Monday, February 25, 2019

Leonem Caeruleum - Reaver Battle Titan

++[exloaded from] Ilyan Curtis, First princeps Legio Amare Feles,
 (101000101011101, code compression ghe)
 [supplementary data modules collated, Stream 5] [begins]
The fleet stands ready at Xoxigar Secondus. The call of the Warmaster has been heard.
 The enemy has chosen to make it's stand on Malice. The situation is in extremis.
 The engines will walk.++

I've finished up Leonem Caeruleum - my Reaver Battle Titan - with less than a week to go before the Battle of the Apocalypse - Armageddon Event!

The model is an old Armourcast Reaver Titan.

Though, from the packaging, this one actually says it was made by Forge World? Perhaps when Forge World started up they took over all the old Armourcast moulds...?

Sticking with the "Cat" theme I tried to make this one look a little like a Lion - with a stylized mane on the carapace.

Leonem Caeruleum joins it's mates in the Eritque Arcus Maniple; Tigris Viridi and Pardus Purpura.

With a Shadowsword Super Heavy Tank, three Leman Russ tanks, a Sentinel, five roughriders, and a pile of infantry for scale.

The Eritque Arcus Maniple is all that remains of the once mighty Legio Amare Feles - stationed on the Forge World Xoxigar Secondus.

Leonem Caeruleum is crewed by First Princeps Ilyan Curtis and two Moderati; Moderati Petrus Hook (Steersman) and Moderati Bernhardt Sumner (Sensors, Communications, Weapons) and two Tech Priests Mor-15 and Gi-16-ERT.

Together the force looks like this:

Adeptus Titanicus Superheavy Detachment

1x Reaver Titan
-with Apocalypse Missile Launcher, Dual turbo Laser, Titanic Inferno Gun, Titanic Stride
120 Power Level - 4000 Points

2x Warhound Scout Titans
-each with Dual turbo Laser, Titan Vulcan Mega-Bolter, Titanic Stride
@75 Power Level/2000 points = 150 Power Level/4000 points

Total: 270 Power Level/8000 points, +1 Command Point.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I'll probably have a round-up of the games we've played over the month later this week, followed by a report of the Battle of the Abyss: 40K Apocalypse Event later on the weekend.


  1. Very colourful and impactive. Are you pleased with the finished product?

    1. Thanks Phil!

      I'm... relatively... pleased....?

      It's a big thing and it's done and I can move on to other things... any issues I have with it are minor in comparison to the relief of it being done! I even get to play with them this weekend! Woo!!

  2. Looks brilliant to me. Excellent paint work, cool color scheme and "mane".

    1. Thanks! I was really pleased with how the "mane" turned out

      I guess the one little complaint I have is the insignia I've gone and painted on all of their right legs. The cat is not quite centred in any of them and The heart shape is all woobly-bobbly... But it's not so big of a thing that I'm going to bother trying to repaint any - because it would be a paint in the ass trying to match all the paints (as it's a transition area).

  3. Loving the colours. And that purple mane!

  4. Great looking Titan! Great looking trio of Titan's!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain! Now to get that trio on the table!! (and probably watch them die...)

  5. The mane is great! And the shot with the other titans and the superheavy really puts it in perspective... this is one big hunk of resin!

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, they are BIG models! The crazy thing is - the newer Forge World models are even BIGGER! I head there a couple other Warhounds in town (the newer ones) that should be coming out to the Apocalypse event - as well as a guy from out of town that's supposedly bringing a WARLORD titan - those should be cool to see - I hope to get some side-by-side comparison pics!

  6. Ooooh...a classic! Well done Tim. Congrats on getting that together so nicely, excellent painting!

    1. Thanks Greg!

      The more I look at it the more I feel it needs more insignia or something. maybe I'll add some banners at some point - hanging from the weapons and/or crotch. For now, I'm happy with it!

    2. I think that's quite enough crotch-related modding for you for one year young man! I think you'd better go have a cold shower and a lie down! Reflect instead on the crotch of the Omnissiah - eternal, shiny, and chrome.

    3. Mmmmmmm.... shiny.... chrome....


      [ideas formulating]