Victorian Era Gallery

I wasn't really sure what to call this one... Victorian...? Colonial...? Imperialist...? Late 19th Century..? In the end I went with Victorian... I have no special reason why... probably should have just called it Late 19th Century...

Herein will be found pictures of varied and assorted miniatures for gaming Victorian Horror (Rippers, etc) as well as Victorian Science Fiction, and some straight-up historical colonial armies.

This may also include some units from the Crimean War that I happen to have, should I ever put paint on them...

Here's a few to start with...

British Forces

British General - the model is supposed to be Lord Chelmsford (Zulu War) but I figure could be passed off as other Generals - Redoubt Enterprises.

British Infantry

A unit of British Infantry from Black Tree Design. As these were painted for the Zulu War and have blue cuff and collar facings, I was probably imagining them to be 1st Battalion, 13th (Somerset) (Prince Albert's Light Infantry) Regiment of Foot.

A unit of British Infantry from Old Glory. These would be the 3rd Battalion, 60th Rifles in the Zulu War.

A unit of British Infantry from Wargames Foundry. These would be the 99th (Lankarshire) Regiment of Foot in the Zulu War (yellow cuff and collar facings).

A unit of British Highlanders - I forget what unit I was trying to do... The bulk of the unit are homemade figures that my friend John made (and I painted). The Officer and Piper are from Minifigs.

British Mounted

British Mounted Infantry from Black Tree Design. These were troops raised from the regular infantry battalions in South Africa at the time of the Zulu War. Looks like they all have the green facings of the 24th - perhaps I should have done a mix of different coloured facing as the unit was a composite.

British Artillery

British Gatling Gun team - from Black Tree Design.

British Artillery - from Black Tree Design.

British Mountain Gun team - from Bicorne/Connoisseur Minatures

Army of British India

This is a small force of figures most of which I painted almost 30 years ago. They are currently organized for The Men Who Would Be Kings.

The Complete force.

More on the organization of this force can be found on this post:

British Army of India for The Men Who Would Be Kings

These are actually the same Highlanders pictures above in the British Infantry section.

Indian Troops - Figures from Ral Partha

Gurkhas - Figures from Ral Partha (officer from Rafm)

Indian Artillery - Figures from Ral Partha

British Colonial Forces on Mars

2nd Battalion Queen’s Own Martian Rifles (the Parhoon Rifles). The Martians are all from RAFM, their British officer is from Black Tree Design.

1st battalion, 4th Martian Infantry Regiment. Again the  British officer is from Black Tree Design and the Martian infantry are from RAFM.

Martian Colonial Field Artillery. The crew are from RAFM. The carriage is of unknown origin – I got it in a trade (without the actual gun barrels). The gun barrel is a spare from a Renegade Miniatures British Napoleonic artillery pack (the packs are supplied with THREE different barrels!?)


Boers for fighting British in South Africa - they could also be pressed into service as armed settlers or colonial civilians in other locations...?

Mounted Boers from Black Tree Design.

I currently have enough Mounted Boers to make two units of 10 plus two mounted commanders. Just need to get painted...

Boer Infantry from Black Tree Design.

I have enough for five more (six total) units of Boer Infantry. Someday...


The force so far - organized for The Men Who Would Be Kings

Unmarried Zulus

Unmarried Zulu Unit #1 - figures from Black Tree Design.

Unmarried Zulu Unit #2 - figures from Black Tree Design.

Unmarried Zulu Unit #3 - figures from Wargames Foundry.

Unmarried Zulu Unit #4 - figures from Wargames Foundry.

I have enough figures for 3 more units of 20 - and if I bought two more packs of BTD Zulus I could put together a fourth. But I should probably get to assembling and painting some of the MARRIED Zulu units first.

Married Zulus

I have enough figures to make, I think, four units of Married Zulu units... Just have finish assembling and paint them some day...

Other Zulus

Zulus with firearms - a mash-up of married and unmarried zulus with firearms  - figures from Wargames Foundry.

Zulus with pilfered British Equipment - which I could mix into any of the above units for a bit of flavour post-Isandlawana  - figures from Wargames Foundry.

Native Martian Forces 

These are meant to be opposing forces for the colonial forces. They could be from the Oenotiran Empire or any other Canal Martian enclave that resists Imperialist Invaders from Earth!

So far all I have done is a gun and crew...

Oenotrian artillery – Crew are from RAFM and the gun is from… Huston…? (another ebay purchase… not really sure)

High Martians

High Martians are from RAFM.

