Tuesday, October 8, 2019

STILL More Mistakes Were Made

Although this wasn't nearly so costly as some of the previous mistakes...

and it didn't involve Eldar...

(or Imperial Guard..)

I ordered a bunch of plastic stuff from Russia...

I'm not sure what I was thinking...

Mouslings - seem to all be later renaissance mousketeers... They are a touch bigger than the Reaper Bones Mouslings I recently painted - but not so much that I wouldn't use them together.





I saw some of the miniatures posted on, I think, the Dragon Rampant Facebook group and a mention that they were available on eBay... so I went looking... and eventually tracked down a website in Russia that sold them.  All told 100 of these hard plastic fantasy chibi AND six vehicles AND a sprue of terrain bits came to a total of about $80CAD ($61USD) - including shipping!? So... wasn't the worst mistake I've ever made...

What was I thinking I'd use all these for? I don't know... Dragon Rampant? That's just silly... I mean, I HAVE piles of armies for it already - plus piles more I already need to paint (but at $4USD per 20 of them... I could order a few more and have complete armies and... um... nah, Amanda would MURDER me!!!)

I think I'll probably just end up using them for very small scale skirmishes - like with Song of Blades and Heroes - or possibly for role-playing games.

These are six vehicles... or parts for them, rather. I have no time to put them together right now... perhaps in a few weeks.

Oh and the last of the eBay necromunda/40K things arrived today as well.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Working on lots of Necromunda stuff this week - hopefully have some stuff to post at some point...


  1. Very cool Mouslings, Tim! I may have to pick some up myself.

    1. Thanks Dean! I think the name of the place was Soul Dark...?

  2. Sweet Baby Russian Mouslings... they are adorable!

    1. They are pretty cute. I'll have a few painted up next week...

  3. Well, a good price for some fun/cute minis - not such a bad mistake. :)

    I haven't purchased any minis recently, but did receive 3 different kickstarters worth of minis over the last week or so. Just need to crack on with getting them prepped and painted now.

    1. Bones? Are those still arriving...?

      We just backed Bones 5...

  4. oops, I lied. I forgot, I ordered Rivets on a whim a week or so ago, and it has a bunch of chibi-style steam-punky, WW1 sorts of minis (bought it more for them than the game itself).

    1. Oooh! Wait... Rivet Wars? From CMON? I've seen it at my FLGS and often thought of just buying it for the fun minis as well!! Can't wait to see them painted up on your blog!

    2. Double oops. Yeah, Rivet Wars.

      No Bones kickstarters. I usually just pick a few of the ones I want at my local game store eventually or from the Reaper website if I'm placing an order for other minis, too.

      The kickstarter minis I received are from smaller kickstarters, which will probably not be available retail anywhere. I get some cool minis that way.

    3. I just found out recently that Reaper Bones are not available through my own FLGS anymore. Apparently it's too much of a pain in the butt for them to get them in. None of their distributors carry them and they don't sell enough of them to bother with ordering direct from Reaper! So if ever want any Reaper miniatures in the future, it's going to have to be through mail order...