Thursday, August 24, 2017

RPGaDay 2017 #25

Okay, I missed the 24th, but the question didn't really apply to me (it was: Share a PWYW publisher who should be charging more? and I don't think I've ever BOUGHT any PWYW items, so....)

RPGaDay 2017 Question #25


Root Beer? (Or other BRIBES!) Actually not root beer - I used to offer bonus bennies to anyone that brought me a good bottle of Root Beer back when we were playing Savage Worlds regularly. Stuff like Real Brew or Santa Cruz or Virgils... I drank so much root beer that I’m totally sick of it and don’t really drink it at all anymore. 
Actually, I think the best way to show your appreciation for your GM is SHOWING UP!! Nothing is more disheartening for me, as a GM, to spend a week (or weekS) crafting a fantastic epic adventure for a group that is challenging and fun and makes use of all the special talents of each member of the group… and then have more than half of the party not even show up… 
(and maybe bring some dice and your own damned PENCIL AND ERASER!?) 
But gifts and bribes are perfectly acceptable as well.... 
(hint, hint, hint!)

In Other News....
Most of the Astoropolis minis got based over the last day or so... not to get painting them! Or... not... perhaps I should really get working on the JET BIKES! ToonCon is just over a month away! (I could paint some of the Astropolis figures to use as spectators - which occasionally spill out onto the field!

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