Monday, October 14, 2019

Rescue Mission - Bronze Gates Campaign

On Monday I'd originally planned to run a larger 3-player game (one of the scenarios I'd originally planned for the Necromunda Game Weekend). But then Amanda was keen to play a Rescue Mission to retrieve the ganger she'd lost to me in the previous evening's game before that... I Thought maybe we'd get that done quickly - maybe even before the kids got home - and still have time to play a larger game afterwards. We didn't get started with that until well after noon and by the time we were done it was supper time and no one was interested in playing games after supper - Keira is sick with a cold and Amanda had work to do on a costume she's supposed to bring along to dance class tomorrow evening... so... here I am writing up the final game reports... Maybe next weekend...

As always I did petition the house for aid and... they send me ANOTHER Juve... I had REALLY hoped it would be an arms shipment and I could pick up a bunch of equipment for the Champion I was hoping to hire after this game... then I had to spend some of that money to tool up this stupid kid that wants to play at being a ganger...

I pretty much knew this was going to go poorly for me. I had a starting crew of five - despite the home turf advantage (rolling two dice for bottle tests and discarding the highest. A pair of anything higher that five means I bottle after taking only ONE injury, and it would just get worse after that. I did get reinforcements... but only two. Amanda, on the other hand, had TEN fighters trying to take back their captured ganger.

Amanda sorting out where her gangers were going to go.

Initial deployment of my gang. The sentry rules are kind of interesting. cards are drawn randomly whenever it is my turn to activate someone, we then roll and then the highest roller gets to move them and at the end of the move they can attempt to spot one of the sneaky infiltrators (on a tie, the sentry moves in a random direction). More often than not, Amanda would win that roll and sent my gangers off into the open facing the corner which none of her gangers were entering from!  

Before the first turn, she had a card that allowed a few of her gangers to take a full move, so a bunch of them started very close to a few of my gangers!

Two of them started down a hall beyond some locked blast doors - they'd have to bypass them and Escher gangers aren't known for their smarts - so I felt pretty secure that this pair wouldn't get TOO far TOO fast!

Her champion and a ganger lurk down another corridor, hoping the sentry at the end of it would turn away...

Three Juves sneaking in through some wrecked walls.

Another ganger carfully sneaking past the Promethium stash - no lho sticks!

once a few of the sentries were looking the other way, her leader "Mad" Donna charged the closest sentry hoping to take him out before he could act and raise the alarm...

Apparently taking out a dude with a freaking CHAINSWORD doesn't make THAT much noise!?

Another ganger stepped out and took a shot at one of mine with a lasgun. She tried to play a tactics card called "look away" - if a sentry spotted an infiltrator the card meant they would simply turn away and not be seen... she'd misunderstood the sentry rules... shooting at someone doesn't just meant they SPOT you... it RAISES THE ALARM!

So... Alarm raised on round one... She still had a significant advantage in numbers and most of my gangers were totally in the open now... and they STILL didn't get activation counters until next turn and she still had gangers to activate!

And activate them she did! Paula moved up and took a shot at Mutatio, pinning him.

At the end of the turn, as the alarm had been raised, my reinforcements arrived - my gang leader Atrifex, and the new Juve he was showing the ropes to (Neo47231)

To avoid getting shot in the back by my leader and his protege, Kat H. and Jo N. charged around Mutatio's little barricade and assaulted him... somehow he managed to survive Kat's Attacks...

AND Jo's attacks!

Artifex and Neo47231 follow them up the corridor.

Rotis chucked a smoke grenade out into the open to give the Delaque Gangers some cover - they can see right through smoke with their photogoggles - so Neo65395 ran out into the smoke thinking no one would be able to see him there while blazing away at a couple of the Escher gangers... he pinned one... and then got blasted by "Mad" Donna's plasma pistol... yeah... kind of forgot SHE has photogoggles too!

The following turn Artifex Joined in the Melee. Rutubulum had run up and tried shooting into it eh previous turn, missing all involved (ore maybe he his Jo N...? and she got a Flesh Wound...? I can't remember now...) and then got Shot by Paula's shotgun.

Kat sliced up Mutatio, and then, as she was no longer engaged, Rutabulum stood up and shot her again, pinning her. Paula took another shot at Rutubulum hitting and pinning him and knocking him into the Sludge Vat (where he found something floating in there worth 4 credits!? so weird...)

With Rutubulum out of the way, the three Escher Juves sprinted across the open to the captive! None had an action left to try and free her, but collectively they SHOULD have had no trouble doing so. Also, Tina and Dee had made it through the first blast door and were just on the other side of the second one - if they could get it open, they'd all have a quick short path off the table!

