Sunday, June 10, 2018

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire - Sepulchral Guard

I picked up Orphan Black Season Five from the library on Friday and, as everyone's been kind of sick and not really feeling up to doing anything, Amanda and I watched the entire series Friday night and Saturday... It was pretty okay...

WHILE watching it, I finished off this set of Sepulchral Guard for my friend John.

The Sepulchral Guard miniatures are from Games Workshop and are for the game Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. I haven't actually played it, and thus know nothing about the game really, other than it's a fantasy skimrish-y game and there are cards involved...

The minis are really nice - multipart and very dynamic.

The weapons and armour and other equipment on these looked pretty beat up - so I tried to accentuate the look by making all the arms and armour very rusty looking and the cloth grey - as whatever dyes that might have been in the had long since faded - and soiled and stained.

I have also been working on another war band for John -  the orcs. (Ironskull's Boyz). They're about half done. Hopefully I'll get to finish them up before I get too distracted by the Knights I just picked up...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hard to say... could be the Ironskull's Boyz warband for Shadespire...

Could be some Imperial Knights (eh... probably not... I'm very conflicted as to how I'm going to build and paint them... they could take a while... or maybe I'll have a flash of inspiration and they'll be done by Wednesday...)

Could be another unit for Rebels and Patriots... I have some British Napoleonic Rifles that have made their way onto the painting table and I worked on them over the last couple episodes of Orphan Black..


  1. Well done! Nicely painted to look rather sepulchural. Are they plastic? I'm not a fan of multi-part minis, simply because I find them often to be too fiddly. Little bits that are difficult to pin when they are most in need of pinning (especially when the area where they join is very small), or pieces that don't fit well so you have to fill them in (and then try to replicate various textures!), or they come apart too easily at the drop of a mini. The best ones come together more easily and with stronger joins - some of the Reaper bones minis have good "keys" and "keyholes", and the Iron Mask dwarf musketeers usually have enough of a join for heads and hands (enough of a sort of ball and socket join with a good amount of surface area to glue).

    That aside, these skellies look very good.

    1. Cheers!

      These are plastic, but most (if not all?) are in two pieces, which easily fit together with tabs and slots (or Keys and Keyholes) that make them almost impossible to not put together right. Of the four sets I've assembled there was only one that didn't fit together quite right and I had to use a bit of Green Stuff to fill a couple little gaps.

    2. I agree some plastic kits are infuriatingly difficult to put together - especially some of the GW kits where you have to glue both arms to the torso at the same time so you can properly fit the left/supporting arm to the hand that's attached to the rifle... But with these newer miniature GWs gotten a lot better at idiot-proofing them. You give up a bit in not being able to pose them - to some degree - like the old multi-part kits, but these are so dynamic anyway... it doesn't really matter that much...?

  2. They look excellent Tim. You caught the rusty gear nicely!