Saturday, December 23, 2006

New Minis

Two weeks ago I made some moulds for some new masters I finished up. These are five Canadian Great War Infantrymen plus an officer and another Chinese Infantryman.

These are the Canadians.

Here they are again without the barbed wire.

Here is a size comparison with a few figures from some of my other favorite manufacturers. Left to right they are; a British Officer from Coppelstone Castings, one of mine, a British Tommie from Renegade Miniatures, a Highlander from Old Glory Miniatures.

These are the Three Chinese infantrymen I have made. The new one is the one on the right, marching with his rifle slung.

This is the state of the work bench these days. Lots of new masters on the go in various stages of completion. Some will become Great War Germans, some Canadian Highlanders, some more regular Canadians (lewis gunner, bomber, etc), and I'm even thinking about a few Pulp Adventure character type figures just for laughs. The Great War figures are the priority right now, though, as I have to get a bunch ready for the Vimy game I'll be running at May Day in Edmonton.

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