Sunday, June 16, 2019

Necromunda - ALL IN!

In the category of "Other Things Distracting Me From Completing Thirty Wyches By Next Saturday"...

I've been thinking about picking up the new Necromunda since it came out a year and a half ago.  I think I figured, at the time, "Nah... I've got Shadow War: Armageddon..." and it was only available in the box with the two gangs... I thought of getting it (and two more gangs) at Xmas for the whole family to play (though they didn't even have all the gangs out at that time)... but I'd just bought a skipload of Tallarn and wanted to focus on 40K... I thought maybe I'd wait until they collected them into separate books... and then there was Kill Team...

Then they finally collected the rules into hardcover books and I got all excited about it again, but I was busy with Kill Team and getting fired up about Wrath & Glory... And then I started buying up old metal Necromunda figures FOR Wrath & Glory... And then someone on the local 40K forum said "Hey! Is anyone playing Necromuda locally? Is anyone interested?" and a whole bunch of dudes were like "I'M IN!"

I went in to my FLGS (Dragon's Den Games) that weekend - which happened to be International Tabletop Day - and they had a storewide 20% off sale going on - and was prepared to just BUY IT ALL!!! But it was all gone - all those guys had come in and bought up all the rulebooks and most of the other stuff!

Well, I figured they'd restock it soon enough and in a couple weeks it would be Free RPG Day and they usually have a bit of a sale for that too!

So I went in yesterday - and they're restocked the Necromunda - but Free RPG Day was cancelled!?

(Well, at least in Saskatoon... short version of long story: They'd ordered boxes of the stuff like they usually do, but then their distributor didn't send any - apparently their shipment showed up "damaged". They guys at the Den phoned around to all their other distributors and no one else had any.... It was like Xmas being cancelled. My kids had been really looking forward to it - Finnegan for the Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure and Keira for the Dungeons and Doggies and the Kids on Bikes adventures... and they didn't even have a sale going on....).

(Al, blessed soul that he is, gave me a bit of a deal on these anyway... FLGS-FTW!)

So I've been trying to avoid reading these all weekend and failing miserably. It looks so good! The campaign system looks VERY promising. I'm super pumped to get a campaign going! As there is no ToonCon this fall, I'd been toying with the idea of running a miniature gaming weekend in the fall - probably Kill Team. but now I'm thinking it will probably be Necromunda!

I have a Delaque gang ready to go - whenever those other guys get their gangs painted - and enough Cawdor figures for a pretty sizeable gang when I get to painting those. I also have the beginnings of Esher, Orlock, and VanSaar gangs... and I just spent a LOT of money ordering more on eBay this past weekend... It's too bad they don't have rules for Redemptionists and Ratskins and Karloth Valois and his undead horde. But, if I'm running a campaign as an Arbitrator (like the GM for the campaign) there's no reason I couldn't come up with my own damned rules/stats for them and run some arbitrated-narrative-adventures-scenarios! Oh yeah, this is going to be good!

I'm already planning some new terrain tiles, too - along the lines of the Cavern Tiles I made a year or so ago. In fact, I'll be making them fully integratabtle with the Cavern Tiles - so I can use the cavern tiles as collapsed parts of the deep Underhive - or even deep, dark, dangerous parts of the Sump - below the very foundations of the Hive - where no one with any sense dares to go!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Drukhari Wyches...

No, really...

I'm just about done the first batch, and after tomorrow's portfolio review with the homeschoolification coordinator, I have very little to do for the rest of the week and will hide in the basement and get the rest FINISHED!!!

(After that, though... expect some Underhive Gangs!!)


  1. I though my willpower was weak !!!! A nice haul never the less.

    1. Ha!

      Is it "weakness"...? Or is it a "SOLID PLAN FOR SERIOUS FUN"!?

      (I will get those Drukhari Wyches done - even with these staring me down!)

  2. This is not really a great surprise! Sounds like lots of fun and always good to have something to motivate painting! Best it's going to be tough to finish the dark Eldar with all that winking at you!
    Best Iain

    1. Yeah...

      What WOULD be surprising at this point?

  3. Nice to see your willpower is about as strong as mine...yes I hear the voice. I keep hoping they re-do those guys with the ratskins too. I've picked up most everything for the new Necromunda, but with Frostgrave still being my main focus, its been set aside for the moment.

    1. Why am I not surprised you have EVERYTHING for this!? It's cool that you still have Frostgrave going on! John's been making noise about playing again. He's probably waiting on me finishing up the war band he gave me to paint.

  4. Hurrah for Necromunda! But are you not supposed to be painting?