Wednesday, October 9, 2019

2019 - Q4 Plans

This weekend I have my Necromunda gaming weekend coming up and have been working feverishly to try and get everything ready for that. Despite that, I've already been casting an eye towards what's coming next...

For the last... well... decade (or MORE!?), I've generally tried to come up with a PLAN for the year. You can see them in the labels off to the left there, Starting with Game Plan 07 (of course the labels include updates and addendum throughout the year, so if you click on one, you're likely to get the last update first and have to scroll through a few pages to find the original plan - although the last one might be a "Year in Review" post, which will usually include a link to the initial plan...). While I absolutely believe that it is always good to have a plan, I've been finding, however, that it's getting harder and harder to stick with one plan for an entire year. It's been harder to gauge what will hold my (and the family's collective) interest - hence the regular addendum! I've been thinking that, going forward, I should probably just do QUARTERLY plans.

Quarterly plans, being shorter term, seem like they might be a little more attainable. Maybe instead of doing a 10x10 gaming challenge for the year, it will be a 5x5 challenge for each quarter - so we don't have to guess which games we're going to be interested in for the ENTIRE YEAR! And painting plans for a shorter period of time

As we're already over a week into October, there are actually only 12 weeks left in this Quarter (and the year!) - and this week is going to be madhouse busy trying to finish up things for the Necromunda gaming weekend!

10x10/5x5 Challenge

Looking at the 10x10 Family Game Challenge... What have we done and what could we still achieve....? Can that be made into a Q4-5x5 Challenge...?

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress - for reasons that will be explained later, this is just not going to happen... it will likely be replaced with another game, though...

Terraforming Mars - DONE! we've already played 10 games of this so far this year! We'll probably get in a few extra games before the year is done!

Splendor and Century: Golem Edition - we have played nine and eight games of these, respectively, and I'm quite certain we'll finish off 10 - I mean, the remaining three could all be played in an evening... so, likely won't include them in a Q4-5x5 Challenge.

Castles of Burgundy - we've played five games, have five to go, this seems a likely candidate to add to a Q4-5x5 Challenge...

Shadowrun: Crossfire - we have played ZERO games of this. It was one of Keira's choices. She says she's still interested, so I might add that to a Q4-5x5 Challenge

Sentinels of the Multiverse - One of Finnegan's choices. I really just can't be bothered with this game... probably done with it.

Race for the Galaxy - played four, six to go... it's a pretty easy game, so it could be added and be very attainable...

Abyss - played six, only four left - also very attainable candidate.

Power Grid Deluxe - also played four and have six to go... I'm not sure if people are as interested in this one. Could be this one or Castles of Burgundy...?

Hellboy: The Board Game? Not originally part of the Challenge. We Kickstarted this a last year and had planned that it would be our family Xmas gift to ourselves and that we'd spend the holidaze playing through the scenarios. Amanda did say I could open it early and look through it and paint the minis - so they're ready to go for the holidaze. THIS might be the thing that replaces Blackstone Fortress on our challenge...


Hellboy: The Boardgame
Castles of Burgundy
Shadowrun: Crossfire
Race for the Galaxy
(and/or maybe Power Grid Deluxe...?)

Oh, and there will be at least five games of Necromunda played... I guess it could replace one of the other games on the list...? Or count it as one of the "Additional x10 Personal Challenge" items, since I'm not really going to get to anymore of those... Yeah, I've more or less given up on getting in any more games on my additional x10 Personal Challenge (Mercy Games, Eklund Games, GMT/COIN games, Wrath & Glory, etc)... Maybe I'll add some of those to next years' 5x5 challenges.

In addition to this Keira is going to be running a few more Role-playing games. I, however, am giving up on running any myself this year. It is ANOTHER thing I'm hoping to get back into in the new year!!

The Painting Plan - 2019 Q4

The painting plan for a quarter, should probably take into account games I'd like to play in the FOLLOWING quarter - to give myself some time to get stuff done - so there will be SOME longer range planning beyond simply the next quarter.

Sitting down to think about what I want to do next, I decided the priorities should be finishing up a few last Necromunda things (as I would like to get another campaign going in the new year) and getting the Hellboy stuff done - or, at least, ENOUGH of it done that we can play over the Holidaze and into the new year.

Each week I'm hoping to paint a "unit", which generally be a group of 5-10 figures that are hopefully similar enough that I can batch paint them and get them all done in a week - OR a single larger beastie or vehicle...

Painting - 11 weeks (AFTER this weekend) - 11 "units"

1 - Escher
2 - Orlocks
3 - Van Saar
4 - Other Assorted Necromunda
5 - Hell boy Heroes (Abe, Liz, Hellboy, Johann, Roger, Agent Corrigan, etc...?)
6 - 10 Frog dudes
7 - 10 Frog dudes
8 - 10 Frog Swarms (they're small) plus Giant Frog Monster
9 - Rasputin and Tentacle Monster
10 - Conqueror Worm
11 - Nazis

That should complete most of the stuff from the base game plus the Conqueror Worm expansion - and a few of the Kickstarter bonus figures. I also have the "Beasts and Monsters" for the BPRD archives expansion to do and MORE bonus figures... and the BOX FULL OF EVIL (containing the Darkness Falls and Hellboy in Mexico Expansions) should be arriving immanently with five new Heroes, an additional back-up Agent, two Boss Monsters, two Mini-Bosses, and thirty more minions! (Big Box of Evil, alone, looks like it will eat up HALF of 2020 Q1! This is the kind of planning I really need to do - it will hopefully keep me from spending on things I REALLY DON'T HAVE TIME FOR!!!! ...let alone space!)

Wow.... I had REALLY hoped to get some Blackstone Fortress stuff done as well - so we could play that over the Holidaze... but, if I'm going to be realistic, it seems that's just going to have to wait....? Just the stuff I already have looks like it would take another eight weeks...? So, that, with the remaining Hellboy stuff, has Q1 all wrapped up...


There are, of course, OTHER things I was hoping to get to in the new year!! I will probably host a game weekend on the Family Day weekend in February and/or plan a big game event for my birthday the following week. Also there will HOPEFULLY be another Battle of the Abyss Apocalypse Event  - using the NEW Apocalypse rules! - that I might like to finish up some stuff for (Keira's suggested she might be interested in teaming up with me to field an Aeldari force - so I might like to finish up the Eldar Titans - since then I picked up an additional revenant Titan, so I COULD field an entire Super Heavy Detachment of Eldar titans... of course, I already HAVE an Eldar Super Heavy Detachment...)!

So, perhaps I'll wait until the new year to plan out what I'm gong to do in the new year...

Now the Chibi Madness looks like an even BIGGER mistake than I was already feeling it was... (oh, I'll probably sneak one or two in, here and there... but I have no idea when I'll get to the rest of them... so now I can at least say to myself - yeah, I don't need any more of those....)

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:


I should have an update or two with a few more minis I'm trying to finish up before the weekend, and after that there will probably be five separate game reports - on for each of the games/scenarios I'm planning to run this weekend

Oh, and some fantasy Orc/goblin blood bowl team/warband for Mordhiem or Frostgrave or whatever... but that's a whole other story!?


  1. oh, I'll probably sneak one or two in, here and there... you meant more mistakes right? ;)

    1. Heh... no, I meant I'd sneak in painting one or two painted mouslings... but, yeah, there will probably be more mistakes.... at some point!