And then my gang bottled... and I used a Delaque Tactic card to make them all just Vanish...

So... lost another game... and two more reputation (so... I'm at -4 now...). All three of my gangers that were taken out of action (Orraculum, Mutation, and Neo65395) were previously injured and ill miss the next game... at least it wasn't a critical injury - or a permanent injury - or superdeadness!

I did get to collect income again and brought in another cool 100 credits! I will totally be bringing in a new Champion next game! One of my gangers was also up to 6 XP and got to take an advance (increased Cool)...

Amanda's gang is now at 9 Reputation. One more and she can hire a second hanger-on! She hired two new gangers after the game...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Well... what now?

So much of the last four or five months has been focused on getting ready for this past weekend... that didn't really end up happening... what do I do now?

According to the PLAN I was to spend a couple weeks finishing off a few Necromunda projects (last of the Escher Gangers, Orlocks and Van Saar  gangs, and a handful of others...) but that kind of assumed I'd have finished up the Ratskins and Zombies and John's Vermyn last week... which I didn't, because I ran out of steam and interest when pretty much everyone bailed!

Do I try to finish off the rest of the Necromunda stuff over the next four weeks and then start in on the Hellboy stuff as planned... do I take an extra week or two to finish up the Necromunda stuff in hopes of running a new campaign in the new year (and a narrative campaign weekend in February) or do I say Fü¢kit and just move on to bellboy, because no one is really all that interested in playing Necromunda anyway...?

Either way, I should have a painting update in a day or two... I have a few things I've finished and haven't posted yet, and I'm sure I'll finish up a few more things...

I do hope I'll at least be able to convince the family to play a few more games of necromunda and bring our Bronze Gates Campaign to a reasonable conclusion... (Instead of just letting it fizzle out!).


  1. That's some colourful terrain you have there Tim!

    1. Thanks Ray! It's been really fun making all of it - unleashing my inner vandal to graffiti up all those walls!

  2. Game and photos are superb! Don't know how you manage to get so much gaming in. I can barely handle one or two games per month.

    1. Thanks Jonathan! Playing games is kind of "the thing I do"...? Perhaps it's a flawed coping mechanism for dealing with a world I'm finding more and more I just don't want to be a part of. Maybe I should just stop listening to the news instead. I'd probably be a lot happier.

    2. I should probably clarify that.. by "don't want to be a part of" I don't mean I'm harbouring any suicidal thoughts or anything - I just don't want to pay attention to or participate in so much that is going on these days. I just want to hide in my house and ignore it all! Maybe it's the Canadian election campaign... At least that will be over in a week.

  3. Thanks for posting all of these recaps! It is always fun to play along with you and see all the cool models (even if your die rolls inevitably kill them)

    Maybe you should split the difference and do some Necromunda to finish things off, and then you will be in a good place for any new years Neu-cromunda.

    And very envious of the short Canadian election cycle... ours looks like a brutal slog until November 2020.

    1. Ha! There was a great John Oliver segment about the previous Canadian election where he quoted some news media outlet in Canada referring to is as a "Gruelling 78-day campaign" and Oliver says something like "thinking 78 day campaigns is long is absolutely adorable..."

    2. Here it is:

    3. I will probably try to stick to THE PLAN as best I can and try to finish up as much of the Necromunda stuff as I can while trying to get all the stuff we need to at least lay the scenarios in the Hellboy base game.

      Speaking of Hellboy - my Box Full of EVIL expansion just showed up TODAY!!!

      Opening was a little... underwhelming...? Compared to the core box - I'm not SUPER excited about any of the stuff in it. Like, not SO EXCITED it's going to distract me from other things at the moment. I am still excited enough about it that i WILL hopefully get to painting it in the not-too-distant future.

      Of course, that's what I thought about Blackstone fortress, too, and how much of THAT have I got finished!?

      I my start in on some of the Hellboy stuff sooner rather than later, just to switch things up and go back and forth between that and the Necromunda stuff I want to complete.

    4. LOL Always good to see John Oliver tear into someone (targets of his ire might disagree!).

      I can hardly argue that someone else should have painting discipline, so paint what you like!

  4. It's all going terribly well isn't it? Sounds like a good game and looks splendid which is the main thing? I can't see our bad news being over by Christmas,I think it's going to drag on for at least months and months, maybe sorted by Christmas 2020?!
    Best Iain

    1. It's never "over by Christmas" is it...? I guess we've all got our issues.

      I hate to say it, but a couple times when things go screwy over the pond, the pound has gone in the tank and I've been able to buy a lot more miniatures from England- which, let's face, is where all the really good minis come from! I've benefitted from your woes! Sorry.