Saturday, November 4, 2017

Second Squad, First Platoon

I finished up a second Infantry Squad for my Tallarn Desert Raider force.

Second Squad, First Platoon.

The force grows steadily.

In other news, I've arranged to trade a bunch of Cadian Imperial Guardsmen to a guy in the local league who has an Ork Battleforce - still in shrink-wrap - that I'm going to pass along to Finnegan who will, in turn, buy me a couple of tanks...

Not sure what I'm going to paint up next... Another Infantry Squad? Finish off a squad of Roughriders? I have both on my paint table....


  1. Nice, especially the missile launcher, so your not doing Cadians as well? I'm shocked and surprised!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks!

      Nah, I don't need a THIRD guard army... I'm keeping a few metal ones - advisors, old Rogue Trader era guard that I could use as veterans, etc. If I did do a third guard army they would be Valhallans. Perhaps this is why I'm getting rid of the Cadians - because FOUR guard army would be even MORE ridiculous!