Sunday, December 24, 2006

"Old" Minis

These aren't really THAT old, really. They're just not the newest ones I've made (which I posted pictures of yesterday). All of these were modelled, cast, and painted earlier this year. Mostly in September and October. I thought I'd post them here as well for anyone that hasn't seen them yet.

First is a 28/30mm British Infantryman advancing in tropical kit.



Here's two battalions of them. The officers are from Coppelstone Castings.

Next are some more pics of my 28/30mm 1920's Chinese Warlord Troops.

The front of the two original infantrymen (I've added a third one, you can see it in the post before this one)

The back of those same Chinese infantrymen

A Regiment of four battalions (again the officers are from Coppelstone Castings).

Chinese Cavalrymen. The horses are 25mm Hinchliffe from the Colonial Connection and the officer and his horse are, once again from Coppelstone Castings).

Next are a bunch of 1914 British. They're a bit smaller, more of an "old school" 25mm (1/72). Here is a pic for size comparison:

From left to right: a British Officer from Coppelstone Castings), my own 1914 Highlander (see below), my own British Infantryman in tropical kit (see above)

The 1914 Highlander.

Another view of the Highlander. Can anyone guess what Tartan I was trying to paint?

A battlaion of Highlanders.

1914 Naval Brigade. I have since repainted his hat to be the correct navy blue...

Fronts of the 1914 Tommies

Backs of the 1914 Tommies

A battalion of 1914 British Infantrymen.

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  1. I love your Brit's in full kit! What a great figure.