Thursday, January 3, 2019

Blackstone Fortress: Ur-Ghuls

I finished up the first four (out of FORTY FOUR!) miniatures from the Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress box.

(And they were the easiest ones, at that!).

I partly did these ones to experiment with how I wanted to do the bases. I spent an inordinate amount of time cutting jagged little triangle out of plasticard and layering them up on the bases - to make it look like an uneven floor covered with shattered bits of the fortress - but then I painted the whole mess black and also added a small amount of gravel (which was painted purple and blue) and then painted some light blue and violet lines on triangle plasticard bits on the bases - to try and match the game boards... Now I'm not really sure the layered plasticard is even going to be noticed...

Ah, well... maybe I'll be able to simplify the process, if they're not going to be noticeable anyway!

Ur-Ghul - from Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress by Games Workshop.

These are denizens of the Blackstone Fortress - they have no eyes and hunt by small and sound! the Drukhari also make use of them.

Perhaps I'll work on one of the heroes next... then another of the villains....?

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Lots of stuff on the workbench at the moment - all the Blackstone Fortress minis, a squad of Tallarn Mortar teams, a Grey Knight Strike Squad and Castellan Crowe, and other odd and assorted minis - mostly imperial things (and maybe a couple Eldar)

Haven't even started prepping the Reaver Titan, but it's high on my agenda.


  1. 1/11th done! Doing one group of baddies, one hero seems like a good way to work through the box.

    And the triangles look great, but could you paint them on instead?

    1. Yeah! 9%! Woo!


      The triangles that you can see are painted on - on top of triangular and jagged pieces of plasticard. I think for future bases I won't bother layering them up. I will still put a chunk of plasticard on the base - to paint triangles on to - because the plain base is too bumpy - I like that the plasticard is nice and smooth.

  2. They look great. Maybe to make the basing easier try painting the triangles with a fine brush.

    1. Thanks, yeah that is definitely the way to go. Good think I practiced on some mooks. Maybe I should work on the Traitor guardsmen next to make sure I got a system down before I start painting any of the heroes or the serious baddies.

    2. Yep, knock the mooks out first before the characters.

  3. Great looking projects for 2019, Tim!

  4. Replies
    1. They are kind of, aren't they. The rest of the antagonists in the box seem a bit more mundane - traitor guardsmen and chaos marines and batsmen - you kind of know to expect some ultravilonce from them, but not really creepy... even the rogue psykers are kind of like "well yeah, they're kind of deformed and they might make our heads explode... but that's kind of par for the course in the 41st millennium..."

      I would have hoped for a few more otherworldly-creepy-alien-types in the box. I also picked up the novel and have been making my way through it. Nearly the first half is spent in Precipice (a bodged together space station/way point for those thaw make expeditions to plunder the Blackstone Fortress), trying to put together the ultimate crew to go after the "Ascuris Vault" and there is lots of discussion of previous expeditions and all the strange, never-seen-before monsters that inhabit the place (they even mentioned Ambul Hulk - if anyone remembers those).Seems it would have been a great opportunity to make up a whole bunch of new, bizarre space aliens... but instead we got a pile of traitor guardsmen... Ah well... should still be fun. And they have mentioned that there will be expansions - perhaps then we'll see a plastic Ambul Hulk!?


  5. Excellent work on those Tim! I know your painting skills...had I tried it, I would have gotten a bunch of trapezoids & been scratching my head as to where the extra side had come from! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your Blackstone Fortress stuff!


  6. Huh... just yesterday I was lamenting, in response to Michael's comment, on the lack of creepy creatures and wondered why they hadn't included an Ambul Hulk - like the ones mentioned in the novel Blackstone fortress - and wondered if we'd see a plastic Ambul hulk in an expansion...

    Ask and ye shall receive...

    I'm less excited about the Kill Team releases... I already have a lot of STC Ryza-Pattern ruins... I don't know... and Arena is just a board with doors and crates (have lots already) and close-in fighting rules (like already presented in Rogue Trader...). And where are the ELDAR teams!? Why are they releasing new Mechanicus and Genestealer Cult Kill Team sets when they already released some with the core set and they haven't yet released teams for the some of the other factions!?

    This is probably a good thing - that I'm disappointed with the upcoming Kill Team releases.... I won't feel compelled to pick them up and can focus on painting some of the stuff I already have!

    Well... maybe I'll get that "Dreaded Ambul"!

  7. These are great, and both the figs and the bases really match the board well - you've picked a colour palette that is ideal for the board! But... I would like to see them on a more regular background, just to get a better sense of the colours. They blend in too well!

    1. Thanks, man. Well the Drukhari make use of Ur-Ghuls... perhaps Amanda will use them in a game of 40K you'll see them in a game report...?

  8. Nice monsters! Painting the triangles make sense especially if it cuts out a process.
    Best Iain