Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Red Snapper

Ya-HAAARRRrrrrr mateys! Let me introduce yeh to the crew of the Red Snapper. The crew of the ‘Snapper are wimmin folk, saphists everyone! Lets start with the Cap’n Shall we..

(remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Captain Marianna de Rouge (The Foundry)

Esmeralda Swiftsnatch (Reaper) First mate and ship’s carpenter

Vanessa Redbusch (Rafm) Mistress of Sails

Emilie Laplotte (The Foundry) Mistress of Guns

Sister Helen (Reaper) Ship’s Surgeon

Carmen d’Epee (Rafm) a duelist of fearsome reputation

The Salty Sisters; (L to R) Brittany (Old Glory), Vicky(The Foundry), Amber(The Foundry), and Tess (Dixon Miniatures). The oldest, meanest, saltiest members of the crew.

The Crew; (L to R) Trisha(Dixon Miniatures), Maddie, Thelma, and Louise (all three are from Old Glory)

More Crew; (L to R) Leslie and Muriel (both conversions of Reaper figures - I added the cutlasses)

More Crew; (L to R) Crystal (Reaper) and Belinda (I think this came from some Ral Partha boxed set…) again both are conversions - I added the swords/cutlasses

The Gunner Girls; Laverne and Shirley (both Foundry)

…. And we can’t forget Trudy the Cabin Girl (Old Glory)

The latest addition… technically not even a crew member – but she is a hot lookin pirate lass so I thought I’d include her – I picked up this figure from Reaper for Amanda to use if she ever gets to play in the campaign….

The crew of the Red Snapper first saw action as a Mordhiem warband and will soon set sail again as recurring nemesis’s (and possibly occasional ally) in my upcoming Savage Worlds: Pirates of the Spanish Main campaign. Just thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce the “ladies”…

Coming up nest on Tim’s Wargaming Blog:

A report of the first action in the Pirates campaign… yaaaarrrrr!

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