Victorian Age Characters

A great many of these are from West Wind Productions Vampire Wars line - which I originally picked up to play Rippers: The Horror Wars. In addition to Victorian Horror skirmish and role-playing games, I have used this in Victorian Science Fiction skirmish and role-playing games (like Space: 1889) and even in straight up historical skirmish adventures. Many I've also used right up into the 20th Century in 1920's/1930's Pulp Adventure games.

Mr. Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, and his flatmate and partner Dr. John Waston - West Wind Productions.

Prince Dakkar (Captain Nemo) - Pulp Figures

London Bobbies - West Wind Productions

Eastern European Police - West Wind Productions

Ladies of the Night - West Wind Productions

Nuns - West Wind Productions

Scotland Yard's finest - perhaps members of Special Branch - West Wind Productions

Gentlemen - The fellow in the middle is from Rafm, the rest are from Wargames Foundry

Working Class Stiffs - Wargames Foundry

Ned Kelly on a Penny-Farthing - Eureka Miniatures

London Mob (or anywhere else, really...) - most of these are from West Wind Productions, though one is from Rafm

Gypsies from West Wind Productions.

Monster Hunters 

Jonathan and Wilhelmina Harker - West Wind Productions - yeah... I have no idea what's up with the skull mask thing...?

Two player character figures from an old Rippers game. Cutis' character (on the left, I forget the character's name) was a grave digger. The figure was one of the London Mob figures from West Wind Productions - I drilled out his fist and added the shovel (which I, I think was from Reaper Miniatures...?). Amanda's character (on the right, whose name I also forget!?) was a vampire hunter.

Wolfenjäger - Werewolf hunters from West Wind Productions

Assorted Vampire Hunters - West Wind Productions

Monsters and Minions

Jack the Ripper from West Wind Productions - again with the skull masks...?

Vampires from West Wind Productions - the chap on the left I've done in tartan trews and a tartan lined cloak and I think I'd named him Byron McDaid... He was to be recurring villain in a campaign story arc that never really came to fruition.

Lesser Vampires/Nosferatu from West Wind Productions

Dracula's Cossack Guards - West Wind Productions

Ghostly Apparition (or a vampire in an etherial form...?) - the figure is another Vampire from West Wind Productions.

Flesh Golem/Dr. Frankenstien's Monster - Reaper Miniatures 

Another earlier Flesh Golem/Dr. Frankenstien's Monster - also from Reaper Miniatures...?

Greater Werewolf from West Wind Productions.

Wolfmen from West Wind Productions

Wolves from West Wind Productions - I'd had a whole pack of a dozen or so of these, but a bunch of them were re-based for use with an Orc Hordes of the Things army...

Escaped Asylum Inmates - West Wind Productions

 Mr. Edward Hyde and Dr. Henry Jekyll - West Wind Productions

Old West Characters 

The Sherif - Britannia Miniatures

William H. Bonney (Billy the Kid) - I think this was a special freebie miniature that came with Legends of the Old West...?

Prospectors - Wargames Foundry

Gunfighters - Artizan Designs

Ladies of the West - Shadowforge Miniatures


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    1. Thanks Paul!

      I have more... Some I just need time to take pictures of them. Others I just need time to paint them and then take pictures of them!?

  2. Nice job... 3 1/2 years later any new stuff to report? :)

    1. I know I've added Zulus in the last year and most of the pictures above have been posted in the last 3.5 years. I think the only pictures I had posted 3.5 years ago when Paul commented were some of the Martians.

      I do hope to work on some more Zulus in the not-too-distant future as I'd like to try out Men Who Would Be Kings. I also have a lot more Martians and British to paint at some point. And some American Marine and Army infantry and German Seebattalion. With the smattering of colonial powers and piles of Martians I though at some point I might do a "55 days at Oenotiria" game!

      Of course I have a LOT of other stuff I want to paint so it could be a while before I get to them.

    2. It just occurred to me that I do have a bunch of French Foreign Legionnaires that could go in this gallery.

      Until I get to updating this page you can see them here:

  3. Some friends and I have started playing The Men Who Would Be King and are enjoying it, BTW, we're in Halifax. Check out the Facebook group for TMWWBK you'll see some pics of our games :)

  4. Your work is amazing! I hope to approach your level of quality in time.

    I'm currently developing a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen scenario and would like to use the Scotland Yard minis that you have on this page. I'm having trouble finding those specific minis, though. Could you tell me the product name or provide a link to them? Thanks in advance for anything you can offer.

    1. Thanks Jason!

      The ones I called "Scotland Yard's Finest"? They're from West Wind Productions - you'll find them under their old Vampire Wars section in the Jack The Ripper Collection:

      Also check out some of the In Her Majesty's Name figures from North Star Miniatures. There is a Scotland Yard company there:

      Or the Victorian/Edwardian collection from the Foundry.