Friday, May 4, 2018


I finally finished up the Shadowsword! I had picked it up on Boxing Day and started assembling shortly thereafter, but then, y'know, got distracted... Or, perhaps, realized I had other things that were higher priorities...?

Shadowsword - from Games Workshop!

The device on the front of the... whatever that part is called...? Not really a turret as it doesn't rotate...? Anyway, it was meant to be a company crest - a little play on the RAID logo. The impetus to pick up this thing was because my friend's son with the Tyranids and Necrons went and got himself a Hierophant Biotitan... I thought I'd get something to oppose it... of course then I realized I'd need, like, FIVE of these to take that thing down and there's no way I could justify spending that much money. So Raid... Tallarn Desert Raiders... Originally I'd wanted to change the words in the shield to "raider" but in Arabic is doesn't seem to be as simple as putting an "er" at the end of the word for "raid" to make "raider" - so I went with the word for Raid because... well... it fit... At first I didn't love it "Raid Squadron"...? For Super Heavies?! I'm warming up to it though...

There is a megalomaniac part of me that WOULD like to finish the squadron - with three or four more super heavies - Baneblades and Shadowswords. I like the idea of

The bug silhouette at the bottom is supposed to be a genestealer...

A bit of extra kit sowed behind the main crew compartment...? A couple I tried to make look like rugs  or carpets. Perhaps they're prayer carpets - so the Tallarn can face roll them out on the ground, face Terra and pray to the God Emperor of Mankind...? The little shrine on the back of the tank is a nice little touch.

I don't actually have a NAME for my Shadowsword just yet.. There's a little plate on the side for the name to go in. It's really tiny though, I'm not sure I'll be able to freehand any Arabic in there. I might have to just print something off and glue it in... when I think of something... Any ideas?

The thing is freaking HUGE and dwarfs the other tanks.

So tall the sponson guns could shoot right over these Roughriders! Although, If I were one of those roughriders, a lascannon and twin heavy boaters firing just over my head would make me a tad nervous!

Infantry and Sentinel (well, part of one) for scale...

Feeling a bit more confident with a super-heavy to back them up!

I'm not sure when this thing is going to actually see any ACTION... work on the Biotitan seems to have stalled (which I am not all that sad about). My kids don't really have anything that could face this... I did try and convince Finnegan to get a Stompa... But he didn't go for it and he's winding up the Orks and wanting to move on to Tau. The girl did pick up a used Wraith Knight... that thing might go toe-to-toe with the Shadowsword... Actually it would probably bound across the table and catch it up in close combat and then proceed to hack it in half with the great big freaking blade it carries...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Well... What next...? I was thinking while I'm on a roll I might finish off a few more Tallarn Tanks... or maybe get cracking on the Warhound Titan....? but I might also switch gears and try to finish up the Teminators for Space Hulk (now that I finally have the Genestealers DONE!) or start in on a few of the Drukhari...? I guess it will be a surprise.


  1. I think I'm going to go with Al Azif - the original Arabic name for the Necronomicon written by Abdul Alhazred. According to the Wikipedia article on the Necronomicon, Lovecraft took it to mean "nocturnal sound (made by insects) supposed to be the howling of demons". The article suggests it could also mean a "whistling (of the wind); weird sound or noise". Google translate says it' means "playful"... I'll go with the former two ideas. Al Azif...

  2. That is great! The subtle brown striping works really well.

    And casement for the "not turret" portion that holds the gun?

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, casement sounds like it could be right!

  3. Very nicely done - it certainly has presence.

  4. Great looking tank,lovely finish! I like the extra kit and it looks great with your rough riders!
    Best Iain

  5. Oh YEAH!!! That looks really, really awesome! I love the Shadowswords (and other bonkers super heavy tanks), and it looks just fabulous as a centrepiece. Everything is excellent, well done!

    1. Thanks Greg! It was kind of fun to put together and paint... so fun I'm seriously considering a Baneblade... which is just ridiculous... but what ISN'T ridiculous about our hobby when we take a cold, hard look at it all...