Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Finland! Finland! Finland! (FoW)

Just to try this out I thought I'd start with a report on a couple of games played recently at the Saskatoon Historical Miniature Wargamers Games Night.

On 5 Dec 06 Mr. Miller ran a Flames of War game. The scenario was based on the new Roadblock scenario in FoW v.2. A Russian company column was marching up a lonely road (or, rather, what they HOPED would be a lonely road) across the snowy Northern Finnish wasteland. Little did they know there were German Gebirgsjager waiting in Ambush. Instead of counting points Mr. Miller just grabbed whatever Russians and Germans he had in his vast collection that might be found on or around a lonely road in Northern Finland during the Second World War.

I got to play the Russians for a switch. Usually it is Mr. Miller's Russains laying a beating on my own Germans. This time just to provw he is master of all arms, and not just the brokeness of his FoW Russians, he laid a beating on me in command of his Russians with his own Germans....

A new fellow also joined us to try out the game. I think his name was Clint? He played the Germans along with Mr. Miller.

Here is my Russian Column about to be ambushed.

You'd think my scouts that had gone on ahead would have noticed those massive fortifications the germans built in the woods there. Perhaps they've been hitting the vodka again.

Hiding in that wood was a full strength German platoon with two HMGs atached and a spotter for his mortar platoon. I think he threw 28 dice at me when they fired. Many russians died. And they were pinned. And, "fearless" though they were, hey refused to get up and assault those germans in the woods for a few turns.

Eventually they moved up but never did get to assault. Each attempt was thrown back and they eventually broke and dispersed.

Here's those scouts I mentioned. they were further up the road and started back to help out. they briefly contested one of the objective markers but were eventually overrun by bold German Gebirgsjagers with SMGs (there was the platoon command plus the company command and 2IC; all command SMG teams).

Mr. Miller, who came straight from work, borrowing my Heer officers cap for the night. I was dissapointed he didn't bring his furry russian hat for me to wear... also in the picture is the new fellow (Clint?....sorry if that's not your name...!) friendly guy, I hope he comes out to more games.

Here is the second Russian Company arriving as reinforcements. they were pinned first by mortar, then by MGs, and also refused to get up and get going for a couple turns despite many executions by the company commisar.

Eventually the original ambushing platoon rushed the building my battalion commander had taken cover in (which, I think was also one of the objective markers..?) and killed them. As I mentioned a second platoon of Germans wiped out the scouts that were hiding in the woods by the bridge which was the second objective marker. My second company just couldn't get going fast enough to get anywhere near either objective before the sixth turn.

I had some Regimental guns come on at one point that tried to have a little artillery duel with the Gebirgjagers mountain guns. The Russians, however, were wholey outclassed and ran for cover lest they all be destroyed.

I also had a great big battery of mortars arrive as reinfocements. the only thing they managed to do was pin (and maybe killed one of) the MGs and keep them from utterly annihilating my second company...

Fun game! (might hae been funner if those "fearless" Russians hadn't failed 90% of all the motivation checks they had to make...

Thanks to Mr. Miller for running that!

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