Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Freezerburn 2015

This past weekend was Freezerburn 2015. Freezerburn is an annual day of gaming that my friend John has been hosting for the last few years. There’s usually about 12 participants. Gaming starts at 8:30 in the morning and ends late in the evening. Everyone brings a game to put on the prize table then through the day everybody’s position in each game is tracked and points are awarded and whoever has the highest point total at the end of the day picks first from the prize table. 

I went to Freezerburn I back in 2011 (was it THAT long ago!?). I haven’t been able to make it to any of the other ones for one reason or another. I was really looking forward to going this year. I mean I was REEAAALLLY looking forward to going – especially because I’ve been playing a LOT more boardgames lately and the line up of games to be played looked super exciting! 

9-10:30 - Small World
10:30-12:30 - Nexus Ops
1:00-3:30 - Steam
3:30-4:30 - Love Letter
4:30-6:30 - London
7:30-9:30 - Power Grid

Looked like SOOOOO much fun…


Totally didn’t make it…

No, instead I spent 5 Days in St. Paul’s Hospital (link is to a summary of those events on my other blog) which was considerably less fun…

I did, however get in a bit of gaming over the five days! The family showed up to visit and brought along some card games that could be played on the bedside table…

Packing up after a game of The Hobbit Card Game.

On Tuesday my friend Gary stopped by with his homemade version of End Garde - which really lifted my spirits on a day when things were getting a bit gloomy.

I’m out now and doing okay. Hopefully get back to some gamin’ and paintin’… actually I have a few things painted and ready for posting before I went in to the hospital – hopefully I’ll get those posted tomorrow! 


  1. Hope all goes well from know on Tim. At least you didn't just get bought a bunch of grapes!

  2. Great way to while away the endless hours. Pity about the setting, but glad to hear you are doing better.



    1. Thanks Nick - I also caught up on a bit of reading - knocked TEN graphic novels off the Too Read pile and finished up Storm of Swords!

  3. Yikes! Glad to hear it sounds like things have turned out okay more or less. Best health wishes!

    Some bright spots, with drawing and gaming and reading and good friends and family to see you through!