Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sci-fi Odds and Ends

Back at it after a bit of a break – getting ready for and cleaning up after/recovering from/writing game reports of the Wargame Weekend…. and I had to put together a newsletter the other night…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a slightly bigger version.... sometimes...)

This is a Catachan Imperial Guard Sentinel from Games Workshop. The conversion work was done by the person I bought it off on ebay. Apparently no one else thought it was cool because I got it for 1¢ (yeah, that’s right ONE PENNY!) (Plus $5 shipping)!

It will see action soon enough with Morgan’s Marauders – a rival mercenary outfit in my Savage Worlds Sci-Fi campaign, which is mostly made up of Catachans and Viridian Commandos - not to be confused with the Viridian STRIKE Commandos in the infantry battle suits that I’ve been painting lately. The Viridian Commandos fit right in with the Catachans, being all muscle-bound and equipped in rather light order and, for the most part, without shirts.

Amanda was thinking she wanted something a little different to play in the campaign…. So I painted up this figure from Hasslefree Miniatures for her to use as a telepath.

When I first looked at the figure I thought; “HER flowing skirt’s blowing in the transcendental wind… I’ll have to name her Mary Moon”. Of course she’ll have to be a vegetarian… would that be Quirk: Vegetarian (a minor hindrance)… or Code of Honour: Vegetarian (a MAJOR hindrance)…. Quirk: Wears Crystal Necklace…? Delusion: Wears crystal necklace and believes if gives her MORE POWER!

I also thought it might be funny to make her a gambling addict. Might give her a reason to be hanging with the Crew of the Muttonchop Express - an unregistered psychic on the run from the law with a gambling problem… Can it be considered a gambling “problem” if you always win…? Perhaps I’ll need to give her the “Rich” edge, too…

Another bit from Games Workshop…. A nasty little piece of potentially dangerous terrain. I think it’s supposed to have something with tyranids/genestealers… but I’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to do… Perhaps it will be the ravenous maw of the subterranean, egg-laying mother bug that all the nasty little bug takes its prisoners to for feedin’. Potential scenario could be to fight their way through a swarm of bugs to chuck a Thermal Detonator in… perhaps they will need to conceal said Thermal Detonator in something tastely… rancid meats…? Peantu Butter…? I don’t’ know…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I don’t know… so many things I want to work on all right now… I’ll probably keep pluggin’ away at the Sci-fi stuff for a bit – I have three more Sentinels (need to assemble those ones – won a Catachan Sentinel Squadron the same day I won the one pictured above…) and a whole load of mercenary types… more space ships arrived yesterday…


  1. One cent! OMG. That is a heck of a deal. You, sir, sicken me! Nice job on the telepath, though.

  2. i sicken you because no one else bothered to bid on that sentinel model...?

  3. Your nose for a good deal is unerring and causes me much jealousy!

  4. Ah, but spending all that time LOOKING at ebay I also get sucked into buying junk that's... well... not quite so useful - just because it's a crazy deal...

  5. Hi Tim,
    i realy like the lining in on your miniatures.

    Can you tell how you use this technique and how much time do you take to paint a miniature?

  6. Hi Vitor,

    I undercoat everything in black and then paint on the colours leaving black "borders" and receded areas that I want to be heavily shaded in black.

    Single character figures or guys with a lot of detail take an hour... sometimes a bit more... Usually I work in batches of similar figures that brings the time down significantly. I've done some very simple uniform figures that probably averaged out to 15 minutes each.