Wednesday, December 5, 2007

15mm HOTT Fantasy Armies for Trade

Like the 15mm DBA stuff, it’s time this went too. Some of these I put together before I had even heard of Hordes of the Things – I just used them with DBA and made up my own element types – which is why some of these don’t necessarily conform to the HOTT army lists…. or at least the ones I have, I understand there is a new version of HOTT out. Where I can I’ll try to mention the manufacturer of the figures.

As with the 15mm DBA stuff, I could trade them away in army lots but I’d much rather get rid of them in one go… so if you see anything you like dig through your unpainted piles of lead and see if you’ve got anything you’re never going to paint that’s on my list!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

First up: an Orc Army. I hate the standard GW green Orcs, so I did these in red… I think most of them are from Chariot Miniatures… but I could be dead wrong, it’s just a hunch. What I have is:
1x Blade General (General+musician+standard)
1x 3Wb? (3 armoured orcs with hand weapons)
3x 3SP? Wb? (ea. 3 armoured orcs with long spear/pole-arm/pike-like weapons)
5x 5 Horde (ea has 5 orcs with no armour and assorted weapons)
4x 2 Riders (ea. 2 orcs on wolves)
1x 3 Beast (wolf pack)
a couple individually mounted Orcs….

In the category of not-so-painted orcs I’ve got:
15x Orcs with no armour and assorted weapons (fixin’s for 3x5Hd)
9x Armoured Orcs (3x3Wb?)
11x Orcs all hunched over advancing with assorted weapons and armour – I think these might be irregular.
Odds and sods; spare wolf, musician, standard, rider and wolf

The Dwarf Army. Honestly this is the reason I’ve held onto all these for so long; I love these little guys. I never wanted to get rid of them – and getting rid of any of the others meant they would have no opponents or allies… I think the rank and file are from Black Raven Foundry (?) and the crossbowmen and artillery are from Reaper. Here’s what I have:
1x4Bd (general)
2x4 “shooters” (Crossbowmen)
2x Artillery
a couple assorted singly based figures.

Not-so-painted dwarves. The reason I AM getting rid of these (or at least one of them…) I’m NEVER going to get around to painting these. From left to right:
7 characters/heroes/wizards and 10 bears from Hobby Products/Demonworld
15 more Black Raven Dwarven infantry
1x mounted General stand and 2x mounted Dwarf stands (“riders” or “knights”?) 3 figures each.
11 more Reaper crossbowmen plus one artillerist

The Undead. This was the first fantasy DBA army I made. I’ve had it for 15 years…? It’s mostly Ral Partha figures – with a few Chariot Miniatures I added later. Definitely one of the pre-HOTT armies as I believe all undead are “hordes”. Here’s what I’ve got:
1x Magician/Necromancer General (Ral Partha)
1x Undead General… (I think I called these Wb… maybe Ax…?) (Ral Partha)
1x 3 Mummies (Chariot?)
4x 3Bw (Ral Partha)
5x 3…uh… skeletons…? (again Ax…?) (Ral Partha/Chariot)
1x 4 Horde (Chariot)
1x 3 Riders (Ral Partha)

Not-so-painted/broken and in need of repair undead:
6 wraiths (Essex and Chariot)
3 ghouls (in bag- Chariot)
3 “Necromancers sowing dragon’s teeth” (in bag- Chariot)
1 Necromancer (Ral Partha)
1 Mummy (Essex)
3 assorted Standard Bearers

Painted Elves. Not much:
1x 4Sp (Chariot)
1x 4Bw (Black Raven Foundry?)

Not-so-panted Elves….
20 Elf Archers (Black Raven Foundry?)
9 Elf Knights (Chariot)
4 Elf Spearmen (Chariot)
1x Elf magician/General stand (Chariot – ELF02: 3 elf mages with magic pool on stand-thingy – in pack)
32 Elf Spearmen inc musician and standard (Hobby Products/Demonworld)

Other Assorted Fantasy things:
1x Flyer - Knight on Griffon (Ral Partha)
1x 2“Riders” – Centaurs (Chariot?)
2x 3 goblins (this was the beginnings of my original orc army – the figures are Ral Partha 25mm “Goblin Imps” – sort of like Ral Parthas version of snotlings…)

Not-so-Painted Assorted Fantasy Things:
5 Identical Mounted Wizards (…because they come in highly drilled units these wizard-types, y’know?! Irregular Miniatures, I think..)
1 Centaur (Chariot?)
2 more knights on griffons (Ral Partha)
2 more griffon riders (plus a third griffin missing wings and rider?! - Ral Partha)
2x 3 Halflings (“sneakers”?) plus two other individually mounted Halflings
About a dozen odd adventurers and wizards on foot

Whoops! Darn near forgot about these... 20 Chaos Knight types from Hobby Products/Demonworld - still in the box!

Whoops... another one that I forgot... From Mongoos Publishing I have an Orc Army and a Barbarian War mamoth. the orc army has enough stuff for 12 stands... just like HOTT - handy that...

As I mentioned I’d prefer to trade the whole lot of them – and I would prefer to trade rather than sell – so go root through your pile of lead (or plastic) and see if you’ve got any of the stuff listed below in there that you, like me with these, are just never going to get around to painting and playing with…

Here’s some things I’d potentially be interested in:


WW2 – I mostly need equipment for British/Canadians and Germans, maybe Italians or Russians. I could probably be talked into other things that I don’t have any of if you had enough of it for an entire force (or a good start to one)

Vietnam – I’ve got piles, but I could always use more – especially Australians, boats, tanks, mortars, guns and other equipment

Modern – My focus is sort of 80’s British, Russian, Canadians, French and Americans – I also have Afghans, forces for Lebanon in the 1980’s, and Argentines. If there was something else you had that was cool I could maybe be talked into it.


Dark Ages – Vikings, Saxons, Normans, etc, etc.

Other Ancients and Medievals…..?

ECW – whatever, anything…

SYW – British and French in North America

Victoriana – colonials, VSF, Victorian horror, Darkest Africa….

WW1/RCW – Anything really…

WW2 – I have some British Commandos and Paras and some Germans and some North African stuff (DAK, more commandos/LRDG-types, French Foreign Legion)… so, whatever…

Vietnam – whatever…


Fantasy… Sci-fi… Zombie/horror… (you can never have too many zombies…. well okay maybe you can…).

If you’re at all interested and got something good to trade post a comment with your email address – I won’t actually PUBLISH the comment…. It’s just a way of letting me know how to get in touch with you without having to publish my email address on this blog….



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