Medieval and Medieval Fantasy Gallery

Here, at some point, will be pictures of all my 28mm Medieval and Medieval-ish Fantasy Hordes of the Things armies, skirmish forces and dungeon bashers and denizens.

So far I have some Humans and, if you scroll down far enough, below you will find some Ratlings. I have Dwarves and Elves and Undead a Orcs and other assorted nasties and such to add at some point...

Medieval Historical and Fantasy Humans 

Robin Hood and Friends from Casting Rom Miniatures. 

Special Fantasy Characters

Thrud the Barbarian - star of the comic of the same name in earlier White Dwarf magazines - Citadel Minatures

Dork Tower Characters - from Steve Jackson Games

These are three figures i modelled, moulded and cast for a Party of characters I had started off on the Dragonlance series of modules. we'd used Savage Worlds and I think got to the thrid module before packing it in. from right to left is a halfling (played by Patrick), a paladin (played by Christian), and a Human mage (played by Amanda).

I have the three other characters of the party (Dave's Elf Warrior, Curtis' Human Cleric, and Rick's Dwarf Warrior - who died before I could even finish modelling the figure) mostly modelled - Some day I should make moulds and cast them - just to finish them off...

Lion Rampant Retinues 

I have a few forces I've been working to put together as Retinues for Lion Rampant. The figures are all individually based so could also be used for just about any other Medieval or Fantasy skirmish game... But I have primarily organized them for Lion Rampant

The Retinue of Baron Philippe du Lapin

The force is based around retinue of Baron Philippe du Lapin - a character I used as the leader of a  Brettonian Warhammer Fantasy Battle army… oh… 25 years ago (and possibly used as a character In Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play)!? (and in many other medieval skirmish games since then!)

The Entire Retinue – 52-56 points, depending on upgrades taken…

Mounted Men-at-Arms – 6 points -  Crusader Miniatures.

Mounted Sergeants (with Mounted Crossbow Upgrade) – 4 points - Wargames Foundry

Foot Men-at-Arms #1 – 6 points - A mix of old figures (mostly Wargames Foundry/Citadel Miniatures) 

Foot Men-at-Arms #2 – 6 points - Crusader Miniatures

Foot Sergeants – 4 points -  Crusader Miniatures

Expert Foot Sergeants #1 – 6 points - Wargames Foundry

Expert Foot Sergeants #2 – 6 points - Front Rank Figures

Bidowers – 2 points - Wargames Foundry

Archers #1 – 4 points (could be upgraded to “expert” for another 2 points…) -  Wargames Foundry  – with a few home-cast figures hiding in the back that I added to fill out the ranks!

Archers #2 – 4 points (could also be upgraded to “expert” for another 2 points…) - as above.

Crossbow – 4 points - Wargames Foundry

Casualty markers –  Crusader Miniatures and Casting Room Miniatures

The "Opposing Force"

This is the second Retinue for Lion Rampant I am working on - mostly to be an opposing force for Baron Philippe du Lapin's retinue. At some point I will come up with a name for his nemesis, but for now it is just "the (green and yellow) Opposing Force"...

Mounted Sergeants (I don't know why there's a dude playing a violin...) - 4 points - Old Glory Miniatures

More Mounted Sergeants - 4 points - Old Glory Miniatures

Expert Sergeants - 6 points - Front Rank Figures

Crossbowmen - 4 points - Crusader Miniatures

Casualty Markers - Crusader Miniatures and Casting Room Miniatures

Medieval Irish 

Another Retinue for Lion Rampant I have in the works. It will mostly be swarms of Kerns - Fierce Foot and Bidowers - but will also have some hard-hitting Galoglass and some other stuff.

Galowglass - I suppose this could be broken up into two groups of Foot Men-At-Arms (@6 points each) or I was thinking "Expert" Foot Sergeants (@6 points for the lot of them). Figures are from Old Glory Miniatures.

Irish Wolf Hounds - perhaps a bit of an anachronism... but I have them and they seemed like a fun idea. There aren't any rules for them per se (perhaps in Dragon Rampant) but for now - if I got enough of the other Irish done to have a battle they could be fielded as "Fierce Foot".

Most of these are from Crusader Miniatures (the pack master and most of the slightly larger irish Wolfhounds) but there are three (slightly smaller and lighter) Irish wolfhounds from  Gripping Beast.

I've also thought the pack might be fun to field as a Song of Blades and Heroes warband on it's own. I've never tried an all animal warband...

Kerns these will eventually be organized into units of Fierce Foot and Bidowers - when i finish painting them. I think I have enough for three units of Fierce Foot and two units of Bidowers. most of what I have left are guys with shields and spears or javelins - so, proportionally, there will be less of the axemen! The figures are a mix of (mostly) Old Glory Miniatures and (a few) Crusader Miniatures


Hobbits... Halflings... The little people...

