Sunday, August 27, 2017

40K Harlequins

Below are some of the oldest painted figures I still have - with their original paint jobs. Others from the same era (or earlier) I purged years ago, or have stripped and repainted. yet somehow these Harlequins have remained.... I have recently repainted the bases and added some tufts of this and that to bring the bases up to a more modern standard, but the paint jobs are original (and over 15 years old!)

Conveniently The Girl also has some Eldar (or Aeldari, as they seem to be called now?) and she bought the new 8th Edition Index: Xenos 1 - so I've been able to figure out how to organize these guys as a force that could be played with the current edition of 40K.

I apologize for the not awesome photos - I'm trying to figure out both a new camera and a new photo editing program.

The entire force.

I worked it out to a Power Level of 37 and it could be fielded as a "Battle Forged" Vanguard Detachment of about 660 points. If I could track down minis for another two troupes I could field it as a Battalion Detachment for a few more Command Points and a force closer to 900 points... but it is unlikely I'm going to do that any time soon!

Leading the Troupe is the Troupe Master - armed with a Shuriken Pistol, Power Sword, and Prismatic Grenades. He also has a Flip Belt and a Holo-suit (are are all the Harelquins in this force). Power Level 4 - 64 points - HQ

Next is the Shadowseer - a powerful psyker - This fellow is supposed to be armed with a Shrunken Pistol, Halucinogen Grenade Launcher, and a Miststave....? Well... we'll just PRETEND he is! Power Level 7 - 134 Points - HQ

The Solitaire stalks the battlefield alone with his Harlequin's Kiss and Harlequin's Caress... (the figure is actually carrying a Kiss and a Neuro Disruptor... but that apparently isn't allowed with the rules anymore, so we'll just call it a Harlequin's Caress...). Power Level 6 - 114 points - Elite

Three Death Jesters provide some heavier firepower for the Troupe. These are three separate Character models that rove around the battlefield laying down pain. They are armed with Shrieker Cannons. Power Level 4 per model (12 total) - 75 points each (225 Total) - Elites

Finally the Troupe. Most are armed with a Shrunken Pistol and a Harlequin's Blade. One has a Fusion Pistol and a Harlequin's Kiss, another is sporting a power fist - which aren't allowed anymore so I called it a Harlequin's Embrace as it was close to the power fists stats... Power Level 8 - 123 points - Troop.

Looking at these photos, I probably could have touched up a few of the figures... ah, well..

Will we see these guys in action any time soon...? I have no idea.

In Other News... 

I have a couple of RPGaDay 2017 Questions to catch up on...

Question #26


I really liked some of the Savage Worlds Toolkits that just had loads and loads of sample npcs. Like the Pulp GMs Toolkit or the Science Fiction Bestiary Toolkit. 

Also all the old GURPS 2nd/3rd Edition setting books were amazing – I still use them for reference even though I haven’t ran GURPS in over a decade. I actually bought GURPS: ROME when I was thinking I’d run Cthulhu Invictus a while back – just as an extra resource, because I know they are always so well researched.

Question #27


Ummmm...? Good Players?

Seriously, without at least a couple of good players who are really into it, it's just not going to be a fun game.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Michał!

      Not bad for Teenage Tim...

  2. That is some seriously cool, brushwork, Tim!

  3. Nice and colorful. Very cool. Harlies are so fun.

    Love the color on the bases too. Nice touch.

  4. Great looking figures, you couldn't strip them! Well done teenage Tim! I've been using figures from the early 80s in frostgrave I painted when I was a teenage, part of me wants to touch them up just a little bit, but I think I'll keep them rather than obliterating teenage me's work!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain.

      The one's I have stripped were usually earlier ones that were utterly horrid - and often had many layers of paint - as I would repaint each mini as I got better adding more and more layers of paint!?

  5. Definitely the old school stuff Tim! Never forgotten those bow legged stances! Were they painted those with Humbrol & Testors oil based to have survived so long?

    1. Thanks Terry!

      I'm not sure exactly what paints were used - I know at the time I was using something called Polly S Foquil? I think that what it was called. there may have been some Ral Partha paints...? Or Armoury paints? Then I sprayed the whole mess over with this super hard clear gloss spray paint I got from a hardware store! (I figured Shiny would work with Eldar! Especially Harlequins!)

  6. Don't strip them...they are great as they are.

    1. Thanks John! Wasn't planning to strip these! I might - if ever I feel I have too much time on my hands and nothing to do (so... probably never) I might touch. up a few bits where the paint has chipped. Other than that - they shall stay as they are!