Modern Supers and Civilians

This gallery includes many of the not-so-military modern figures I have. (For the Modern Military figures see the 28mm Modern Military Gallery). Below you will find an assortment of Super Heroes, Super Villains, Teams and Characters, Gangs, Police, Fire and Protective Services, Feds and Spies, and Civilians (armed and unarmed)

The Supers I have used for Super System, Savage Worlds/Necessary Evil, and most recently Power Legion.

The rest I have also used in Super Hero games, but also in a lot of Zombie Apocalypse and modern Horror games (Ambush Z mostly, but also Savage Worlds and more recently Fear and Faith). They could also show up in any other sort of Modern skirmish... Force on ForceA Fistful of Kung Fu, Flying Lead, etc...

I've gotten to taking pictures of about half of the painted figures so far - lots more supers and civilians to come!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Super Heroes

Assorted Super Heroes for Super skirmishing or role-playing games.

West Wind Productions.

West Wind Productions.

West Wind Productions.

West Wind Productions.

Kick Ass - Hasslefree Miniatures

Super Villains

The nemesis's for the above Super Heroes - CONING SOON

Robotic Brain-in-a-Jar - Black Cat Bases

I'm pretty sure this is a Reaper Miniatures figure. I picked it up for our first crack at Necessary Evil - one of the players had a teleporting assassin character.


Cheetah Lady (or something like that...?) - West Wind Productions

Characters and Teams

Spike, Buffy and Willow - Hasslefree Miniatures

Johann Kraus, Abe Sapien, Hellboy, Liz Sherman, and Roger from The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence – Totally legit licensed products from Steve Jackson Games (unlike most of the rest of the other pop culture character miniatures on this page..) 

Velma Dinkley, Scooby Doo, Norville “Shaggy” Rogers, Fred Jones and Daphne Blake - Hasslefree Miniatures

Shaun and Ed - Hasslefree Miniatures

Templeton “Faceman” Peck, B.A.Baracus, John “Hanibal” Smith, “Howling Mad” Murdock, and Amanda Allen – The A-Team - Wargames Foundry

Back of Murdock’s Jacket.

Jack Burton and… um… Jack Burton…? The one on the left is “Burt Jackson, Trucker” from RAFM, the other is the “American Trucker” bonus figure that came with the A Fistful of Kung Fu deal from North Star Figures. The latter seems to have more of a tan… Just goes to show the wildly different skin tones I’ve used over the years.

Columbus - Reaper Miniatures

Snake Pliskin - Hasslefree Miniatures (I know, I know… he should have a scope over the silencer/suppressor…)

Ramona Flowers - Hasslefree Miniatures

I always thought of this guy as being like William (D Fens) Foster from Falling Down… but I painted him without reference and clearly got the tie wrong… RAFM - did he actually carry a sports bag full of guns at some point in the movie? I haven’t seen it in over 20 years – I seem to recall something like that… but I can’t find any reference to it in movie stills…?

John Rambo - Vietnam Veteran - The Assault Group

Cleopatra Jones - RAFM


The Yakuza #1 - Wargames Foundry

Yakuza #2 –  North Star Figures

Urban Cowgirls - Copplestone Castings

Alex and his Droogies (Dim, Georgie, and Pete) - Crooked Dice

Skateboarders with Guns - Copplestone Castings

The “Black Widows” – from West Wind Productions

Thugs in Ski Masks - Killer B Games - they’re probably supposed to be bank robbers or some other criminal gang – but I figured they could also work as Provos

Modern Kung Fu fighters - Hasslefree Miniatures

The Professionals - Wargames Foundry

Generic Henchmen for some Evil Mastermind (three probably isn't enough... I should pick up a few more of these some day...) - Artizan Designs


Police Officers - Wargames Foundry

Hong Kong Police - North Star Figures.

(Back of the Hong Kong Police)

A very dynamic female police officer from Shadowforge Miniatures

Detectives in Body Armour – ready for a raid - West Wind Productions. This is one of my favourite packs from West Wind Productions. The subjects, the poses, I just really like them!

These were some police or security guards form Shadowrun produced by Grenadier models in the late 80s or early 90s…?

More cops form Grenadier Models… I think they were for Champions – the super hero role-playing game…?

Detectives – the one on the left is from RAFM, the one on the right is from The Assault Group

More detectives - Wargames Foundry

STILL more Detectives - Wargames Foundry and The Assault Group.

Officers Jon Baker and Frank Poncherello of the California Highway Patrol - West Wind Productions. I have mounted versions to paint at some point as well.

SWAT team from Wargames Foundry

Hostage Rescue Team from Copplestone Castings

Riot Police from The Assault Group

More SWAT team members from The Assault Group

Detective Sergeant Andy Wainright, Sergeant Nicholas Angel, Constable Danny Butterman and Detective Constable Andy Cartwright - Hasslefree Miniatures

Fire and Protective Services

Fire Fighters and EMS – Mega Miniatures

Biohazard Team #1 - Hasslefree Miniatures

Feds and Spies

Super Agent - Reaper Miniatures

Top Agents from the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang line - a joint Copplestone Castings/Artizan Designs line - I think both of these came from Artizan...

More Top Agents - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang line - Copplestone Castings/Artizan Designs

John Steed - Artizan Designs

Field Agents/Henchmen with Sterling Sub-machineguns - Copplestone Castings/Artizan Designs

More Field Agents - Copplestone Castings/Artizan Designs

STILL More Field Agents - Copplestone CastingsArtizan Designs, and The Assault Group.

Baldies - Criminal Materminds and Thugs - Copplestone Castings/Artizan Designs

"Trainee Agent" - Copplestone Castings


Geeks - Reaper Miniatures

Crazy Cat Lady (or a Troll about to eat dinner!?) - Black Cat Bases


  1. This is so cool. I loved the A-Team, Scooby Doo, and other 80's movie heroes in there. Everything seems really tonally consistent, I can recognize the characters for who they are, but they don't look out of place next to each other.

  2. There's two Velma's...I think you meant Daphne