Hordes of the Halflings

Halfling Elements of Hordes of the Things.

I never intended to make an entire halfling army for Hordes of The Things. I always figured they might be allied elements of some other army... Perhaps in a campaign when a certain area is taken over halfing elements could be recruited...?

Halfling Shooters - figures from Games Workshop.

Other halfling elements... I'm not sure what to class these as...? More shooters? There's only one archer and one slinger on each on the element... In DBA I'd class them as Psiloi or Auxilia. Warband...? Halfling don't seem nearly ferocious enough to be classed as Warband... but not nearly awful enough to be classed as Hordes! The figures are by Mark Coppelstone - some may be from Coppelstone Castings, some may be some earlier ones from Grenadier Models.

Halflings For Skirmishing

These are Halflings that I've based individually for use with role-playing games or miniature skirmish wargames...

A whole warband worth of them - from assorted manufacturers. I've wanted to run a halfling warband in a Song of Blades adn Heroes campaign... perhaps this fall!

Older Citadel (Games Workshop) Halflings. I've had these for a long time - they served in Empire and Bretonnian armies and have, in recent years been stripped and repainted.

Newer Games Workshop halflings.

The fellow on the right is the oldest halfling figure I have. I think it may be a Heritage model...? I've had it close to thirty years and was used for one of my very first D&D characters. He has been painted and repainted and stripped and repainted a number of times and is one of my all-time favourite figures. The other fellow is, I think, from Mithril Miniatures?

Assorted halfling folk from Reaper Miniatures.

Halflings from Coppelstone Castings - these are some of my favourites - they look like they are ready for adventure.

I have no idea who made these. I picked them up off ebay with intentions of making them into a Halfling Spear Element for Hordes of the Things. When I finally got to painting them I was more interested in Song of Blades and Heroes skirmishing... so they got the individual base treatment.

Despite these being "done" I wouldn't mind - at some point - to pick up some (or ALL!) of John Pickford's Halflings from Wargames Foundry!


A few years back my friend John gave me all his old Skaven miniatures  – figuring he’d likely never play Warhammer Fantasy Battle (for which he had collected them) again. I rebased a bunch of them for Hordes of the Things a few years back, and from time to time have been painting some of the ones that never got painted – and repainting some that had been – to put together a Hordes of the Things army of my very own and a small warband of individually based Ratlings that I could use for some sort of fantasy skirmish game.

Ratling armies for Hordes of the Things

I've only managed to finish up a few elements for my own Hordes of the Things army so far... I have a long way to go (considering many of the elements will be Horde elements!) but it's a start...

Magician Element

Sneaker element

Ratlings for Skirmishing

These are Ratlings that I've based individually for use with role-playing games or miniature skirmish wargames...

The entire Warband so far...

Ratling leaders

Ratling Magicians/Poisoned Wind Globadiers

Ratling Assassins

Ratlings with sword and shield (or sword and dagger, in one case...).

Ratlings with Polearms

Ratlings for light skirmishing.

Ratling Pack Master


I have a lot of Elves. Four Drawers full of them. I think I had enough for 3-4 Hordes of the Things armies at one point - not all painted, mind you. I've kept enough to eventually have Two full Hordes of the things armies. The rest are beign organized as Dragon Rampant warbands or just individual extras for smaller Song of Blades and Heroes forces or Frostgrave Warbands or assorted Role-playing games.

Elves of the Southern Isles (Dragon Rampant Warband) 

The force consists of: 

1x Elf War Leader (Elite Foot, Reduced Model Unit) – 6 points
2x Elf Warriors (Light Foot) - @3 = 6 points
2x Elf Archers (Light Missiles, Sharpshooters) @6 = 12 points

1x Elf Wizard (Light Foot, Single Figure Unit, Wizard) 7 points?
1x Elf Wizard (Heavy Foot, Single Figure Unit, Wizardling) 6 points?
1x Elf Wizard (Light Missiles, Sharpshooter, Single Figure Unit) 6 points?

More pictures of the individual units and a bit of background on the force can be found on this post:

Elves of Malvernill (Dragon Rampant Warband) 

3x Elf Warriors (Belicose Foot, Reduced Model Unit, Terrifically Shiny Armour) – @6 = 18points
1x Elf Archers (Light Missiles, Sharpshooters) @6 = 12 points

More pictures of the individual units and a bit of background on the force can be found on this post:

Still more to come... at some point. 


  1. Hey Tim, amazing work. Just wondering--the green and yellow knights I know they're old glory, but which specific models are they? The normans? Thanks.

    1. Thanks! I'm not entirely sure. I got them in a trade. I have a feeling they might be early crusader knights?

    2. DAC-01 Crusader Knights? that looks like some of them...