thanks Mark! I am also pleased with how they turned out...

  4. Hi Tim!
    I don't visit your blog as much as I should but I always like what I see. A great mix of eclectic figures. Seeing well painted ECW figs like these always makes me want to jump into the period. Whoa Nelly! I like the colour of the two SF minis and the cammo work on the Guardsman is first rate.
    Bravo sir!

  5. More handsome additions to your ECW project, Tim!
    I do like them and look forward to seeing them on the gaming table again soon.

    1. Thanks Jonathan!

      I do hope to try out OHW with these guys this week - though one side will have less cavalry than the other...

  6. Great looking figs, the ECW cavalry are my favourites, bit disappointed your time line is dragging you into the 18th century but I understand I'll just have to look out for tricorn , wigs and lace
    best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain

      The first of the 18th century stuff I have on the workbench are Rangers... so there's not-so-much of the tricorns, wigs, or lace on them...